Thursday, July 24, 2014

Rexton & Bonar Law Settlement Hook-In

Today Mary-Beth, Marva, Donna & I did a road trip to Rexton to meet up with Miramichi, Richibucto & Kent rug hookers. We were invited to hook in the kitchen & later would be treated to homemade ice cream & blueberry cake.
So my trek began with Mary-Beth picking me up this morning. When I opened up her car I could not believe the amount of 'things' that were in that car!! 'Mary-Beth do you live in your car?' she replied 'No, but I could!, I've even got a pillow & sleeping bag...
'' You never know when you need something because you're stuck in a place like Plaster Rock.'' 

A life jacket? Yes because you never know when your going to be invited onto a boat! 
 Oh Mary-Beth you are quite the one to be stranded with!
On our ride to Rexton in Marva's car, she had the AC turned up & we were wearing sandals. Jokingly,  I said my feet were cold, then I asked Mary-Beth if she had socks in her car? She started laughing then said 'yes'! We all laughed about the contents of her car.

 We all meet in Richibucto for lunch. Three car loads of Miramichi Rug Hookers!

Then it was off to the Bonar Law Common Settlement.

 Marsha was there to greet us & introduce us to the other guild members.
 The kitchen was a buzz with chatter.
 And work with our rugs began. I toured the house again. I know I took photos last year of the very same things but I do enjoy this place!
 The pantry with my favourite canisters!
 The other side of the pantry wall.
 Upstairs sewing room.
 Such a simple pinwheel design & oh so effective.
 More pinwheels on the wrought iron bed.

 It was good to see a familiar smiling face again, giving the tour.

 Original dresser on the back wall.
 Love the double Irish chain quilt!

 Chamber pots under all the beds...

Blue & white china, so familiar to me. lol

 Beautiful mirror!

 Hourglass block, hooked rug.

 A tour guide is learning to hook too!

A tea chest back then, was so precious that the tea was locked up, when not being used.

 Music box

Now off to the barn...
 This little sheep keep coming up to me baaaing
 How cute are sheep?!! I've always wanted to have sheep for wool not eating.

 Then... a look at the barn kittens! This wee one saw me & jumped up to greet me!

 Putting her paw through the cage to touch me ever so softly. She caught my eye as she had no tail, just a stub like a Manx.
I commented how lovely the kittens were to one of the workers, he in turn asked me if I wanted one? I replied that 'I only wanted the one without a tail!'
 I was allowed into the kitten area to meet this cute little kitten. She came right to me & as I picked her up to cuddle, she began to purr! How lovely she was! ' I want this kitten!' I told him, 'But I can't take it today & asked if I could come back on Saturday with a crate to transport her?'
 'OK' he said...Yes I'm getting a kitten!!

 How sweet is she?!
 Yes, I shall call her 'Rexton'! Look at her sweet smiling face & those green eyes!

 Rexton has a stubby tail, just like Boris & the two of them are the same colour too! lol Her brother is very playful, grabbing onto the tour guides apron. I hope he too will find a good home.
 Sweet kitty!
 Born with a stub tail, could she have Manx in her? When I was on The Isle of Man several years ago, I saw several feral Manx cats, makes me wonder...could she?

 Albino bunnies!
 I just love rabbits too!
 These ones look so perfect & run to see you!

What a fun day we all had! A full day & a new family pet will soon join the menagerie of pets.
Rexton is going to like it here...I hope! lol

Have a great weekend!