Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Photos Are Back :-)

All my tests are back & they were all negative! Yes it's the hernia that's creating all this discomfort. Belly fat has to be lost to relieve the pressure. The flesh is weak, I love food so much. My dad use to say to me as a child "I may have been born in Hungry, but you were born hungry!"yes it's like a curse for me this love of eating. If I could stop smoking after 22 years and not have a cigarette for 20 years now, this food affair has to end too. This is going to be an exciting year for me & I need to be more disciplined with the eating. Boris is an eater too! lol 


 Boris is sun bathing on the back of the couch as the cat's in his bed!
 He nestles right in like the cat does...when not in his bed!
 The bright flash has his attention.


 The outline of the eagle wall hanging, missing inner border length is in the mail...
 Stunning piece in 20 different batik fabrics


 This is the lane way to the new cottage, through the woods for about 3 acres and...

 Wait for it...

 You arrive at this beauty! I just love the look & feel of this place. This is what will get me through the winter, I've already started packing.

A porch will be installed for the door that has nothing. The laundry room is next to it. And a clothes line too.
 Large kitchen windows & the window at the front is one of my viewing windows in my sewing room.
 Yes the small windows at the front are my sewing room/studio windows & the large windows are the sun room, a screened in sunr oom that faces the water - how lucky was this find!
 Large evergreens grace the landscape
 Looking out the sun room at the water, it was a foggy day when I took this photo.
 This is the front view--if your arriving by boat.
 The house is quite a ways from the water, which makes me happy as I'm hydrophobic.
As Orphan Annie sang - "I think I'm going to like it here!"

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Whoops ? ? ?

As I tried to upload my download, I got a whoops? from Google. Stating something was full & $$$ needed,  having too many photos & now I'm stuck with not being able to my show & tell...only tell till I can get someone that is techie to explain to me what is going on with this.

This has been a week of frustration, getting the last of the cottage purchase tied up. Still not knowing the biopsy results as my GP has not forwarded my results & the specialist office is closed till today... three weeks after the procedure. So now I'll need an appointment with that office to find out the out come of the tests.

So I thought I'd go into my kyrotime & work on a Christmas present. It was a Eagle kit that I purchased in Calgary last July just for this occasion. After tracing out the 123 pieces onto light heat & bound - these pieces are only the eagle and a single branch! then cutting these small pieces out - the overall size of this wallhanging is 26''x29'' & that includes the three borders. I traced the overall pattern for placement onto a piece of clear vapour barrier, (yes we're undergoing renovations in this old 1916 house, it is the song that never ends) this clear plastic is excellent for just that use. I usually use the clear plastic that you buy by the yard/meter for covering your table clothes that are precious, the finished pattern is traced on the clear plastic giving you exact placement for the applique placement. was a kit & the birds feet, beak, & inner border piece should have been the width of fabric. Instead it was cut from a fat 1/4, not giving the length needed. I call All About Quilting in Calgary, luckily it was a toll free number as you can order off their website, explained what my issue was & low & behold - every kit she opened up had that issue too! To complete my border I needed just a 6" x 22" piece that was given - the problem begins with your  5" piece cut off to do the feet/beak...making you short for the inner border.  My border piece is in the mail as I type, thank you Leslie for making it right for me to continue. Leave it to quilting to make my day. :-) I've other projects to get started & finished before the big day, till the mail-person delivers my fabric piece from Alberta.

Well it's back to the Serenity Prayer, knowing what you can and cannot control and knowing the difference.
The key word here is control for me as things don't happen, you make them happen. Sometimes your taught patience & understanding...that you cannot control everything!!

The photos will download, just not upload to my blog. Once I get this worked  out, loads of pictures to follow...

Monday, November 19, 2012

Frilly Scarf

I was shown how to make the 'Frilly Scarf' last week & tried it today with much success. What fun knitting with just 6 stitches & creating something so intricate looking, with the garter stitch!

A woman from P.E.I. & now living in Ontario, invited me to a rug hooking group tonight, to see if I like it. I'm curious to see this group & what they're doing...let you know more later.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Needle Punch Mastered!

 The packaged said "Easy And Relaxing -  A Quick Way To Smile" ?? I was learning & not much smiling was going on. I played the YouTube several times with different people showing how to begin this project. I love You Tube as I'm a visual/audio learner.

 I do love to colour...
 The pattern looked fun, I'll colour with the needle punch. Once the technique of punch was worked out, the smiling began as I peeked under the embroidery hoop, looking onto the other side. The work is done from the wrong side, the same as proddy rugs. 
 Wrong side of the work...
 Right side of the work! :-)  the project was 5"x7" & done with embroidery floss. The rug needle punch is done the same way. Yes I have a winter project to attempt with some Briggs & Little wool.
\I've always admired these little pieces of work. And yes "Everything Is Easy Once You Know How".
This is great work to take along with you as it takes up very little room. With this finished piece, I'm going to place it in the center, as cushion design.

Early Education :-)

 Granddaughter Samantha & her boyfriend Steve stopped by to visit with her 'homework project'. That project would be her entire weekend of having a computer motorized baby. One that cries, needs to be fed, cuddled, or changed...for the whole weekend & has a computer inside that records how much care is given & how much time it took. Samantha has to wear a computerized bracelet that is connected to the back of the doll. She complained on how little sleep she received the night before as "Andrew" cried & needed feedings all through the wee hours. The kids that have these dolls are responsible for their care & need to take special care of their heads, if the spring in the neck is dislodged...they'll receive a failing mark. The dolls even come with car seats that are to be used transporting them. Andrew went everywhere with Samantha, she'll do great on this course as she has 4 stepsisters that she has helped raise from infancy.
Her comment on Facebook was 'I don't want kids', I  laughed out loud...
 These three are just too happy!
 A cuddle with Boris was needed as Andrew was getting way too much attention, for his liking.
 The doll makes the noise of drinking as the bottle is put to its mouth! The babies came in all ethnic backgrounds & Sam was hoping for the Spanish baby but tended to all of Andrews needs.
Steve gave in to Sam insisting he take Andrew...she'll be happy when this course is over! Great course for those that are not around babies with all their demands, it does cut into ones teen years of socializing.
I know this first hand...I had my daughter when I was 16...38 years ago. I look at my beautiful Samantha & she has so much life to live before the responsibilities of raising a baby. For now she can do the 'let's play house' & get on with her life & mature into womanhood.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Pleasant Surprise-Coming Up Roses :-)

 I had the pleasant surprise of a floral delivery! And everything is coming up roses, what a beautiful arrangement and a big thank you to Mike, Carrie, & Catherine for this pleasant surprise!
 I had an endoscope done with 3 biopsies and a two week waiting period to see what's going on internally.
I want to thank all my friends & family that emailed & called with your thoughts & prayers for me. I'm truly blessed with all of you. Now on with life!


The hooked rug is done! I'm really glad that it was a primitive design as the lines are wonky. Sir Hawthorne will go to the new cottage to accompany the new will Boris!

Photos to follow of the new cottage, as the locals say, it's "Up River" from the old wee cottage & is a waterfront property on 4.3 acres. The guys in this family are so excited for the spring to arrive to take the trip out east. I'm feeling homesick for the east already and I've not been home for a week yet, their winters scare me though. Southwestern Ontario has the milder winters with some harsh lake effects & an early spring...maybe that's been a conditioning for New Brunswick winters--- I wish their spring came earlier.