Monday, July 30, 2012

Colourful Beauties

 This morning took me by surprise, seeing more colour in the gardens. For three years I've not seen my garden in the summer. It was a simple yearly bloom for the awe moment. One that I had forgotten from years ago.
 The Morning Glory is one of my most favourite flowering vines
 The Rose of Sharon has bursted into its full bloom & I'll tend to the seed buds this fall. If you don't cut them off it's a lot off new sprouts come spring next year. I learned that the hard way!
 These beauties always have a mildew dusting on the leaves - however the flowered tops are gorgeous.
 Even the tiny ones sing with colour.
 Photos just don't show the texture I feel in these blooms.
 So delicate & pretty, whatever they are.
 This pot of petunias is all that's left from my Mother's Day surprise from Mitch. I'll be taking these to the cottage to add a splash of colour there & await his visit.
 Trumpet Vine is a great complimentary colour to the Morning Glories & the humming birds enjoy them too!
 Last fall when I came home I cut this down to nothing & made several wreaths with the vine. These two are going to the cottage to be decorated with sea shells. It's so fast growing I think next year I'll start one over the birds aviary.
Pretty in pink too!
It was a awesome way to start my day, they're calling for rain tomorrow - live each day to its fullest.
Today is beautiful.  :-) Take time to smile and enjoy it!

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Going To Banff Alberta

 This was the beautiful sunset last sky at night is a sailors delight! The colour brought back memories of my '3 sisters shared bedroom' days. It was that blue with pink trim, how girly for us.
Our plan was to get an early start on the day. So the alarm rang out at 5:45am to begin the day. After Bill's poached eggs & toast, I called for Diesel to come in from the yard...he had a bird in his mouth!
Mitchell to the rescue, he picked up his flip-flop to scoop up the bird - to find out that it was still alive! 
 Out to the lane the bird went, safe from Diesel the Bird Dog!
 The wee bird was on his way. What a start to the day for both the bird & us. :-)
 On the road, the mountains are just starting to peak out...
 The day was clear and just beautiful
There they are, the mountains!

 This was exciting for me as I've never seen the Rockies. Even after being in BC & on Vancouver Island, fog stopped all the visual majestic view---for three days! 
 Mitch, Diesel & I at the lake, so beautiful.
 I Love Canada
 This is Lafarge's Company, digging since the 70's
 You can see the ridges forged out
 Oh the sights I've seen today!
 Wow, then again - WOW
 The sky was so blue...
 The clouds so white & fluffy
 The greens so fresh. My eyes couldn't believe the colour palette that nature was presenting in the sunlight.
 Some mountains still had snow on their tops.
 So majestic
 How beautiful is Banff Springs Hotel!
 Look at how it sits out in the wilderness, surrounded by natures beauty
 Photo time! Two large bus loads of people have come & gone since we were here. Waiting for me to finish my awe moments!

 Time to go into Banff & find an outside patio. We took Diesel everywhere with us, he looked so natural among the wilderness. He seemed happy to have such an outing with us.

 Time to go back to Calgary, population 1.1 million people.

 Diesel was getting sleepy...
 He & Bill were in the back seat, fighting for space
 Yes, he has settled, settled for both seats & a lie down on the cooler between Mitch & I!

 Up again, it's like traveling with the kids again!
 Finally, Night Night Diesel!

Later that day...after getting the cowboy boots I wanted, the guys took me to this wonderful quilt shop!
It was called "Along Came Quilting", wonderful staff & unique purchases. I'm taking the purchased goods to New Brunswick next week to begin my Christmas presents. A week today we're at the cottage! I do get around. What a blessed life I have. I always think of that song "American Pie" & the line that says - Moss grows fat on a rolling stone, but that's not how it use to be. It's been quite the life for me & I'm just over 1/2 way through it! so thankful to the family & friends I have, you make my life rich.

Make New Friends - But Keep The Old - One Is Silver & The Other Gold.
That was a song I sang as a child. It was sung in rounds in our classroom at St. Mary's Separate School