Friday, August 17, 2018

Fantastic Friday!

What a week!

 Everyone was busy on Monday with the outline framing being done to the apartment building.

 As I stood outside & looked in, I could see the front door opening & the front window silhouettes.

                                      The window & patio door silhouettes were visible too!

                                        What a busy day, framing the three walls all in!

 The view from the back looking to the front.

                                                            Further back, looking forward.

                             These are for the roof frame, which they hope to have done by Friday!

                                   An exterior look from the outside of the building frame.

                                              The common room's patio door & window.

 The view from the common room, you'll be able to see someone coming/going down this side of the hoop laneway.
          The view from Bill's front office, he too has the same view of the coming & going.

                                   The new 140 foot deep well was drilled & installed in place on Tuesday!

                             Wednesday was a lot more framework & the roof frame was installed!

                                                    The new septic system is complete!

 The inside is really starting to feel large as the ceiling framework is being done.

                                The new well is being connected to the apartment building.

 It is Friday today & the roof is on! The steel roof will be installed next week.

 Bill, with the beige Tilley hat on, is enjoying his walkabout seeing the project come together.

 The electricity/hydro lines will be underground, giving a clean look to the front of the building.

                              You can see the five-foot hall going down the centre.
There were ditches everywhere this afternoon with the water lines & hydro lines going into the apartment.

                                   The view from the side entrance located in the middle of the building.

                             A view further away, it is really visually coming together now!

                                                          The back overhang has begun.

                                             The hydro liners for the electric cables.

These are Bill's trailers, the large black one is now connected to his truck & he will be hauling it back to Ontario to pick up the seven IKEA kitchens in Whitby & our granddaughter Madison. He will leave in the wee hours of Saturday morning & return with the above on Thursday. Madison aka our Maddy will have her summertime vacation for a week with us before getting ready to go back to high school.

It has been a very productive, fantastic Friday!!

Thanks for stopping in for a visit & here's a saying that my England friend John shared on FB this week & it really hit home with me.

The only thing worse than being blind is having sight and no vision. 
            Helen Keller

Makes you think, doesn't it?!

Have a wonderful weekend!

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