Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Spring Arrived Today -March 20th 2019

These are the beginners' stained glass class finished tulips.
It was my last class from the fall/winter classes & I really enjoyed having the students in the studio twice a week working on their project. 
Spring has finally arrived on the calendar, not so much in our NE corner of New Brunswick.

To pay homage to this month of March I started to work on this Lion & Lamb & will show it once I have more done. This is just the pattern cut glass next I have the grinding to do & more glass choices for the other pieces & cutting of that glass. This art is not a fast one however an enjoyable one watching it all come together!

 Mr. Boots on the Bostons' pillow in front of the fire after they've gone to bed.

Bridget Loree doing her 'down' position.
Treats to follow! lol

Baxter Loree doing the same with a snooze time added!
Since the parking lot area has melted down to the asphalt & the laneway to the black stone,  he runs like the wind, up & down the ground area. They are getting the feel of spring arriving too!

Next month the family will be arriving for Easter. I've started to decorate & will show more of that next week. I'm working on a lamb outfit for the cement goose right now & a 1930s reproduction quilt that has 40 snowballs & 42 nine-patch squares & 22 red corner blocks. Nearly done doing the blocks!
I needed something with a happy uplifting colour & the 30s knew how to do just that! It was one of the most depressing times with the recession followed by the depression yet the fabric, even the seed sacks gave a glimpse of hope through colour.

 I use painters tape to put together blocks that I have finished & squared up.

 The colours & prints are just so fun & happy that it made putting all these blocks together such a joy!

 The Three Pigs Block is one of my favs. I crossed stitch the 'This little piggy...' I'm going to make it into a pillow with this fabric incorporated with it. Funny how one project leads to another! My middle son loved playing that rhyme with his toes, I can still hear his wee voice giggling & saying 'Do it again mommy', making my heart sing with these memories.

I hope you are enjoying your first spring day wherever you are!
Thank you for visiting & do come back to see a few finished projects, we are having rain/snow this Friday. My drill is snow = sew. lol
Enjoy!  Cynthia

Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Let Me Sew, Let Me Sew, Let Me Sew

So much snow, just let me sew!

So I have done just that in the past couple of weeks with more projects planned in the future.

Sewing Update

Remember the U blocks in U Is For Unicorn quilt?

 The embroidery & applique has been added to finish that block, now I'm onto the 'X'.

 This is the correct block for the quilt.
 And the incorrect block will be made into a pillow.

 My take on the Hudson Bay coat is finished & I just love it!

 The weather next to the water has a damp feel to it & this 100% vintage wool is so cozy, just like being wrapped in a soft blanket!

 I added a back open vent for easy wear in & out of the car & for walking... when the weather gets warmer outside.

I made these wee lambs for spring, the one on the left is an old VIP panel pattern that I had in my stash or as Bill puts it, my stock! lol, The lamb on the right was made from that pattern from the wool scraps from the blanket coat & the brown ears, face, & paws are cut from leather pants that I had purchased at a thrift store for leather shoes for dolls that I have made.

 The cotton lamb is smaller than the wool one measured 20" tall, I also had added black glass shank buttons for the eyes.

 The VIP panel also had pink bloomers, a dress, & pinafore to be made to complete the lamb.

 She looks so spring like & was fun bringing that panel to life.

 I saved the picture of the finished project to applique onto a pillow when I have the time.

 The wool lamb was made into a boy lamb with his Hog Wash overalls & shirt.

 He has a nautical feel to him & may find a place on the daybed in the sunporch.

 I've been working on the design for the female goose & so far her sweater needs puff sleeves & a skirt. I made a sweet little beret for her outfit.

 Rexton is modelling it for you, she is such a pro looking model with that face! The beret will complete the outfit!

Baking A Bunny

 This is little Renee Rabbit & she is a primitive pattern from a girlfriend a few years back. I made her out of muslin & painted her black shoes & creme coloured socks.

 I didn't have pink/red paint so I used crayons & pencil crayons, & Sharpie markers to do the trick!

 Then it was time to paint the bunny... remember back in 2015 when I made the Parisian Essence that said it was good if kept in a glass jar?  Well, it did keep well & I used that formula watered down.
The recipe that was called for was 1 cup warm water, 3 tablespoons of instant coffee, & 1 tablespoon of cinnamon. The cinnamon was added to my formula & what a lovely smell. Did you know that cinnamon is a smell that mice do not like? I may be making more primitive dolls for this fall!

 Then you paint the colour on, it is mostly like staining the fabric.

 Now her front is painted & into a 300-degree oven for about 10 mins.

 I was amazed at just how fast the muslin dried in the oven & I must say it is a pleasant smelling project to work on!

 And here she is! The fabric does crisp up making a firmer doll.

 I placed her in the plate rack to fully dry overnight. Her ears have pipe cleaners in them, making them pliable.

 I watered the formula down even more for her panties, dress, & bow, now into the oven for drying!

 Her is Renee Rabbit in her Robin Pandolph fabric, she's just adorable!

 Her pattern did not have panties so I made her some to complete her outfit.


 With Renee the Rabbit sitting on the dollie it gave me n idea to make her a lace sweater shawl.

 So I did! It shows her shell button off nicely in the front.

 It is two small dollies crossed & stitched together in the back.

 The front

 The back & a word of hindsight for anyone trying this paint & bake technique. Beware of the pooling of paint, see her head, hindsight for next time!

 She sits in the kitchen right now in the wingback.

 And I've been accenting her with spring!

 Spring is just around the corner & on sunny days like today, you can feel the spring coming.

I made Big Pig an Easter Bonnet too, just need to add a flower bouquet to finish it off.

This isn't anything I sewed but I captured this Kodak moment of Bridget Loree with her stuffie. This is how she calms herself to sleep, she has a stuffed animal that she sucks on before dreamland.
Sweet dreams little one.

Thank you for stopping in for a visit & as you can see I'm sewing my way out of the snow! lol

Have a great week & remember this Sunday morning we spring ahead an hour with our clocks!