Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Awesome Christmas!

This 2016 Christmas has been an awesome one!

 Christmas morning was a fun one with the family & traditions continued. Christmas stocking are taken down & opened to reveal the wonderful three gifts, something to eat, something to read, & something to play with & a few more gifts are added by others with their gift giving spirit!

Bill's , cinnamon Christmas tree, perfect with morning coffee or tea.
Nicholas passed around the Christmas stocking, easy to know who is who, with their names on them! lol

Granddaughter Madison's first Christmas with The Richardson Family.

 Aunt Alice's stocking is untied & brought down for her, with Donny giving his thoughts. lol

                                    Donald, showing his stocking with a vogue pose. lol
Donny, Donny, Donny! lol

Dramatic pose?!! Oh Donny the funny one! 

                                                             Nick the serious one.

Maddy just loved her stocking!

And the chocolate! lol

Bill too had fun opening his presents. 
Exercise equipment, resistant training, both of us received them. Thank you Nick!  

 Aunt Alice had to wait her turn as our tradition is from the youngest to the eldest. We had spent Christmas with her four years ago, on a Christmas Cruise with the boys but this morning was a different Christmas morning & she had to use her patience & was interested in everyone's gifts.

Nick bought her a Kobo & the boys presented it to her. 
Then it was up to Nicholas to teach Alice how to use her Kobo, each night after supper, he would  take the time to give her instruction. She was thrilled!

                                  Maddy styling her housecoat that I had made for her.
 Maddy's is 13 years old now & I made the housecoat so she had 'growing room'.
                                      It was warm & cozy for her this Christmas day!

She was admiring the print of the bull terrier dogs on the housecoat.

                                             Madison was our Christmas Ninja. lol
 It was in this photo I could see the look of my eldest sister Bonnie, namely in the cheeks & eyes.

 Aunt Alice had to see Madison's quilt with cats & dogs on it & marveled at quilting & machine work.

                      Madison happy & cozy in her grandma made, labours of love.

                                                   Nick & Alice deep in conversion.

                                                 Hello you two... smile! lol

 Then it was onto the Christmas day activities, first is Tommy the Turkey is bathed.  Bill & Tommy after the bath! lol

                       Then outside to the shoreline to start the Christmas day bonfire.
 Donny & Nick doing the thumbs up to being dressed for the blustery -17c day, a very windy day!!

                                Tommy the Turkey is now dressed & ready for the oven!
 You can see that Bill stuffed him good! And in 4 1/2 hours we will see him again on the table.

 The boys had the bonfire blazing & stayed down there for 2 1/2 hours playing!

Bill lounging by the fire.

 Nicholas was smart having his ski glasses, the wind & the brightness of the winter sun was blinding!

Bill making snow angels! lol

                         Donny & Maddy on the ice, that's Bay du Vin Island in the background.

 Bill & I cozy by the fire, not really, it was very cold & windy but my new coat was cozy warm!

                            Donny & Maddy way out on the ice, waving to us on the shore! lol

Then Donny started telling Maddy how cool it would be to have a whale jump out through the ice. She ran! lol

                                                         She ran very fast! lol

                      Leaving her dad way behind! Nasty daddy, scaring the young girl!

                                          Nicholas & I on the beach, Christmas Day.

Donny, Maddy, me, & Nick, burrrrrr

Christmas Day 2016 

 The wind was strong & Maddy & I were ready to go back into the house. Burrrrrr

                     Donny, I can see what your doing in the shadow! lol

 Yes, this Christmas day was much colder & had more snow than last year but just as much fun!

 The house has a lot of noise to it when the metal roof has snow & that snow begins to melt & move!

 Tommy the cat...not the turkey! These two have the right idea for a Christmas afternoon.

                                                   Cozy safe & warm inside...

Yes, cozy, safe & warm inside! lol

                                 Kids always look so peaceful when they are sleeping! lol

 One of the table center pieces that were on the table. Remember the candle sticks & candles from the yard sale? Perfect Christmas settling with the 2011 Jim Shore, Canada Christmas figurine.

 The kitchen window shows the snow & ice on the water. What you can't see are all the smelt fishing areas staked out on the water. Loads of smelts this year!

 Christmas is a time for memories & this elf makes me think of my mother.

Several years ago, she presented to me on my birthday, doesn't it look like that sweet Elf on a Shelf?
                This little elf works so well at Christmas with all the Holly & Ivy dishes.

I'm going to miss seeing these dishes but I'm looking forward to seeing the Friendly Village dishes soon!

 This was the first Christmas for the Granada dishes from Czechoslovakia, we used them for our Hungarian Christmas Eve dinner, after we attend the Christmas Eve mass at, St. Micheal's by the Sea.

 Today we said good bye to Aunt Alice, as she headed to the airport to go home to Montreal.

It was a joyous Christmas celebration this year together & Alice got a lot of walking & stair climbing on her visit here. And that's good as it was a none stop eating week! Friends, family, & food, just go hand in hand! lol

I hope you too had a wonderful time this Christmas season. I can't believe this is is nearly over & the New Year of 2017 is about to begin next week!

Thank you for stopping by for a visit. This post should have come with a 'WARNING - MANY PHOTOS!' Hope you enjoyed my photography & photos taken by others!

Have a great week!