Sunday, December 28, 2014

Alberta Bound For Christmas

What a week!

I was Alberta bound with Bill to spend Christmas with middleson Mitchell. Our flight left Pearson Airport on a morning flight, so Bill saw this as an opportunity to take me to his condo for an overnight stay & his place is only a 15 minute car ride to the Toronto airport. ;)

 The view from his balcony onto the Rose Theater is beautiful & was all done up for the Christmas season.

 This tree really caught my eye & stayed on till daylight!

The next day we arrived in Elnora Alberta...

 And were greeted with open arm from our son Mitchell!

 The grandpuppy Diesel was happy to see us too!

                                                           He's so gorgeous
                                                       Looking more mature at the age of 5!

                          We took a road trip to Canmore & the sights were magnificent!

                                    To see such sights & you never leave your country!

 These multi million dollar cottages have just been built & the views that these place have are breathtaking!

 Several of the cottages had elevators installed in them & Bill & Mitchell were finishing up one that Mitchell was working on.

                                        Diesel got a walk too, see the background?!!

 These mountains are called 'The Three Sisters'

                                           Diesel travels so well in the truck.

 Then it was lunch time & we were taken to the Iron Goat. This place had a railroad theme to it, I'm not too sure of the story but was solid with the stone, iron , & wood structure.

                                                       Mitchell & I at the front door.

                                                  These were the views  from the restaurant.

 I took the Daytripper paper with me & will submit it to see if it gets in the next issue. lol

                                             This is my favourite picture...Daytripping!
I saved some of my lamb dinner for Diesel, he was happy!

And the day being on the road for hours was tiring too. lol

Then it was time for visiting.

Myself with Bill, Mitch,  Mel & Coral. These are the people that I stayed with just 6 months ago on my last visit.

 Coral was excited to see what was in the bag...

                                                            Her look was priceless!
 This was a quilt that was well accepted & does the heart good with a big embrace!
 Coral just kept repeating  "You made me a quilt!".    I love pleasant surprises!

                                                      She loved the flannel backing too! :)
                                                          A Merry Christmas my friend!

A real tree!

This is the tree that Mitch cut down for our Christmas together...

 Here it is all decorated for Christmas, I stung a bag of cranberries for some garland.
I took out his first Christmas baby blanket to re-purpose it for the tree skirt. I was making quilts 27 years ago & never knew that I was 'quilting'! To me I was making the baby's 1st Christmas blanket, I was sewing, something I've been doing since the age of seven!

 Mitchell's livingroom, look to the right, that is not a picture...

 That's a window & with his backyard view. I think a pair of garden doors would look great there!

 Bill really enjoyed sleeping in on Alberta time!

 Now our Christmas morning was on getting ready for outdoor target practice after breakfast.
                                                    Mitch was happy that we were there!

                                  And that his dad was going shooting with him & the guys...

 We were off to Deb & Frank's for Christmas breakfast...

 Two tables were joined together as their family has been growing yearly! Their first grand-baby will arrive in February!

 The night before Deb & Frank had a get together with finger food & drinks...

And we were to return for the Christmas dinner later that day!!

Myself with Deb...does this women ever sleep?!! lol And she looks great, I'm starting to look tiered!
A great homemade feast, the turkey weighed 23lbs! & the ham was great too!


Then Mitchell took us to the Fire  Department, he's a volunteer firefighter in training right now.
He really fits into the west & loves being there, I enjoy visiting him there!

It was a great Christmas this year,   Over a decade ago, we had Christmas in Florida & it was so different having palm trees instead of evergreens! I'm staying in Canada for Christmas' these days & enjoying the variety of experiences in different provinces with family & friends.
Christmas has always been my most favourite time of the year...that  time & in September when all the kids go back to school & the days are again filled with routine again. lol

We had a great time Mitch & thank you for everything you planned & arranged for us...even if you said that 'your just playing it by ear'. It was well played!

Thank you for stopping by & I hope you too had a wonderful Christmas & I'm wishing you the very best in the New Year 2015!

Though for the week...

Success is getting what you want
and happiness is wanting what you get.