Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A to Zzzz...Done!

Boris the Boston Terrier, looking to see what all the hype is about, as I shriek with delight...yet another UFO done! It went off to the Marsh Store for Tim to quilt. The backing was a 108" backing of bright lime green with swirls that looked like swirling snow flakes or snowballs. The binding is the stripe fabric, cut on the bias, it's cut, sewn, pressed...this summer is one of sewing binding.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Lilac's Are Starting to Bloom

Spring to me is the coming of life of mother earth. The fragrant smell of of lilacs & lily of the valley are now to do just that in southwestern Ontario. I know because it's happening right now in my own backyard.
I had set the goal this spring to make the Debbie Beaves quilt kit ( upon impulse & a great deal... great deal...until I had to pay the duties & taxes, after the shipping charges! just too use to the 'great deal' of Connecting Threads! this happened as I  ordered it from the states last summer) The goal was to make this gorgeous, vibrant, queen size quilt before the lilacs were in full bloom...

Mission Accomplished!!

The colours do not show true in the photos...much more of an intense colour of purples & green ...

Border detail of lilacs, again the colours are not true to the quilt...but the overall feel of spring lilacs are there!
I was going to use the green flannel wide backing that I purchased this fall, however it was about 18" short! I did however find this complimenting, gorgeous vibrant purple, 108 wide backing, a much more appropriate fit forr the back for this quilt.  I now have my first queen size quilt for my bed. Up to now, I've had Cracker Barrel or Home Sense quilts on my Bombay canopy queen-size family have be on the receiving end of the fruits of my labour...this time it's for me! and I just love it! I cannot wait to get this back from Tim at The Marsh Store in Coldstrean. The binding is the green/cream dot fabric, it's already cut, sewn & pressed, ready to be applied once the top, batting, & back have been quilted together.
The summer months will be that of putting on binding to the quilts that have been completed this winter/spring.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

2011 - A Wonderful Mother's Day!

Nicholas, my youngest son, surprised me this morning with this labour of love. He purchased a pig birdhouse from the TSC Store & painted it in the Jim Shore styling that I love so much. This pig will be treasured for years to come & will be going to the cottage to be hung & admired this summer.
He has been influenced with my love of quilting & today it truly did show as I marveled at his art work & hours of painting the design that was just etched in before he applied colour to make it come to life...the nautical colours were a nice touch,  as the Atlantic breezes will move the birdhouse this summer.
The Denby cappuccino sets from Mitchell, the older brother was a nice relaxing jester too. The boys bought their father a cappuccino maker for his birthday last month & I must say I received the queen of the day treatment from my guys today!! XOXOXO
Yesterday, I was just talking to a shoe sales clerk about an old show called 'Green Acres' & the cast of players & of course the pig! The conversation started as I tried on 'Gabor' shoes...very comfortable & stylish :) Wore them today Geo Cacheing with the boys in the park this afternoon, it was successful with 4 Geo Cache finds!
Then back to the homestead for Dairy Queen ice-cream c

May Flowers & Inspiration!

You can see the colours of one of my gardens & the May calendar quilt that graces my front door mirroring each other. The tulips are so full now, from the top they remind me of a poppy, the colours must be attracting the birds as there has been many colourful birds this weekend. My husband reminds me that he bought 'Scotts' birdseed for the attraction of colourful song birds...& seeing is believing!

Cobble Stones Quilt Top Complete

Another UFO completed :) Tomorrow it's of to The Marsh Store for the machine quilting of this queen size top. The back will be ecru flannel, flannel helps the quilt to stay in place on the bed & not creep of the bed as one sleeps.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Cobble Stones Quilt Top

This quilt project was one I did with my husband in mine. I had taken a workshop with Heather Stewart & what a wonderful teacher that woman is...if you ever get the opportunity to learn from her it is well worth it. Fast cutting & sewing techniques were taught. It did however take me a couple of years to stay focused enough to complete this queen size quilt.
There are 120 blocks & each block is constructed with 22 pieces to complete just one block. Assembly line, machine piecing piecing for hours & hours. I just loved the outcome of this quilt.
The photo views are from each end & as you can see I still have a few more blocks to complete this quilt top, then it's a no interruption time as I piece it together to complete the quilt! Yes another UFO done :)

Thursday, May 5, 2011

May Has Arrived

Yes it's a sideways photo...still cannot rotate my own photos. This too, is on the list to learn this month!
The calendar is another from the series I'm doing. I started the calendar series last July, however that is the only month I completed through the summer last year. Making me so far behind...I'm first!
Doing this month with the orange flower...I discovered I had only one orange button to embellish with & placed it center, I'll be on the look out for that colour now.
Connecting Threads, a site I often order from & right now has the 12 month calendar quilt pattern on sale for under $11...that's less than $1 a month, they are full size patterns too! if you order $50 your shipping is only $7 dollars...regardless of size or weight & it's worth it as fabric is very heavy when ordered in abundance...also the taxes/duty will be only 10% of your total purchase!!we pay 13%! that's a 3% savings with the purchases delivered right to your front door & with the gas prices this is a savings.
Do give the website a try & click on 'clearance ' on the top headings. These sales only last one week from Wednesday to Wednesday  weekly.