Friday, November 18, 2016

Week 26 & Nearly Done!

The Hardwicke House is nearly done!

North Shore still needs to do the grading on the laneway & once that's done, the front staircase can be built. North Shore is now three weeks behind, from the date they said they would come to grade.
I heard that they have the Miramichi City contract & damn, the city sure needs work, that work then bumps my job. It is said that Monday or Tuesday, the 1st of the week, is now scheduled.
I just joke that North Shore is now on the south shore & is walking back!
Bill will be arriving with the last trailer load this year on Wednesday & I hope that the laneway is graded. With all the rain & mild weather, it is so mucky here.

                                                  Inside Hardwicke House

Front Foyer & Hall, With Foyer Oak Staircase

 These photos were taken this morning. As you can see at the front foyer door, the morning sun greets you. The silhouette of the topiary tree is seen on the left. More photos of the front outside, ...when there are front  stairs.

Standing in the front foyer. I love the grey doors, with the grey slate tile floors!

                        The hallway from the master bedroom, looking down to the foyer.

The foyer, standing in the kitchen. The staircase is finished & now awaits the glass & metal railings.

 There's grey slate on the landing of the staircase. Oak has such beautiful grain lines! The baseboard wrapping the area, really does add a warm,  rich looking touch.

Jeff, the installer, aka - IKEA  kitchen cupboard installer,  was kind to add the cardboard with painters tape on each stair tread. So much moving in still has to be done. Thanks Jeff!

The Laundry/Mudroom

                                             The laundry room, off my dressing room.

 The laundry room has a 3/4 slate wall, there's going to be hangers above it. Wet coats, when the coat hooks (which are stag heads!) are installed, will hang to dry there, making this area the mudroom.

The Kitchen - Dining Room

 It has a nice open feel to it, this is the view from the pantry door. I should have removed my camera bag & purse, off the counter. I came in & made myself at home! lol

 This is the work station triangle, it's nice & tight, hopefully it will function as planned!

The island as seen from the dining room. The dining room light has been measured to be center on the oval table.

 The view of the dining room with the garden doors going to the sun porch or what we call our three  season room.

 The pantry door on the right, is a pocket door & opening it, is such a delight as there is a good size window in that room, so the natural light is always there. With the front porch outside of the pantry wall, the heat should not be that intense during the summer months, time will tell.

A view from the dining room, looking into the kitchen. I think the triptych of lights over the island, really make that area. I chose that style as it reminded me of the top a of lighthouse.

Great Room Update

 The painter, Leopold & his son,  had time to put two primer coats & two paint coats, on the staircase.

                                    I just love how bright & clean the room now looks!

                                            The chandelier is even more noticeable too!
 The stair treads & floor, will be sanded, stained, & sealed in February 2017. I'm going with a similar look to the satair treads in the front foyer. I know with those being oak & this room being pine, it will not be a match, I'm just hoping to lose that orange colour & replace it with a warm brown.

Upstairs We Go!

 This is the view on the mezzanine from the great room, it shows the sitting area upstairs & to the left....

                         The guest bathroom & yes you can see the morning sun shining through!

Remember this photo? Well if you go through that door... it goes to the upper mezzanine, that over looks the front foyer.

 Railings are on order & will be installed... sooner than later, I'm hoping.
The chandelier looks great hanging there!

                         And at night, it can been seen through the triptych of windows.

I could not help but notice that the stickers for the warning of bulb wattage were left on!
It is noticeable when your on the mezzanine, looking at it. Details, details. lol

Stained Glass Room

 The kitchen has been installed & I like the warm feeling that the dark wooden cabinets give the room.

 The counter top goes to the wall as I want to store garbage cans, with wheels, under it.

 The utility sink will be used to wash the glass, after it has been soldered.

                        The view from that room this morning... I know I'm going to like it here!

 The view, with the window at my back. The glass doors will allow the daylight to shine through.

 Well there you have it, well some of it. Bill will be arriving on Wednesday & we're moving in on Thursday. This is so exciting for us, we've never had a new build ever! It's such a new adventure for us & it's everything that we need, under one roof!
Our children are happy & excited with us & some will be joining us for our 2nd Christmas in this Hardwicke House. It will be much warmer this year.
I'm hoping that the issues with the geothermal are resolved as it's running on electricity right now & that is one costly bill here in New Brunswick, specially for a house of that size!

As more is done, I'll keep up updated & the Christmas photos too!

Thank you for stopping by to view this post. I know your as pleased with all of this as I am.
Remember photos like this?

Last May, when this started,  I did think... oh my what have I done?!
This is where the all those beautiful pictures & the new addition is located. Wow!

Dreams do come true!

Have a wonderful weekend, wherever you are!


Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Week 24 - In Week 25...

I must apologize for my tardiness, time is moving quick & with a flat tire on really slowed me down with & grounded me to the Carroll Cottage. Tire is fixed & I'm on the move again!

It still in Carroll Cottage & Winmar disaster cleaners are in the Hardwicke House for the third & last day. Tomorrow I will be going to do a photo shoot of the completed house!

                             Here's a sneak peak of the lights over the granite island!

Rug Hooking -------


It was a pattern from Primitive Quilts, from last year. I added the bottom piece, with the greeting of NOEL & added the window, with snow & wind, in the background. I'm going to sew a sleeve to the back, to hang it up.

Super Full Moon

This week had a very large eerie looking full moon & my lunatic cats were feeling it!
The lunatic Rexton was crazy this week!

 And Mr. Boots was her main target, for the extra strange energy she had!

 He could do a lot of damage to her but he' so gentle & will just kick her, as she bites him!

 She taunts & taunts him...

 Then bounces & wrestles him. This goes on when I'm upstairs sewing on my machine,  in my bedroom. Mr. Boots' screams make me stop & scold Rexton, for being the 'mean girl'!

 She is so gentle & protective of old Tom Cat & sleeps next to his basket & has a snooze.

She is so sweet when she's sleeping & the cottage stays quite...when she's quite! lol

 Then she awakes & looks for Mr. Boots...
 Mr. Boots is the only cat I know that will just lay down on his back & let her have her way!
Although, I have cleaned cat hair out of his hind paws & then clipped his back & front paws down.
All the cats has their nails cut down, it helps save the furniture!

I brought in what's left of their cat grass but the frosty nights have taken toll on their flower box.
I had to get the prescription for Revolution for the earmite problem & Mr. Boots weighted in at his full 21 pounds! The vet reassured me that he is a large cat & would be a 17-18lb cat, with a few
pounds to spare! With these wrestling matches,  Rexton makes him exercise daily!

My Finds!

 A vintage, VIP panel of Alice In Wonderland was in the linen area of the Sally Ann, in Newcastle.
I have a hand made felt picture that was gifted to me in England, beautifully stitched by the late Judy Garinder, I also has a small tea pot that my granddaughter Madison, gave me for my birthday a few years back. So ... if you have two - it's a pair, however if you have three - it's a collection!

 This is what the finded items should look like. Alice, the Cheshire cat, & rabbit are done now.
I'll show the whole collection, when I find all my other items.

 That $2 bag also had these vintage fabrics in it! I've already made many 3" hourglass squares in the blue/white, to make Alice a quilt with the picture, shown above, of the finished items, used as the center medallion, on this small wee quilt.

So I've started some sewn, Christmas gifts & will so start the four Christmas stockings for the family arriving for their Christmas at the Hardwicke House.

The Christmas Reindeer Prance quilt has gone to Bev of Barnaby, to be beautifully longarm quilted, with snowflakes, by her. The colours in that quilt is the Stonehedge fabric collection, that all the last year, Christmas stocking were made from. More fabric was purchased this summer for the new ones.

The great room will have a wonderful Christmas feel to it in just 2 weeks!

Yes, I'll be going home to Hardwicke next week!
Bill will arrive on Wednesday & the move begins!
All good things come, to those who wait! lol

Thank you for stopping by & I will try my best to keep up with my weekly posts.

This Friday's blog will be the Hardwicke House,  revealing a very clean house! A big thank you to the girls of Winmar!

And I hope the very best for all those that stop in for a visit!
I'm getting excited about Christmas, everyone in this neighbourhood has already started decorating their exteriors!

Oh the most wonderful time of the year!


Friday, November 4, 2016

Week 23 - Hardwicke House Renovation

It's now week 23, wow, no wonder I'm homesick to go back to watch the sunsets & here only nature sounds coming from the woods.
Bill will be arriving on the 23rd of this month, to hopefully move me & the three cats... out of the cottage & into the house.

Here's what's happened this week with the trades.

 The garage is slowly clearing out, to one day, allow what it was intended for, vehicles to be parked in it. North Shore Construction, will be preparing the laneway to build it up, so I can drive into the garage. Then next spring the asphalt will be installed.

 For now, baseboard  trim is still being cut, stairs treads are being stained & a host of other 'loose ends' getting tied up.

 The painters were working on the doors, with my favourite door colour of Benjamin Moore - HC Kendal Charcoal, it really warmed & finished the overall look.

 Jeff the cabinet & stair maker, was busy today with the new staircase to the addition. He said he would be finished today.

 The polished nickel & glass railings have been ordered & I'm hoping they will be here & installed by Christmas. The railings will be done in two stages, the first will be the components, then the glass will be measured & ordered, to be installed in 'several weeks'. OH my the wait for everything being done, the classic phrase of 'In two weeks' ...turns into a month, so easy here on the east coast.

                              The wooden stair colour, really warms the space in the foyer.

See how the wall looks blue? That's the Smoke & Mirrors paint colour that is really grey. I see different colours on the walls at different times of the day. 

 The wall in the laundry room has finally been grouted & needs to be washed to remove the black grout. The slate was not as black as I would have liked it. I was hoping for the same type that was installed in London. I'm hoping it grows on me as there's nothing to be done now.

             It was hard to get a good photo of the wall colour here, in the stain glass studio.
 It turned out to be a light lilac colour! I took one look at it & was horrified at first, I knew I could not work in a room of that colour. I went to my car & had a cry. Another set back in moving in now as the whole room has to be repainted. I have decided to have it repainted in the same colour as the sewing room. It's called Blank Page. I showed the contractor the room & he laughed & said no problem, we'll just repaint it this 'Donny Osmond' coloured room. It's a pretty colour for a little girls bedroom, not my work studio!

 This photo shows more of the colour I was after, from the 2" swatch, grey with a hint, a very small hint of purple, to warm the space.

 The upstairs mezzanine awaits the glass railings & the wood capping & slate floor is finished.

 The upstairs guest bathroom is being worked on, with the vanity & toilet to be installed.

 The kitchen...  The island & backsplash were to be installed 'mid-week' this week however it is Friday & I've heard nothing. I called Thursday & talked to the sales person that sold me the granite & she knew nothing of the island return until that day. Communication is the key for a business & for customers. Bill & I could not stress that enough when we had our business. What is a 2 to 3 minute conversation to let you know what is or is not, happening?
Jeff my kitchen/stair trades person said they had called him, to tell him they would be installing on Tuesday but Jeff said he was only available Monday...curious to see this unfold.
Look at at trades garbage/litter around the kitchen, I use to say to my kids...'Were do you think you are? At home or some other dirty place?!!' Pick up after yourself!

                                             This is the kitchen's,  pantry pocket door.

                                         Bill's vanity is in place but not functional yet.
I was too afraid to go into my new bathroom as it has one of the two operating toilets, now that the Johnny-on-the-spot, has been taken away. It also has the only operating sink in the house & I don't want to see black grout spills in there. I'll Friday, on week 24!

Upon leaving I noticed, yet again, empty pop cans lying on the floor. There's always garbage somewhere in the house. Empty or 1/2 empty pop cans, chip bags, Gatorade bottles. I've stopped picking up after the trades, I'm not their mother! But this is how you end up with stuff in your furnace vents! I've heard horror stories, now I feel like I'm living inside one.
My girlfriends are noticing how upset I'm getting. I just want to have a home, a home that is respected, not one that looks like a bunch of teenagers have had a party in.
Everything, even though it's new, is now covered in dust, stickers are still on the windows, nothing is looking new anymore. The garage door is covered in dust & dirt.
I think I won't go to the house until next Friday. Maybe it can get turned around.
Maybe it will be over... in two weeks, week 25. Stay tuned.

Organic Bananas~~~~~~~

 I purchased these bananas last Thursday & returned them this Thursday. In one week they never turned yellow, the bananas only got hard! I even separated one banana to see if it would ripen faster.

I purchase my bananas green because as I one person, it takes awhile to eat a bunch of bananas & with the histamine intolerance, I can eat them more unripe than ripe. The more ripe, the more histamine they contain. The woman at the Walmart customer service said she'd never seen that before. I looked at the organic area, where I purchased the bananas, all of the cellophane packaged bananas, where all still green. I purchased regular Dole bananas & will enjoy those, this week.

Feral Cat - Kitty

 Kitty is still coming by morning & night for a feed but now a huge black cat that looking like its daddy, has been visiting too! This little one will come up to me but not when the big one is around.
This cat has beautiful green eyes & its body is looking, now that it gets fed.
I need to make a feral cat house. I'll be back in town on Monday, to donate blood, 'It's in you to give.' & with all the stress I'm going through with wanting to be in the house, I'm sure my RBC are at a heightened state, so it's a win - win for the blood bank & myself!

              This is Rexton watching kitty eat outside the patio door... look at her ears, grrrrrr

 She's probably upset that the cat is eating what could be her food, not that she would ever eat table scraps. She's wondering, how is she ever going to tip the scales & weigh the hefty 21 pounds that Mr. Boots weighs! lol

Some Sewing Sanity~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

 I made the November hanger & will work on the December hanging with a so cute, Santa on it.

 I found this article in a 1954 book on Boston Terriers & copied, enlarged, & embroidered it.
I did it several years ago & found it in my London studio & finished it this week.
Wow I miss Boris Loree, that little man of mine. His tail was a #4 Hook tail & it was a nuisance for him when his walking lead would get 'hooked' under it.

My embroidery has improved over the years, thank you Bev for your inspiration, to inspire to have needle work as beautiful as yours!

The winter Christmas rabbit has had a window added behind him & some snow flakes will be needle punched in to show it snowing outside. I saw some tonight!

I could not resist this sweet, antique planter of a barn & sheep, made in Japan. It will really come to life with some greenery in it. My big find at the thrift shop was a GAP denim coat, lined in Borg, for $5!!
Yes Bill, another coat! Once I get all my clothes together, I'm going to count the coats & get an inventory. But one has to have coats for our, ever changing, four seasons, winter, spring, summer. & fall. This is a fall & spring coat that will be used, when I'm working outside.

Thank you for taking the time to visit. I'm getting a little impatient with the house & Christmas right around the corner. 
Family will be flying in & it was difficult this Thanksgiving but we made the best of it. With the cold weather just around the corner & outside cement work still to do. I'm stressed & have the histamine intolerance to prove it!

Till week 24.

Remember - Theory may inform but it's the practice that convinces!

When was the last time, you did something for the first time?