Thursday, October 25, 2012

Prodding Pleasures

Yesterday I was taught to prod. It's another rug hooking technique that's done quite differently than another rug hooking I've done. Thank you Marsha from Ricibucto for taking time with us to show  this wonderful technique, to a few of of us Miramichi Rug Hookers. I've now found yet another pleasure to put me into KYROTIME. LOL

Backside of the prodded rug.

 Thank you Marg for the supplies. She had some office upholstery fabric to prod on & scraps of borg & wool.  Thank you Katie for all the 1" strips of cutting you did for me. What a fun afternoon with you two hookers!

                                         Front side of the prodded rug, so thick & fluffy!

Marsha told us of how way back when... the backside of the rug was used for everyday use & the 'good side' was used when the Minister or company came to visit. It's the thickest full rug I've ever worked, oh, so textural - I love it!
 These are the tools I used, Marsha husband handmade them, they're very soft to the touch as they're used.
 I'm going to make my first prodded rug into a decorative cushion. It compliments my 'Over The River' quilt & will add a warm textural feel to the livingroom this winter, in the old black leather wingback chair.
I auditioned it next to the quilts scrappy pillow & will add more black wool fabric to ground the edging of this circular beauty.

Again, it's true...everything's easy... once you know how. A big thank you to everyone that has had  patience with me, to keep me learning new pleasures for my creative mind. :-)

Monday, October 22, 2012

Catkin Quilt Top Finished

It's finally finished, the quilt top that is! Catkin Around the World. Fabric designed by Julie Paschkis & quilt designed by Jason Yenter for In The Beginning fabrics.
 This is the quilt in its entirety, measures 67'' x 67''. I enjoyed working the quilt, it was one day of cutting it & 2 days to sew it together, quick & easy. It reminds me of Laurel Burch, the whimsy pattern & bright colours accented with the black.

 The center panel, looks like cheerleading cats to me.

More cat accents...this quilt is going to fit right in...

My thread box fromWinter Wheat in Sparta ON. The artist there is named Lucy Ogletree & she too has a love for adding cats to her artwork.

 Funny mirror, I use to have it by Boris, the dog's eating area.
 Lovely photo of a cat in a hat box by Bombay. Orange cats are one of my memories of a cat we had for years named Egnaro - orange spelt backwards lol, nick named Egg's. He was so tolerant in the days of all four kids at home, we've photos of him wearing baby bonnets. I still smile thinking about Egg's.
And my most favourite picture is, the Library Cat by Bombay. I admire it every time I go down the stairs.
Tommy the Cat is also on part of the cat collection! in his 14th year he is a handsome part of the living cat collection. Soon to be with his brother Jerry in Ontario. What a long car ride for all of us, I hope he sleeps in his crate & doesn't cry & howl for hours.


The fall decorations are inside the house - while the flower box still has flowers in it with blooms. The New Brunswick flag dances over the flowers in the wind. I look of that flag just does something to me, I smile & just love it.  When here at the cottage, I display it with pride even though I was born in Ontario.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Raining...Cats & Dogs

Our weather out east has been just raining all day & that's a good thing as we need to bring our water tables back up from the long dry summer. 
 My pets see this weather as a long nap day. Boris sleeps, no snores under his blanket...
 As soon as he leaves with me to go down stairs, the cat jumps into his already warmed bed.
 Out goes the cat & in goes Boris, doing a large stretch out of his basket. I'm busy working on a quilt with cats on it & black background. I just love the the fabric, it's from the kit I picked up in Calgary last July at Along Came Quilting.
 My cottage bedroom doubles as my sewing room & the pets stay with me wherever I go, just like my shadow.
 Boris is so peaceful sleeping.
 So is Tommy.
Boris on the couch as I was rug hooking in the living room today.
 The side yard holds it colour in the rain today

My rug is coming along, just another 10 rounds to do! I love the colours, it's so fall like. This is my 2nd hooked rug & it sure has a 'primitive' look with the wonky corners. I will draw lines next time to keep my on track. It sure has been hard to do in a frame to keep it taunt.

Photos of my near finished quilt to follow next blog. ;-)

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Cozy Cottage Thanksgiving 2012

 Thanksgiving was at the cottage this year & I think we've started a new tradition. The weather was great as was the company & the fall colours are beautiful out here on the east coast. Everyone arrived on Thursday afternoon & I promised them all a lasagna dinner with garlic bread...and a story over dinner! The story was that on my way home from that  afternoon of  rug hooking & sobey shopping I was pulled over by the RCMP, those that have driven with me know why!  The officer said he caught me doing 117km but once I saw him got it down to 105km, still too fast in a 80km. He took my information & went back to his cruiser & upon returning told me I would have lost 3 points & had a 172$ fine. My heart fell & adrenaline was heightened even higher as I shook & took my information back...NO ticket, just a warning to slow it down! the moose are everywhere he warned me & at my speeds I wouldn't stand a chance. He told me I could do 90km & that is all! What luck I have with me!! I wished him a very Happy Thanksgiving & again was thankful for where I am & all the kindness that's instilled on me by strangers here in New Brunswick.

 The table set for Thanksgiving, Diesel was waiting for any crumb to drop as he savored the smell of the turkey cooking.

Can you smell what I smell...turkey yum!

Diesel waiting patiently for the feast

Everyone curled up after the Thanksgiving Day feast. Me on the couch, Diesel next to me & resting his head on Boris, who was cozy under his blanket with his wee head poking out.

Turkey dreams.....with full tummies.

This is how we spent our evenings together last winter in Ontario, all three of us on the couch.
Buddies for sure!
Hi Bill!


Nicholas all set up for his long weekend with some serious gaming in mind.

This was going to be where we where to have our meals...we ate the first meal & the last meal on this table! The rest of the time it was for Nick & the cat, Tommy,  to eat his dinner away from the dogs.

We barely heard from him...just the clicking of the keyboard.

He never missed a meal with us though!

On Thanksgiving Day I took the time to visit with a few friends that  are close to my heart. Virgine & I write through the winters together & see each other when I'm here. She's in Miramichi Hospital, waiting to get into a seniors home. This is one sweet lady from Baie-Sainte-Anne.
Her lungs are not as strong as they once were, she always calls me her angel. I'm glad I can make her smile & happy,  when I'm around her.

Then it was off to Hardwicke to wish Theodore & Jean a Happy Thanksgiving.
This couple has been married 55 years & still going strong. I love the energy that both of them have & want the secret to a long happy life too! We are the company we keep!

                                                              Mitchell, Bill, & Nicholas

Yes Mitchell you do have the luck of the horseshoe... above your head!

My, my,  how these boys have grown.  I see it in photos but in my heart they are my little ones...not me! I feel like the child's story, I'll Love You For Always. Mitchell came into this world weighing 8lbs-2ozs. The doctor yelled push at me & I yelled back, PULL!
Bill & I - he's trying to reduce his height with's he doing?

Thanks for taking our photos Nick.

Boris has gained a few pounds over the last few days with Diesel  here & he always tries to out eat Diesel.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving! It was cozy here at the cottage and so great to see everyone, it will be Christmas before we're all together again.
 Safe flight to you Bill, Nick, Mitch, & Diesel.

November will be here soon enough & the cottage will be closed till the spring and I head back to Ontario to face the winter. With all these wonderful memories to laugh about upon our next time together.