Thursday, August 29, 2019

August Has Ended Already?

Summertime has the fastest wings of time out of all the seasons.
Where did it go?

 I was busy with entries for the Napan Agricultural Fair & did well again this year with my entries.
The weather was just beautiful for the fairgoers, most years it is raining.

 A couple mornings had surprises seeing the barge ships move through the Miramichi Bay to the Miramichi River, this barge ship is on the other side of Bay du Vin Island, looks like it's on land. lol

 I purchased this sweet antique child's rocking chair at The High Wheeler Antique Shop & later would go back...

 I couldn't get this wooden mantel out of my head. I phoned & asked for the dimensions, 80.5'' H by 60.5'' W & depth of 10.5''. I needed a large wall & the one in the stained glass studio would do it!

The mirror is old & beveled around the edges, the whole piece spoke to me & I'm happy it is now with me!

It also came with a cast iron inset. The history of it was that it came from a St. John estate & three of these were stored in an attic when the dealer went to pick it up.
I love old furnishing & this will add to the ambiance of old warmth this winter as I work in the studio. And the price was right at $375.00!

My girlfriend Sandy was here for a week & loved here Froggie birdhouse, she has a love for frogs!

Sandy took care of me for a few days as I had thrown my back out & was getting Chiro & acupuncture treatment that I responded to beautifully. After three treatments, I was more myself & pain-free. We finished our week off with laughter & will have phone conversations till we're together again.

 Sandy knows me as a cat person & gave me this vintage sweet functional cat.
It's a lint brush! Remember the days of the Miracle Brush? This is the same texture in blue, something every cat owner needs! Thank you, I love it!

Memories Of Eva - RIP

I emptied a bag of Bill's mom Eva's yarn & to my surprise her cat Mr. Boots must've picked up on her scent...
He is big, 24lbs & flattened the empty bag & laid down & purred. He must miss her as he was the one & only with her. Then came to live with us after her passing, with two other cats at the time & two puppy Boston Terriers later on. But for the moment I think he is just remembering her.

Summer Viewings

The lilies at the potting shed were plentiful this year!

The sleeve of my white blouse brushed against them walking by too closely  & that sleeve was so orange it took three times washings the blouse to release the orange colour!

The construction on the garage will start soon & all this will be cleaned up before winter.

One of my favourite views!

The fairy bird feeder attracts the small birds, so sweet to look at.

This is that huge Golden Eagle, he flies around this area often.

The backyard view of the Miramichi Bay & Bay du Vin Island.

Laundry dries fast as the wind tumbles through them, some days are 'extra clothespin' days. lol

Seaweed Swimming

Baxter in the red, Bridget in the yellow life jacket playing stick, with Bill.

Baxter leads & Bridget follows. lol
They found one leather flip-flop that day, could it be from the Bay du Vin Summer Survival?

I've been crocheting these days a scarecrow. I wanted to challenge myself with the 'checkered shirt', it looks hard but the instructions made it easy!

I added straw-like fibers to the yarn that was called for & love the look!

 I'm going to place him on the porch with the Fall decorations.

 He's also going to be getting a hair trim too! lol

 Cousin Ann has been busy with her beautiful sock knitting & mailed me this pair to wear in my cold winters here. Thank you! I love them!


 I was thrift store shopping with Maddy looking for roomy sweaters when I spied the stripes, could it be?! Yes & bonus, it fits!! The downside was the moths had put small holes throughout it but as a walk the dogs' coat it is perfect & from a distance, it is a beautiful Canadain made, a wool coat!

Oh Canada, what a fantastic find for $8.00!

The sunset the other night was gorgeous!

Not the same sunset but another night when Bill was home, he was playing with Nick's camera & took this shot! Wow, I love the sunsets here!

No nice sunset tonight as it is raining & will continue into tomorrow, the rain is much needed.
Donny, our eldest son will be arriving for the weekend, he's driving in from London, ON I hope that the weather is not too rainy for him driving through Quebec to New Brunswick. Looking forward to seeing him & will miss him & Maddy when they leave this Sunday.

I hope your summer was a great one & you too are enjoying this last, long summer weekend!
Health & Happiness,

Thursday, August 1, 2019

WOW! August Already!

It is August already & I have heard the cicada bug singing its song with the wings on a very hot day.
I now am embracing summer like never before because in about 8 weeks we will have our first frost.

Great News!

Our middle son Mitchell is now engaged to the love of his life Nicole.
Bill & I could not have been happier they compliment each other so well & have such great energy together.

 A photo of Mitch & Nicole on Vancouver Island.

Nicole has a one of a kind white gold diamond engagement ring.

 He has given his great-grandmothers wedding ring which was in white gold & the engagement ring was a solitary diamond. He designed a new ring from the old for his new bride to be.
Bill & I are over the moon with this announcement!

 An onlooker thought something was going on & took this photo of them, it is Mitchell proposing to Nicole. The onlooker then went over to them to find them both in tears of joy! He told them what he had done & sent them this photo, a true Kodiak moment to cherish! Does it not make you smile & tear up?!

Pet Antics...

 Where did those colourful feathers come from? Yes, I'm talking to you!

have those colourfull 
 Baxter & Bridget you both have those colourful felt feathers...

 And I found the bird that they once belonged to! You two were in my sewing room!

Here's a little angel feline sleeping in my quilt cupboard.

 Rexton usually takes her morning nap in there whilst I sew at my machines.

She loves the hum/purr of the sewing machines & sleeps for hours as I sew.

Raspberries - Laframboise!

 I was picking up my sale flyer last week & saw red raspberries lining the laneway.
I went & got a litre box & filled it, twice!

 How could I have been here for six summers & just see them now?

 I think with all the building going on I was too rushed & the animals got them first.
Not this year, Bill & I have been out every three days picking, washing, & freezing raspberries for the winter & enjoying fresh ones with ice cream yoghurt. No pesticides on these berries! Mmm good.

 Lovely Lilies!

 The lilies are lovely this year, I think is all the heat & humidity that we've been having.

 So summery to see such colour & beauty!

 To think that just six months ago they were buried under more than 10 feet of snow!

 Mother Nature has a plan with each season & this one is one to take in & enjoy.

 That huge box is from the arrival of the leather couch & Bill has filled & overflown it with wood chips from his chipper. He has been opening up the woods & wants to make woodchip paths through it. That job kept him & the Bostons busy for most of the day!

 This is the opening for Bill's new garage that will be 36' x 40' with a 16' overhead door.

 The pond is smaller but the banks will not be overflowing into the shallow area as dump trucks have been coming & going all day building the area up.


 As I was hanging out bedding today I saw a wee squirrel go running up the pole.

 As I watched I noticed that is where she had her babies!

 I don't know how the birds are going to feel about this next spring.

 The little would be looking out & she would go to the hole & push the baby back down.

 Then she sat on top of the bird/squirrel house & watched me.

 I do have a soft spot for little squirrels as I had a pet one in captivity for 10 years.

 They have chewed the opening larger for easy access inside.

 This is the first time I've noticed them & I do laundry & hang it out often.
I wonder how long they will live there?

Napan Fair Entries

 I've been sewing a lot lately trying to get this outfit finished. I made two of these back in 2001 & thought I'd just whip up just one this time. Oh my, it was a lot of work, see the cross-hatching on the vest, cuffs, & skirt band, well it is all done in gold thread 1/2" intervals, And I made two back then!

I love the sailor-style collar, the dress has so much detailed work to it. I think about 30 hours of sewing has been done to complete this dress & vest & matching dolly outfit.

 It also had the matching dolly outfit to go with it too! And yes, back in the day I made two!!

 I purchased this doll at the Salvation Army for $4 & had different plans for her but she does look great in the matching outfit & I'll keep her with the outfit.

It has been underlined & a slip with crinoline & lace underneath to give it its volume.

 It is a sweet Christmas dress & the two girls that I made it for back in the day were beautiful in their outfits & those dresses were passed down to their little sisters.

 Remember Kewpie, well I made her a pair of black leather shoes to complete her outfit.

The velcro closure makes for an easy on & off. Baby has new shoes! And next week everything will be going to the fair to be judged & displayed.

I hope you are enjoying your summer wherever you are.

Something to think about.

LISTEN and SILENT are spelled with the same letters.
Think about it.

Stay safe & healthy.
Very Best,