Thursday, August 2, 2018

Heatwave Continues - Cicada Sings!

We're still in a heatwave here in NE New Brunswick, so many other places are feeling this summer heat too! We are in desperate need of a couple of days of rain when the Bostons run, it's a dust storm on the lawn! Maybe today, we have 'a chance of rain' & it sure is overcast & windy but no rain yet.
Bill's in China this week & with the humidity at 94%, the temp there is 44C, yuk!! Even with the A/C it can only reach 29C turned up high at the factory. Everyone is feeling this summer heat everywhere!

Physical Training
 I have stayed with my fitness training for 2018 & now I'm entering into 8 months of it, the time has wings! All classes are one hour, in that hour it's a warm up, activity, & cool down.  On Monday & Wednesday, it's resistance training & on Tuesday & Thursday, it's kickboxing. I have inproved my strength & some weight has come off too!

 This is a photo after our class this morning. As you can see it was a bowling alley in the community center, now it is for our fitness training & kickboxing.

 The summertime is a bit slower but come fall all bags are taken with kickboxers.

 This is my bag, it is not suspended from the ceiling & has a sand weighted bottom. I use it because it absorbs my punches & kicks better as my neck has issues fro two seperate old, wiplash falls, one on ice in Ontario & the other on stones in Alberta. I'm working on getting better strength & balance.

And staying physically, mentally, & spiritally balanced keeps the stress away. Our new workout shirts are in & I chose this saying to have on my shirt. I'm really enjoying the classes & Donna is an excellent instructor with her positive infectious attitude towards aging with strength & independence.

My Kyrotime

 I have finished all the blocks for the Seaside Bargello & now will start putting it together & then add the red border. I'll post next week on the finished top.

 The eagle head turned out great. I can't wait to try another glass project, I forgot how much I enjoyed working with glass. It was 2002 the last time I cut into it! What is old has created new excitement in this medium. I now have to find all the grinders & soldering irons to see how they work for the new November students to work on.


 Old Tom Cat has been enjoying the velvet pillows on the sofa. He does sleep strangely & looks to be uncomfortable but will snooze for hours there.

 Rexton loves her height on top of her perch & likes to be undisturbed whilst there.

                          Doesn't she look pleased with getting her photo taken? lol

 I'm so happy with the number of purple flowers in the urn. We chose the hanging basket because of seeing a few of them in it & they have flourished around the outside of the geraniums.
This flowering urn is viewed from the dining room bay window. The weeds need cutting but there is not much green grass left now. Really need some rain.

The sunporch houses the house plants & is one of the favourite rooms this summer. It doesn't have air conditioning in it so I leave the garden doors from the great room & the dining room to get the A/C in & some of the afternoon heat out. The lined roman shades really help with that too.

I heard the cicada bug this week, the last summer song is being sung. Eight more weeks & first frost will be on us. Oh, I'm savoring summer. Till then stay cool in this heatwave wherever you are.

Tomorrow is the Eel River Apartment post. See you then!


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