Friday, August 10, 2018

Cement Floor & Septic System Complete!

We had rain that was much needed this week & the cement was poured the day after it rained.
These photos were early Wednesday morning.

                       I arrived at 8:30am to see the last of the cement floor as it is poured out.

                 It was smart to get the work done before the hot blazing sun is upon the work area.

                                  Behind Bill's shop, the septic drainage system was being put in.

                        With this solid base, the wooden structure will go up very quickly.

 The morning was a hot one & doing all that physical work must have been draining by the end of this job.

 The job site that morning was busy with both contractors of cement & septic getting it finished.

                                          It's really taking shape now, from the ground up!

 I don't know how many cement trucks came in from Newcastle but as this one was emptying another one arrived & was waiting.

 With rain, the day/night before it was a bit wet but today was a great hot dry day. The next day would be another day of heavy rain.

                          The dirt in the background is the topsoil for later to cover the septic area.

                          There's a lot of cement around & now through this footprint of the apartment.

                      And by the end of the day, it looks great! Can you see down the hall? lol

 The drainage to the weeping tile area. Daniel is standing by the septic area itself. Everything was so massive it took me by surprise!

 The cement septic is massive too & will need to be emptied every 5 years, it is huge!

 20 feet out from Bill's shop is the beginning of the drainage, then every six feet is another!

Next week the lumber is being delivered, 90 Eel River is going to be a buzz of activity.

Photos to follow next Friday of the busy week.

Thanks for popping in to see the construction of the Eel River Apartment. Bill & I are excited about this building as it comes to life!

Have a great weekend wherever you are!

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