Monday, March 27, 2017

Sunny Days

The weekend out east has been a wonderful sunny one & Baxter & Bridget love going outside, there's so many smells for them to take in.
Last night coming up our lane, I watched as a fox watched, us come up. He turned & ran to the shore. I was reading & the foxes breed mid-March & hunt early morning & sunset for their food.
There's been a lot of fox sightings in our area, so I'll be staying close to home with the pups. No woodland adventures for us, without Bill.

 Bridget sniffs the ground, whilst Baxter sits on the porch. He is not as confident as her, with the stairs.
 Baxter is happy to just watch & wait for me to take him down those stairs. He's gotten so much better this weekend. Bill had the pleasure of taking them outside & Baxter just followed him.

 Bridget tries to coach him down, she's growing so strong & is very intelligent, out smarting Baxter, when they play together.

             Bridget & Baxter pose nicely for me. Very rare to get a good photo of these two!

 And Baxter sits down! lol They turn 14 weeks today & have started to listen when I talk to them.
They come when called & now will sit on command, not for long but they will sit.

 I saw this & laughed, the yellow tulips stayed upright & the mauve tulips took a bow!

 The afternoon setting sun is now in full force in the great room & the pets just love the warm of the sun. The four black/white pets take in a afternoon nap.
I go to my sewing room, where I find old Tom, sleeping in his wicker basket. He's deaf now so my sewing machine doesn't affect him in the least.

 The sky this morning was quite pinkish red... yes there is going to be 2cm snow this afternoon & tomorrow another 2-4cm. Wednesday is going to be the high of 5C, a beautiful spring day!

 This is the small porch view,  it's just outside the laundry room,  I will hang my laundry from here. The ground has to thaw first,  for the clothesline poles to be installed.

This is block 2, with my version of Canada, for the patriotic quilt. It's a BOW & this weeks block has 92 pieces to cut & sew &... that's just for the geranium flowers!

I want to work more on the Canada Eh! applique blocks. And I need to cut out & sew the BOM Canada quilt along with YouTube's Sew Very Easy, red & white quilt. Deb, I bet your right on top of that one! Your pup is coming & believe me... your life will never be the same & I can't image my life without Bridget & Baxter now. Enjoy your sewing time!

Thank you for stopping in. Easter is fast approaching & I'd like the snow gone & the spring bulbs up!
That is not going to happen here, on the east coast, anytime soon.

Have a great week, wherever you are!

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Spring Please...

The puppies & I are longing for spring. We took a walk last night, dodging very large puddles, puddles are a sign of spring. They walked on the road for the first time! It is interesting walking two dogs at once, they're doing very well.
Bridget is the walker, she walks along side of me & Baxter wants to sniff & eat stones, he's learning the 'Let's go' yank. lol
I'll take my camera for a stroll this week & show you our rural stroll.

 They love their great room romp & explore anything hanging loose. Bridget is pulling on the chair ties, Baxter loves squeaking toys. Auntie Ann's bunny, now is faceless & without a squeaker.
It's in the bag of 'toys to repair', the rabbit, is going to have facial replacement! lol

 True terriers in action, so much energy & then they sleep. What is it with Bridget always having her tongue out at photo time?!
                                                        Baxter loves to teeth on wood.

 Bridget had to have a chew too, she's growing quickly now but still is much smaller than heavy weight, Baxter. I think that one is going to be one of the 25lb Boston Terriers. He has always been the big boned, stocky one. Time will tell.

Heather told me of Kent having Christmas bulbs on sale for $3, there were only 2 left & I purchased them both. The Paper-whites are in full bloom & smell wonderful! Bill's herb garden is growing well & soon will need to be transplanted, the Summer Savory outgrew the cover.
If spring is not outside, I'll have it inside, warmer days are ahead.

Have a great week, thanks for stopping by!

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

And Another Storm

We had another nor'easter last night. And I just cleared up my snow plow account... I'm back on the books again. I cannot get out with a good plow though & he does such a great job clearing. I really don't like shovelling either & I don't have that much once he leaves. Thank you Allen.

Yes the snow was deep & heavy, we even had a drizzling of rain today. This is the front yard, there's 800 feet of laneway to get to the main road.
 It was a mild day so I took Bridget & Baxter out & kept them out whilst I cleared away the heavy snow in front of the garage door. They had their outdoor jackets on but still do not like being out.

The winds were very strong last night & have allowed some of the grass to show. I can't wait to see the bulbs push through but this snow has to leave first. April showers will start in a couple of weeks...
Followed by the May flowers! :-)

 These little 10 day old pups, have grown up so much!! They're 12 weeks old now & I'm still potty training. The night training is done, so that's a bonus & laundry is being washed as much as a few weeks ago. I feel we're slowly,  moving in the right direction. lol

 This is our typical morning greeting, they don't want to leave their warm beds. I have to do a lot of coaching but it's usually a cat or two walking by that makes them move!

Baxter is so laid back, look at his arm hanging over the basket & Bridget uses him for warmth!

Bridget looks like she's stick her tougue out at me & Baxter, just chillin'. lol

 I love this photo of Baxter & Bridget, it's like she's hanging on to her big brother. He likes to move away from her because she's mean to him & has had his face bit daily,  in rough play.

I sent in a wee quilt to the McDougall Cottage 2017 Wee Quilt Challenge, the show opens April 12th.
The last time I entered was in 2008, wow where does the time go? It was a fun quilt, I'll post the process, once it's up on the wall in the cottage.

 Patriotic Barn
I finished this BOM from Primitive Gatherings. It's a free quilt pattern each month but will have the USA flag in the block. On the barn, I'm putting in our Canadian flag.

My Three Sons~~~~~~~

They are all at work with elevators,  the same day, in different province's.

Mitchell in Calgary

Nicholas in Brampton

Donald in Oakville
Their dad was in China at the time, working on product development for an elevator, for Canada.
I'm so proud of all of them & their achievements. I was 14 years old when my dad made his first wheelchair elevator. He is now, smiling down on all of them. Everything for a reason, it just doesn't make sense at the time.
It has been great watching time unfold for each one of them in the elevator industry. 

I hope everything is unfolding for you too, in a positive way!

The wonderful feeling of spring is just around the corner & Easter with all these guys is getting     closer!  I've not had the boys all  together,  since 2004.  Long over due & it will be fun to have all their dynamics & antics! And the puppies first Easter too!

Stay Safe, Stay Warm.

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Puppy Antics

Bridget & Baxter are keeping my days very full. And with the winter winds, snow, & ice, the warmer days of spring will be a big welcome to all of us.

 We had warmer time earlier this week & I took advantage of it with Bridget & Baxter. Coats on!

                 I keep leads on them, I'm afraid of losing them to the birds of prey in this area.

             Bridget in her bright red coat & her petite, lightness, would be gone in one clean swoop.

 Two years ago I saw four wee kitten or rabbit legs, dangling from a huge hawk, I was horrified that it may have been Rexton.  She was a wee kitten then & we made sure she stayed indoors but had she gotten out?  No it was not Rexton but something was taken upwards for food. A sight that would terrify me with these puppies.

 Baxter likes to stay close to the walls, maybe he too has instinct & feels safe there.

 And Bridget, well she fears nothing & wants to just stay close to me, my baby girl. I'll keep her safe.

                                         Hey look what Lucy has!! A snowball for us!!

And yet again, I spoil their fun! lol As these two grow, so does their confidence to explore everything. Lucy will soon have her rabbit suit on for them to sniff at. They didn't even try the Lucy's Dalmatian coat!
 Jocelyne, thank you so much for the puppies coats, they are perfect!

                                     I put in a wicker basket of toys & Bridget jumped right in!

 Then Baxter joined her & it was, oh so cozy the two were ready to have a snooze!

 I lifted them out & but them in there crates/cribs for their morning nap. I love their nap times!

 Later that day, their wicker basket was turned into a step stool for escape of the pen. Baxter your so busted! And he knew it! It was probably Bridget coaching him to do it! lol

 Baxter thought if he turned away, I couldn't see him, he's so funny! And growing so quickly!

                          Today after breakfast, I gave them their tuffy's, filled with roast beef.

I need to get another red tuffy. Boris's toys from London will be arriving at Easter with Donny. They'll have to share the one red tuffy & the wee blue tuffy. They are good at sharing.

What The ???

 When the snow melted off the porch... I could not believe my eyes!! The colour had left from the very expensive, 25 year warranty deck boards! The dark blue/grey variegated boards had turned to a beige colour!

The porch was installed in late fall & the stairs, that have the same problem, were installed just before Christmas! What is happening? Bad batch?!
I always have a feeling that Murphy's Law, had a sister...  I could be her!
I've been to Home Hardware on Thursday & they sent someone to take pictures. I don't have a good feeling about this. Remember my melting siding, well I bet you they took dozens of pictures, the first time, the second time, & on the third time of my dark Surf Blue siding melting, I had the contractors use the steel siding on the area & yes, lots of photos but no solutions, nor compensation.
And in London ON we are still in the class action with BP Shingles in Quebec, yes you guessed it...
they too want more pictures & that was after a dozen emails to them. They have shortened their telephone hours & you get a answering machine, of which they do not return your calls.
This is now our second year of working to having the roof solution fixed & replaced with a 50 year shingle, that we had paid for, just & years ago & there's very little roof shingle left on the house or my sewing studio. Others that had the problem & took the money have been compensated with the money, it's not enough money to have the problem fixed though. With spring coming & April showers next month, I get an uneasy feeling. I don't want to have to involve the insurance company, with claims & proving that for years BP Shingles, have been dragging their heels.

Why does everything have to be such a fight to get what you paid for? It's not like we purchased cheap materials, it is the manufacturers that have been causing grief to the Home Depot & Home Hardware's in Canada. They just need to make this right.


Have a great warm weekend, we here in northeast New Brunswick are under a extreme cold warning of -36c chill factor & a high of -17C with 50km winds. Were also bracing for another nor'easter mid week with more snow coming.  March should leave like a lamb because it's been roaring since it started!

Last weekend, Bill purchased some spring tulips to brighten the winter days. How gorgeous are these tulips?!! I enjoy looking at them & knowing that my bulbs are waiting, to come to life too. Come on spring & warmer temps, it seems like forever since I've seen flower beds around here. Till then I'll enjoy photos from blogs,  friends & family. Daydreaming...

And don't forget to turn the clocks  AHEAD tonight... yes, spring signs are there...just not 'outside' yet.
On the upside, the very cold days are very bright days, warm & cozy inside but the pups & I would love to see & feel the warmer days that are just ahead of us!

Have a great weekend!


Sunday, March 5, 2017

11 Weeks Old & Some Freedom

Bridget, in the red collar & Baxter, in the blue collar, will be 11 weeks old tomorrow. Bill was home for his weekend visit & the pups were given the freedom of the great room, to romp & run around in!

                                                        I wish I could bottle their energy!

                       Baxter always seems to have his mouth open & ready to grab at Bridget!

                          Auntie Ann's bunny & the fox, have been their fav's at this playtime.

                                   Their so like kids, whatever one has ... the other wants!

 Bill's slippers were a hot item, he reclined in the chair. Out of sight, out of mind, this those two! lol

 Bridget is so small in comparison to Baxter but she has shown him that she is the alpha. Notice how she's scored both toys!

                                  Then it's back into their pen for a drink or bathroom break.

 The house training has been started from the day they arrived on February 26th. I asked Dora, the owner of Young Kennels, how she was training them, on paper, or the box/pool with grit? She told me she doesn't train them & that was my job. And what a job it has been!! Each day is getting better.

 They are both growing stronger & learning more each week. They now come when you call their name or maybe their just coming to the sound of my voice. lol

 Bill loves to get down on the floor in the evenings & play with them. Bridget & Baxter just love this time too! Bridget has gotten much stronger & her balance has improved, look at that lunge!

                           They run circles around him attacking him with kisses each time.
                       Bridget is getting ready to lunge at him again, see her on the right?!

                                  She does not like Baxter having too much fun without her!

                                                        They are wearing Bill down...

                                                   He does the hood surrender, they win!

 Then it's back into the playpen, thank you Heather!, when we have to leave the room or it's a quiter - timeout time.

                                        They are fighting over a knuckle bone & I gave them each one!

                                             The mighty little Bridget... pinned ya!

 They sure do have a lot of energy! I'll be so happy to take them running on the lawn & down to the shoreline, to get sand between their toes! lol Oh my, in June they are going to have green paws from the mowing!!

                                            Baxter looking at me, thinking... Get her off of me! lol

Some Stitching~~~~~~~~~~~~~

I've so many UFO's going on right now & my fingers are splitting open. The tips look like they have been cut open, do to dry skin. I get relief if I apply Polyisporn & bandages, then slip my hand into a surgical glove, to help keep those bandaids on! Who knew the tips of the fingers were sooooo sensitive?! 
I did manage to get some handwork done.

 This is the front of a sewing bag that I've wanted to do for nearly a decade! Finally it is coming together. More buttons & applique still need to be added.

                                          I like it because it has such a folksy flavour to it!

Bedroom change~~~~~

I warmed up the bed & the look with this crewel embroidered bedspread from Pastimes in England.
The drapes came from a clearance sale at Fabricland in London Ontario.
And the Euro shams I made! The kingsize shams are being cut out & worked soon.

 I was reading a blog that the blogger used painters drop clothes for her shopping bag lining. So I purchased some to use in my sewing bag. Thinking it would make it durable for years to come.
After washing it I realized, it would make great shams for the crewel embroidered coverlet, the background fabric looked the same!
So for $28.00 at the Canadian Tire... it was a steal! The cost of canvas fabric in a fabric store would be so much more! The next time you need canvas, think of buying a drop cloth. This is the largest & most expensive & their is a cheaper, smaller size one, but this is a great fabric to have in your fabric stash, very durable & washable!

 I used the same styling pattern from my original Wayfair set & added a 2" flange around it.

 Because the fabric was plain, I added a cross hatched grid, using painters tape as my guideline. I used an old cotton drape for the backing & batting between the canvas top. I drew in the flange line & grid lines with the Fiction pen, it makes sewing so easy. You iron your finished piece & the lines are gone!

 And there you have two Euro shams done! I closed the backs with Velcro (a great Canadian invention!), something the store bought ones did not have & I like a tight fitting, not bulging, pillow.

I've started covering a cotton clothesline cord with 1" fabric. I follow Susie's Scraps blog, from Australia & she makes baskets from the covered lines. Much like a braided rug, it's sewn together, into a basket shape. I'm making it for old Tom cat, he loves sleeping in my scrap bag. I'm re-purposing those scaps into a basket, just for him! I'll need to cover 2 or 3 clothesline lenghts to achieve the size needed.

March has come 'In Like A Lion!' & I'm grateful that Bill was here to plow me out again!

                     With the balmy temps of -18*C without the windchill coming off the water!

 The icicles are staying put until the warmer temps though the week. Lucy has her Borg Dalmatian hat & coat on, as she holds onto a Styrofoam snowball!

 The trio of trees, that make me think of my three, Mitchell, Nicole, & Nicholas. Bill & I sent them to purchase these trees back a few years ago. Mitchell jumped in the tractor & dug out the spacing. I'm surprised that they take this horrid wind & cold & stay standing!
Well March has arrived with a very cold blast & spring arrives later this month. Hopefully the warmer sunny days will help to melt the snow piles away, to make room for the ground to come to life. I can't wait to see the bulbs that were planted! I've been seeing everyone else, from Ontario! lol

Remember I'm preserving myself in the cold, just so I can last longer! LOL

Stay warm & safe!