Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Sorry For The Time Delay

I forgot my hook up cord for my camera...sorry for the delay. Make yourself a beverage & enjoy the trip & move in with me as I photographed everyone in action.

On Thursday morning the day before I left London, I took photos of our old Victoria Hospital as it is to be demolished this summer & I had 2 out 4 of my babies in that hospital back in the 1970's.
 The hospital is in the background, the new trees planted on Earth Day are in the foreground.
 The lawns have been mowed & the day was beautiful for Boris & I.
 This is the park that is in front of my house, now you see why I have NO grass on my postage stamp sized property. Here I have it all --- landscapers included in my city taxes!

 Look at the day before I left...I will need this in the memory bank for tomorrow!
 You can still see the hospital along the Thames River, it sure will look different with the 27 storey buildings going in next year.
 Mallard ducks taking in the morning sun
 Hospital from a distance again
 Zoomed in view
 Run Boris run... you'll be On the Escape floor for 16 hours tomorrow. Sit - Stay for both of us!
 Look up at the budding views shining through the sun

 Breath in the day :-)

 Beautiful morning walk, now back to the house to finish packing.
Bill, Mitch, & Nick arrive late Thursday night.


Friday everything is loaded into the 53 foot trailer, truck, & SUV packed. Lunches are made & coolers loaded, we only stop for gas when needed.

We were on the new 30 highway in Quebec when Mitch radioed us to say he blew out a tire in the trailer! We all pulled over to view the damage, oh my!

 One of these tires are not like the other ones!

Well, Bill said "Mitchell you must have been driving on that for 50 kms, so lets get off the next exit & see where we can change it." As luck would have it! there was a John Deer dealership, Bill went in to ask if it would be OK to use their parking lot to change out the tire & they agreed & said to ask if their were any tools we needed, they would help.
 Nick finds one of the jacks --- not a happy face

 Look at ALL the stuff for the new cottage -- even a kitchen sink! LOL
 My view at the guys changing out the tire from the Escape windshield
 Look at all those John Deer tractors & the size of their parking lot!
 Nothing runs like a deer...
 Another jack needed to lift the trailer from the other side of the blown out tire
Mitchell, pull those pants up!
This is the trailer open - with another trailer inside holding more building supplies & stuff!

Bill & Mitch... assessing the sitution

 Mitch with the muscle power!

 This is what you see following our trailer
 We purchased the trailer on one of our Florida visits to our place in Dayton, hence the Florida licence. Bill & all three sons are elevator mechanics...yes our life does have its ups & downs. LOL
 That's us RA Motorsports - we raced all over North America with NMRA (National Mustang Racing Association) in 2000/2001

Well the guys had that tire changed in 20 minutes & we were back on that beautiful new toll highway 30. Thanks for all the highway information Winnie, it was a great not to have to go through Montreal with all the stop lights & with all the weight of the trailer, stop & go is so hard on the gas mileage.

We arrived in Baie-Sainte-Anne at 9:15 pm. Not too bad of a day with a 3am start!

We arrived to find that the water pump had frozen & split, amazing what ice will do to metal. I was upset as it was a brand new one last year. They took the one out of the cottage in Hardwicke & had water running at the wee cottage by 1am. Everyone just dropped into bed after that as the hot water tank would not have hot water till morning.

Yes Annie was right, the sun will come up tomorrow! And it did, what a beautiful day to begin all the tasks of the week...

 1st the eight foot window is to be removed...

 Nick & Mitch discuss the best way to remove the windows that don't want to come out easily! Mom wants the glass for a hot house for her tomatoes next year.

 It's not an easy task to remove this window!
 Bill's on the inside - looking out!
 Those french doors are going to be beautiful - if they could only get that window out!

 Bigger job than thought...
 Bill removes the center glass panel, lifting with his legs - goo job sweetheart!
 The boys admiring dad's work!

Mitchell begins framing in the 10 x 12ft deck & clothes line pole. What a sunny day & the water is so sparkly in the sun.
 The other end of the clothes line, it's by the woods
 Mitch doing some finishing touches with sanding the railings, it's a wonderful deck!
And the clothes lines is sooooooo long. The large equipment in the photo are my next door neighbours.

 This is what it looked like to our neighbours upon arrival!
 I can only image what they thought, it looks like a tornado touched down - things were being unloaded from the trailer to get the tools out for the construction!
 Look at the day & all those dandelions!
 See the view from the great room - beautiful!
 The window is the wall is being removed
 Wall out...
 The opening to the sun porch - the view of the water from the sun porch
 The new sun porch door is installed - screen door was removed & re-installed on the front door.

Now a job for me, to paint the pantry. The green colour was not working for me. lol

 Could this be that savaria green from Bill's work?
 I painted it all out in a soft white - twice! Gone!

 Boris finds a ball to play with Nicholas, he was the only one paying any attention to the wee dog.

 Kitchen gets a fresh coat of paint on the walls, then the ceiling, twice to cover over the dark stained strapping lines. The warm texture of the beam is left in its natural state.
 The 'tit lights' - 'boob lights' are removed & IKEA track lighting is being installed.

The two-way clock is installed on thekitchen beam.
 The new counter top is installed & glued down - with Mitch 7 Bill holding it in place whilst the glue takes hold.
 They look to be counter surfing?
 It must have been fun as a lot of laughter was in the kitchen getting this job done!
 And off of the kitchen is my studio with ---
 Nick putting together one of my four Billy Bookcases, notice my new laminate flooring in my studio.
 The sun porch holds a lot of chaos
 Great room walls are getting a fresh coat of paint.
 My bed is installed & 'just fits' with a few inches to spare on the ceiling!
 The brick is the center of the bed, looks OK.
 The view from my bedroom in the evening.

A 2nd story view of the clothes line as it crosses over the well (cement pad)

 Wow that large 350 diesel truck looks small next to the trailer!
 My studio is coming together, the ceiling was hard to paint, thank you Bill XO
 WOW look at it now - the day after the guys leave, we have one heck of a storm & the winds come in under the flashing & leak into my bookcases - warping the insides & the floor is soaked!!
I moved all the bookcases to a dry area & babysat that room all day/night until the leaking stopped.
Sometimes we're really tested to see what we're made of!

 An aerial view of a lawn mower attachment that was all the rage - the grass did look like you could play golf on it!
 Raining again!
 Rain rain go away....
 Mitchell working on the sun porch doors threshold.

 Bill cutting in the paint in the great room up top...
 Nicholas cutting in on the bottom.
 Look up - look way up! No that's not Rusty! it's Bill still cutting in.
 Mitchell holding the ladder with his feet & texting!
 Look at the chaos, yes you must have chaos to have change!
 Bill's still cutting in...
 Mitchell starts laughing, I ask him what's so funny? Don't laugh your dad could lose his balance! He said "I was just thinking of that song - Free Falling - that was it, we all starting laughing!
 The end of the evening, the guys will leave the wee hours off the morning to go back. :-(
 It was a VERY busy week

 The great room staircase

 The great room, Mitchell's cow head is going to be installed over the french doors on Bill's return trip next month.
 The elephant 7 monkey chairs from FOB Kansas City on the 1990's add character to the room.
 My bedroom, a place to rest my head at the end of a busy day & I've had so many these days!
 I love my new room
 And a quiet corner to relax in, not that I've had the time - however if I had the's there!
And the view out that window is always going to be there too.

Thank you Bill, Mitchell, Nicholas, & Donald for all your help loading & unloading me into the new place. I know you all love me very much to tolerant what I put you all through, to know me is to love me. Thank you my guys. XO
I look forward to your visits this summer!

And everyone else do stop by for a visit on the all come back now, ya hear!