Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Merry Christmas Everyone

It's been a year since the children did their production of the Blessed Night. The costumes will come out again soon as they reenact O Holy Night, what a labour of love those costumes were & the grandchildren did a wonderful job with their acting too : )
I finished this 12" block last night, I wanted another embroidery project for the car ride to South Carolina. So I pulled out the Vintage Stitches by Thimbleberries 2006 block of the month club that I had bought back then & began it. Hopefully the UFO's numbers will be coming down this new year 2012, I just love the sound of it 2012, I have such good feelings of positive vibes towards it, this my be one of my best years. Don't know why...just feel it.
The corner blocks are 3" blocks, each block is different, monthly themed with the borders changing too. First the centers-there's 24- are outline stitched with 8 perle cotton, there's two blocks for each month. One for the front & one for the back--I'm making two fronts & putting flannel backs to both, that's a lot of work to just have it underneath, with flannel the quilt won't slip off the bed & sleeper underneath the quilt stays cozy.
Yes I do have that Hugs & Kisses to finish, those are such spring/summer colours & this is much more of a warmer colour to work with. Sew much-- Merry Christmas Everyone : )

The Last of the Appliances Installed : )

This month has been a busy one with the replacement of appliances, the fridge & wall oven went in two weekends ago with the free delivery-one time deal. The dishwasher & ceramic cook-top were not stocked & took 2 weeks to get in. The 1st installed was large & went in easy, the 2nd installment was not as easy.

After the box & wrapping was removed--this was not the dishwasher I ordered, this one had handles & yes the handles matched the fridge & oven handles & it was a Fisher& Paykel but it was not what was ordered. The one that was ordered had a flat front, my kitchen is so small you could not swing a cat in it! not that I ever would. These handles would be hitting my hip & shins as I worked at the counter. With a phone call to Goeman's Appliance my husband was told, I don't know what happened I'll call back-yes they called back to say that the loading dock gave us the wrong one. So back it went & ours was installed & what a beauty it is - I think that the crystal/gunmetal knobs are more enhanced with the no mark stainless steel appliances. Boy did my husband go ballistic back in 1996 when he got the bill for those knobs-they look as beautiful as the day they were installed & easy to clean too : )
This is the before shot of the old Bosh dishwasher that has done us proud but will not work at our sons house as his dishwasher just died. When the wood front was removed it looked as new as the day it was installed in 1996. This old 1918 house has had many an appliance come & go, I just hope this batch holds out as well as the last--which were installed to replace the Harvest Gold ones LOL- remember the coloured appliances-now it's the stainless steel era!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Christmas Mini Quilt

This is the close-up to the Christmas Mini by Red Brolly, it's a free download that was given to me by my girlfriend Bev, she too is making one. The photo does not show that the background is done on muslin & the 'stamps' are on Kona & are stitched on with the X or whip stitch. It works up fast as the finished size here is 11"x13", it was all made from my scraps of fabric & threads, I love making something from nothing.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The Stocking Were Hung...

This week I have been busy making Christmas stocking for my in-laws as they will be looking after Boris, the grand puppy, over Christmas. The detail of the quilting doesn`t show up in the photo, I used gold metallic thread & a light foot during the grid-quilting of Grandma & Grandpa`s stockings. I`ll miss the little guy but will post photos of our Christmas cruise in the Bahamas.

Can You Feel the Love ;)

This was a photo shot I just could not resist, Boris & Diesel having a snooze on the lounge rug with their paws almost touching. Boris loves his new roomate with that gorgeous warm coat of his, it takes the shivers away on these cool days.

Tom cat loves baskets to cuddle up in, here were 2 wicker baskets on my footstool & he stayed warm & cozy till Diesel barked at him so much he left his little haven :(

Tom cat & Boris have had a love relationship for years, this is a shot of one of their `share the moment` times, yes the cat is as big as the dog but weighs 7 pounds less. The two just love the fireplace however Diesel moves to another room or on the couch set in front of an old drafty patio door, to flee from such heat.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Binding My Time :)

I've got this 1/2 done now, with the hand sewing & cold weather my index finger has begun to crack again, bag balm is used just before bed time to moisturize these dry hands & nails. The quilt turned out so beautiful, I had Tim at The Marsh Store in Coldstream ON, to do the meandering with the maple leaf in it. This was to be a Canada Day quilt for my son Donald's wedding that took place on July 1st this year. He & Melissa have still not seen their quilt but I'm working to have it done before Christmas & their pillowcases done for Christmas. Sew much to do :)

The quilting really enhances the quilt. This has been the largest quilt I've ever made, finishing at 97"x 97". 
Warmth, comfort, and sweet dreams to the newlyweds.

Squirrel Fun!

So cute, I'd subscribed to Primitive Quilts & Projects last summer & just love the projects. This wee fellow is only 7 inches tall & is all hand sewn. The tail is rug hooked from my scrap burlap from the Boris Loree rug, it's just wonderful how all the crafty things I learn,  I can transfer to other projects. I hooked two tail patterns then crocheted them together with a pipe cleaner on the outer  edge, to make it bendable. The whiskers are from my cats--no I don't pull them out, they fall out & I see them when I vacuum (almost daily with all these pets)The cotter pins & glass eyes were ordered in from a shop called Out-of-Hand  in  Calgary. There's one more to make but Christmas presents have my time right now. These were made to put in the vine wreath, with 5 cotter pins, they have full movement to look playful. 
So for now this little squirrel is decorated  for Christmas, wearing a festive red gross grain ribbon with a gold heart.

One of many of the 'hairy pets' that make me vacuum, he's so beautiful & the shedding has somewhat stopped with the cooler weather.

Bagging it again...

I've sew much to do with so little time--I worked these sewing bags in the Jo Morton fabric charms, there bound for Farmer Wife & Civil War sewers. Still have several more to make, I wish I could stay more focused-just can't do the assembly line thing.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Christmas Goose

Yesterday was the day that the goose needed to get into it's Christmas attire, so I spent the afternoon in my studio sewing up a Santa suit. The orange  pumpkin suit just wasn't working for this season of green & red. The suit & hat are underlined & lined to add weight to it - not to warm the goose!  it gets quite blustery up here on the hill. The goose is made of concrete so it moving is not a problem but it does face north & will soon be coated in snow.

Hugs & Kisses #4

Block number 4 completed & number 5 started.  This is more work than I thought--in 'one flower' there is a circle(love my Mylar circle markers),followed by another smaller circle,followed by a flower, followed by another circle,  followed by another circle that has a piece of batting in it, so it looks more dimensional. And that was just one...yes, my applique skills are improving on leaves & circles :)

Monday, November 21, 2011

Christmas Card 2010

I found this in Nicholas' camera, which I'm using till I get a new charger for mine. Wow what a productive year last year was, the Bargello quilt & accent runner made from the leftovers , Waverley's heirloom Holly Hobbie stock, a Mary Englbriet elf. I'm always wanting to make more mice, maybe next year...
This photo was used as our Christmas card 2010.

Workshop Santa with Quilt

I've been busy in different directions lately. I enjoy doll making & have always wanted to make this workshop Santa. His vintage black cut glass eyes, twinkle when the light hits them & his wee nose is a wooden plug. The hair was from  Katie's rug pullout, she was going to trash it as it was just bits--how fitting for the beard. I'm using the rest for needle felting little sheep, polar bears & white highlights, as intended, somethings just happen with a pleasant outcome. I gave Santa some helpers, a pair of gnomes I knit a few winters ago, he also has a burlap bag with treats that's not in view, behind his chair. Out of sight--out of mind for Diesel, the Siberian Husky, he loves opening things! Santa's leather boots are from an old wool tweed coat's under collar & the green tweed leggings are from the underlined part of the coat that cannot be cut up for rug hooking, these fused interfaced pieces I use for wool appliqued quilts that are machine buttonholed. As one girlfriend keeps telling me--you waste nothing! Showing you can make something from nothing! One of my favourite children storybooks--Something From Nothing, a quilter's delightful read of a grandfather's love for his grandson.

Little Treaure

This was purchased in Germany for me by my husband Bill. It's so precious & detailed, I put a ruler behind it to show the scale. So Tiny, my newest little treasure.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Autumn Pillow

I was a little restless with so much applique & put together this wool acorn pillow from the Rabbit's Gift -Trio by Claire Denny. The pattern center was not enough as I enlarged the background size to accommodate my Mustang lounge pillow, so I added 4 acorns from the other pillow design. I loved the cardinal fabric so I quilted it using  painter tape as the grid guide. Everything was done on my Babylock machine, so it went together quickly. The acorn wool was my week's find, a blazer from England for 3.95, it took 1 1/2 hours to take it apart to be hot washed, the outcome was so worth it, it's beautiful fabric, the brown is from one of my favorite wool skirts that I wore in the early 80's. I was much smaller back then, if I knew then, what I know now...I would have admired my 26" waist more!

My admirer's, I just feed & walk them & they follow me everywhere ;)

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

It's A Pets Life

This is my grandpup Diesel, he's a beautiful 2 year old Siberian Husky & will be living with me & my pets for 6 months while Mitchell, 2nd youngest son, is attending Durham College in Toronto.Mitchell is completing his elevator licence. Diesel has been coming here since puphood & has stopped nibbling on the house now. He & Boris do their ruff housing in the house till I use my mommy voice on them & they retreat, Boris to his Moses baby basket & Diesel to a full lie down on the floor. This is his 2nd week with me & has graduated to getting comfortable on the couch!

Tommy on the couch, when Diesel's not around.
Boris in his Moses basket, swaddled with fleece blankets. Diesel gets too hot with the fireplace on & throws his body against the glass patio doors to feel the cool glass. I brush his coat every morning & every morning there's a lot of hair, his armour coat is coming in now & his colour is darkening. The shedding hair is being saved to mix with catnip to stuff Tom & Jerry some catnip toys. Pets sure make the day interesting, never a dull moment. Squirrel is getting use to him too, that rodent will be 8 years old this April. Since being in captivity 2004, I think he's one of the elders around here, the foxes really brought the squirrel population down a couple of years ago. With the cooler nights his coat is losing the reddish brown & going grey/white & he's so hungry & getting the gofer silhouette for his harsh outside winters, nestled in a huge hive of quilt batting, wool & selvages for strength to hold it all together.

Hugs & Kisses - Block 3

A kiss, see the X? this makes it only 9 more to do, corner stones & appliqued sashing. This quilt is like the 25th anniversary it's to celebrate---a lot of work, however truly worth it in the end. XOX, working on the O.

Boris Loree Rug - Is Done!

My 1st hooked rug...I'm a Hooker!! It was a real joy going to Miramichi every Thursday to learn this art, thank you ladies for all your help & suggestions to make my idea come to life.

This is the backside, I used twill tape for the binding & now will stitch it down with upholstery thread. I think I'll wait a bit before drawing up another design, so many UFO's right now. A creative mind is seldom tidy & I need to take the time to get things in order in my studio. Then I'll create!! & not even notice the mess : )

More Redwork

This was a pillow pattern given to me for my b-day this year, thank you Elizabeth,  so on my 'sit-stay' 15.5 hour car ride home I started it. It will be made into a pillow for the cottage's new screened in porch 2012. The thought of being outside on a beautiful day & not chewed apart by biting bugs! really makes me smile & the hand sewing or rug hooking or reading a good book, or just learning to play guitar, in that beautiful screened in porch. I've been to Epcot-Disneyland & the motto there is... "If you can dream it, then you can do it!" Oh so true.

Yardwork Recycling

This week I've been busy with yardwork, it's so overgrown with the hot, humid, wet summer working as a hothouse for growing. The guys cut back loads of Boston ivy, English ivy, & the grapevine, my husband saved all the grapevine as he knows I like to make vine wreaths with it, I was able to make 3 large wreaths. As I cut the climbing rose down for its winter rest, I admired the rosehips & thought how they could compliment the wreath...
I added some acorn bells & will be looking for other enhancing objects...
Maybe Tom Cat! Could not resist this photo!

I Love My Bedroom

When I was at the summer house last season, my husband painted my city house bedroom with the paint we bought but ran out of time to do. There's always that 'round to it list'! He had quite the chore, this room has a 12ft cathedral  ceiling. The rest of my area isn't organized & just had the new ceiling lights installed last weekend. It's a wonderful feeling to go to bed & during the day I just take in the feel of the colour with the sun on it.
I've chosen  a softer palette for my room with the bedding & drapes, it's inviting & oh so soothing. Thank you my sweetheart for all those weekend long distance Skye calls, it's been soooo worth it ;)

Monday, October 10, 2011

Back in Ontario

Our ride home began at 3:15am from Baie-Sainte-Anne & was a pleasant surprise to see that everything fit in the mighty Focus, including my husband, the driver! it was tight. Under those quilts was a cat cage with Tom & Jerry sleeping off their Gravol experience. I had 53 quilted items for the Hardwicke Myer's Church Quilt Show last July & had no one visit to take away any of my quilty things or canned goods(5 cases).  If there's a will, there's a way :)

Boris was such a good dog, he stays at my feet on the floor & once settled had a very long snooze under his quilt. We made only 4 pit stops & then back in the car. Our best time ever has been made this trip...15.5 hours & we were in our laneway in London, Ontario again. Great trip too, sun shone the whole way, saw 2 foxes, hit one raccoon  :( & no other events till we arrived in the heart of Toronto. I'm still in awe that people chose to live there! we lost a whole hour of travel time with the stopped traffic & then only 1st & 2nd gear. I can't sew with stop & go,  it makes me have nausea. I did manage to get some embroidery work done for a wee pillow in redwork. Loads of singing out loud to The Highway, Sirus new country radio channel. 
The basil plant that I ate from all summer, was not left behind. Once I saw that the leaves moving with the sun, I accommodated the plant by moving it around in the car to get the sun. A taste of  summer for my winter home till I return back to the summer home. 
All this fitted into the 'Mighty Focus' & a large cat cage too! I won't be blogging for awhile as I need to get organized back in my studio again. It was a fun summer, one of the oddest, with no summer weather, a whole lot of rain but most enjoyable just being there. And I learnt how to hook a rug! Until next May... off to put my things together. Thank you to all those that I left behind & the memories that you've left me with :)