Sunday, July 21, 2019

July - It's Summer!

It sure is summer here!

Best get a nice cool drink & sit down for this visit!

The days were filled with rain at the beginning of the month & that meant the Boston's could not play outside.

 The sunporch was the spot to be in the afternoon on a lazy day. Bridget is so like a Snoopy dog on top of the sofa, it's her favorite spot!

Then Baxter gets on the back of the sofa to join her, nap time!

 Oh, what to do when it is raining outside?
They look like Boston Bookends! lol

 Bridget & Baxter just watch the rain, oh, what to do?

 They finally just lay down to snooze the rainy day away.

 Bill asks 'Bridget what have you got on your mouth?' She looks away like she's thinking that she has no idea what he is talking about.

This is what was going on earlier...

 Bridget looks her stuffies, unstuffed for snuggling & does the job herself at the unstuffing.

 She carried it around for about a day before doing this but Bostonflesh is weak...

 And she wanted to snuggle with just the deflated stuffed toy dog.

 Bridget is quiet when she is busy.

Getting Organized!

The Amazon shoe organizer arrived & Bill put it together for me. :)

It worked out perfectly for me. I measured the area I wanted it in, which was the only place to put one, then found one that would be vertical and voila!

Thirty-six pairs of shoes are now visible & neatly tucked away!

Bridget & Baxter just could not understand how happy I was to have such an organized area

I knew something was needed as I had several boxes/bins with shoes three to four deep & when you found one you were still looking for the other!

My Kate Spade Boston Terrier shoes give character to the shoe organizer. Thank you, Elizabeth for finding those at Winners & thinking of me!


Bill purchased this cute little cement fox & placed it under the urn, he (Bill & the fox) makes me smile! lol

The hummingbirds got a surprise too with two new feeders, the centers are glass & will withstand the harsh summer sun.

I crotcheted a cat mat for Rexton for her morning sun sleeps in the laundry room.  That is where the morning sun is & she likes to watch me do laundry.

So Summery

This gorgeous delphinium that Heather gave me is thriving this summer, it is so beautiful!

When the sun shines on it the colour is so vibrant & it has, even more, blooms on it since this photo.

This is one of many trees that are going to be cut up for the bonfire area.

This stack will be spliced & stacked for the winter.

I'm hoping to get the window & window box installed on the ends of the potting shed this summer.

Love, love this flower & its gorgeous colour!

Jocelyne's retirement bush has flowers this year, that was a pleasant surprise!

The grapevine is thriving in this wet weather with heat & humidity, maybe we'll have some grapes this year!

It needs to have something attached for some more climbing, Bill's 'Honey Do List' just keeps growing. lol

Bonar Law Kitchen Hook-In

Marsha made this hooked design & it hangs on the kitchen wall. Well done!

What a fun afternoon I had with the Kent Rug Hookers!
Sophie was learning to punch needle for the first time & was working on her sheep.

Helen was working on her wool strip hooking of a Maud Lewis design & Jane was working on the nautical design, I loved both!

Helen's Maud Lewis, I can't wait to see it done!

Jane's nautical scene, so summery!

Marsha was hooking away on hooking her design too between all the laughter & conversation with us. She had the best seat by the screened window!

Cute little knitted dolls & a cornstalk doll enhanced the area.

Bernice was working on a large nautical lighthouse scene too. She is very prolific in many crafty arts!

Doesn't that just make your heart sing?!!

This was hanging in the kitchen. it's a Deanne Fitzpatrick design.

I'm so glad I went, I tried to get others from the Miramichi Guild interested in going so I would have company but they are all in summer mode. Maybe next month!

I'm so glad Marsha put the invite out there, thank you, Marsha, for a lovely afternoon.

And Jan our Bonar Law, costume dressed hostess,  thank you for greeting me at the parking lot & looking after all of us with sweets & tea!
The weather that day could not have been any more perfect than it was!

A great day was followed by this sunset that night!

Summer Guests Arrive

The next day was the arrival of Jim & Karen from Ontario. They had been over in Newfoundland (home of her grandpa & dad) for three weeks of shivering. She had to purchase mittens in July as the weather was only 4C. It was summer here!
They set up their summer home for several days of visiting, it was great seeing her again!

 We went to Chatham to visit some shops & when I was in The Hospice Store, I found this sweet cross stitch that was custom framed for $15.00!!
I knew I had seen that photo before in fabric that I've had in my stash/inventory. lol

 This is so precious & beautifully stitched, framed it measures 16" x 19".  Notice the notched corner for the cross-stitch, this is a custom order!

 And yes, it matches that fabric perfectly! Just love when things unfold in such a delightful matter!
A quilt in the making!

 They were happy to wear summer clothes finally! lol

 This lovely couple celebrated their 27th wedding anniversary on NFLD Island last month.

 We had quite a few laughs together & she won the cribbage match that the three of us played the night before they left. I'm going to practice more now...until next time! lol

 And then they were off, heading back to Ontario.

Safe travel my friends!

I'm so glad that summer has arrived & they were here to experience it with me.
It is so beautiful here, so glad you too stopped by for a visit!

A thought to ponder:

Love doesn't make the world go round,
But it certainly makes the ride worthwhile.

Have a great summer week & stay safe.