Friday, December 20, 2019

Five Days Till Christmas!

Tomorrow the Moncton Airport will have five family members arriving, the first wave!
Then on the 21st Donald will arrive & lastly, Stephanie on the 25th for a full Christmas dinner with us altogether for that anticipated day, Christmas Day!
To have all my children together is truly my Christmas wish & the most precious gift!
And I've sewn up a storm of PJ's for them to stay warm & cozy on Christmas Eve & through their holiday time here.

 I had a leftover pocket so I used it for a pocket-on-a-pocket! It was just the right size to hold a cell phone in, I auditioned one to show you.

 With unpacking some more boxes from the Ontario move I found the male fairy & they are together for Christmas. I have a fondness for mystical fairies, gargoyles, & gnomes, what fun & delightful characters they are!

 Bridget & Baxter love to cozy up to the firebox on the chilly, windy nights in the evening.
Bridget still sleeps with her stuffies - stuffies with no stuffing!

 Here they are in front of the firebox. The heat that comes from it is so warming, I glad that we had it installed a few years back. It was purchased at Elmira Stoveworks in London ON & road in the back of Bill's pick-up, quite the ride through New Brunswick's road through Plaster Rock!
"The weather outside is frightful, the fire inside delightful!".

 Bridget's tongue is always out when she's relaxed, her face is so short from the bulldog breed in her.

 Both the Boston's have been good at keeping their Christmas bandanas on. Something that I'm going to keep up through the year, just changing with the season's colours & themes.

 Mr. Boots & Rexton love this area when the two  Boston's are sleeping in their crates.
Cats rule dogs drool. lol

Views From My Sewing Room & Stained Glass Studio

The sewing room is on the main floor & the stained glass room if directly above it.
Here are some of the beautiful winter views that I have captured working in my sewing room.
This was after it had snowed... it is now all green again!

 This was a morning that really captured my attention. The white scalloped ribbon above the tree!
 I love every season in this province, each one holds such natural beauty!

 The forefront of the photo is ice on the Miramichi Bay & the land is Bay du Vin Island.

 So many shades of blue!

 The evening in the sewing room has sunset colours in it & the white snow keeps the night a little brighter.

 Quite peaceful with the water being so still. The pinks & blue are so soft in colour!

 And then we had rain & temps that were 10C during the day to -10C that same night!
Weather is crazy everywhere. The grass has a hay colour to it, the green grass will appear again this spring with the rejuvenation of spring.

 Chunks of ice float out with the tide twice a day, the tide comes in...the tide goes out. Always showing with the movement of the water.

 The snow fence went up & the snow will come & when it does, the snow will be higher than the fence. The drifts that come with those noreasters winds & storms are so strong.

And then the white snow was gone! We're to get some snow on Sunday after the family arrives, great timing for them to see the beauty of the fresh snow & feel the warmth of the firebox.

Santa Claws - Rexton the Manx

 She loves wearing her Christmas Collar!

 She had to have it taken off as the dogs loved to chase her when they heard her 'jingle bells'. lol

 Baxter Loree is so handsome & is being good for Santa Paws!

Bridget Loree looks like she could help the Grinch with his sled! lol

 These two Christmas pieces that I've made over the years are my favourite use of buttons & to have a St. Nicholas with a shell button beard is fitting for our location next to the water.

 Mr. Boots, the 26lb cat is having a relaxing moment on the kitchen carpet. He loves to be in doorway openings & walkways, I have tripped over him in the dark at night...he's really solid!!

 Santa Paws

 Here's Bridget in her Santa cap!

 Bridget Loree is feeling the excitement of Christmas & is always watching me in the kitchen!

 Mr. Boots is really fond of Bill & wants to be with him when he is on his laptop!

 Maybe he likes those Christmas flannel PJ bottoms to cozy up on!

 I finished the wool top applique quilt! Thank you Lynn for gifting me this pattern...several years ago!
That's the nice thing about time, you can always get to it in your own time.

 I love old fashioned Santa's & Christmas scenes. This one always makes me smile. :)

 It was fun doing & all hand stitched. Just the backing to do. I'm thinking of adding a crocheted edging to bring the back & front together.

 It was so detailed with the small stitches of the clothespins. I changed the clothesline detail of a running stitch by whipping around each stitch for a more solid line.

 Thanks again, Lynn! XO

 I was asked for some burgundy fabric for a throw pillow to coordinate with a bedding set. The only burgundy I thought would work was a table napkin in polyester. so I quilted the front from one napkin...

 And used two more on the back for the back closure with velcro to hold the back closed.

 And here it is, I think it looks like a designer pillow with that fabric & it will be 100% washable too!

 Here is the pillow & the fourth napkin. I gave the woman the fabric & she had no sewing skills so that is why I did it up for her. So many people do not sew these days. It is my passion & was a pleasure to put together an accent pillow for her.

 I had an old black wool sweater that I made into two black wool bears. Rexton was being curious about this photoshoot of the medium-sized black bear.
The small-sized ones went onto the white Christmas tree in the dining room. The large one still needs to be stuffed & assembled.

 Rexton showing off her Manx cradle ears with the black bear on the countertop.

 The Tilda's Winter Delights pattern had done theirs in white & they were gorgeous but here we have black bears & lots of them! So I wanted to do mine to this area, I'm thinking of a miniature quilt on it's back in red/white. I'll play more with this idea after the holiday season.

I may make the pentagon ball that the bear holds too! I'm just glad to get them to this stage of construction before the family arrives tomorrow.

Merry Christmas to you & thank you for visiting this holiday season! I know everyone is quite busy at this time of year. Do take a breath & enjoy the moment when you see or feel something that touches you inside. It is a present for you to enjoy!

I am wishing you the very best health & happiness in the New Year 2020!
Thank you for stopping by!
Come back in the New Year to see the surprise that is under the tree!

Merry Christmas!