Friday, August 3, 2018

Plumbing Lines

The installation of the under the floor plumbing lines are now completed!

                                                                     Monday morning.

                  We're in such a heatwave right now & there's little shade on the property.

                                   The dirt is being tampered down to make a firm surface.

                                   The five-foot-wide hallway is becoming visible.

                      Everything is going as planned & totally uneventful, just the way we like it!

 It gets dusty when the warm winds blow & we've had no rain this week to cool things down either.

 Roger the neighbour from up Eel River Road, comes onto the job site everytime he's out & about.

 I see him nearly everytime I go to see the progress. He stated that he wouldn't be living in that place but his interest sure is peeked! lol

 The 2" foam floor has now been installed & the water lines are running on top of the foam.

                         The foundation is a cement slab & that is what the building will be built upon.

 The cement foundation wall has the plumbing coming out, so much has to be measured & thought through for each contractor that will be on site.

                                A first glance I thought it looked like a huge water fountain!
                                                                     Or a splash pad!

              It is hard to view the scale of the building until it starts to rise up from the floor.

The cement will be poured onto the foam insulated floor on Tuesday.
 It sure is summertime here & I bet Mark & his employee wish those hoses were filled with water & they were working on a splash pad! lol

This has been a productive week on the building of the apartment. Next week, more cement being poured & the floor will take shape!

Have a wonderful, safe weekend wherever you are. Thanks for stopping in & I hope you come back again for another visit to see the Eel River Apartment progress!

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