Saturday, October 27, 2018

NB Power Delays...And The Work Done This Week

NB Power was to be installed last Thursday, then Friday, now they say November 5th!!
What a runaround!! Several other jobs are not being filled in our area too... Time is not being managed very well as an NB Power truck with a driver was seen in Escuminac having a two-hour nap in his truck. Time not managed very well, must not have a work GPS on his truck!

With still, more work to do in the apartment, with things that we can control are being done.

 This was the snow from Thursday & as you see it stayed with us. A nor'easter is heading our way tonight & into tomorrow. Brrrr

 The laneway was widened & the black crushed stone is now down & that should help keep the muck out & make walking easier to the apartment.

                    The blue sky is really deceiving for what is to come at us tonight.

 Bill was installing monitors in the apartments today, then uninstalling them as I told him that a man installed them... they're too high for me to see!! He will work at them again tomorrow when there is daylight because today we still have no electricity.

              The kitchen hood vents were installed in some of the apartments this week.

 The kitchens are really coming together nicely. The knobs & handles will be installed soon.

                    Bill & Francis put the stove & fridge into place & wow, they sure look great!

The under counter lighting is being installed next week too. Once the handles go on the cupboards & drawers the kitchen will have yet another look to it. It just keeps getting better!

 The bathroom vanity cabinets are being installed too, it has a 36" height & gives a lot of brightness.

 Purchasing IKEA online & seeing it in person gave me a shock for sure! I opened the mirror door to see that the entire cabinet is lined with mirror & the shelves are clear glass, it was just stunning!

 The two bedroom apartment had to have bulkheads placed through the kitchen & the contractors did a great job! It enhances the finish of the upper cupboards. Another hurdle jumped with the thoughtlessness from Breakwater Consulting in Miramichi NB.

 The foyer closet & bedroom closets are getting the wire rod & rack installed this weekend.

 On Monday the painters' return & more colour will be going on the walls & soon the doors.

Needless to say, the tenants will not be moving in the first week of November but should be in by mid-November & will start getting ready for Christmas in their new home.

Sorry for the day delay but I needed to have my camera to take these pictures & more pictures to follow next Friday night. Maybe even some electricity brought into the apartments.
There are so many LED lights to be illuminated to show just how beautiful this apartment has turned out!

Thank you for stopping in for a visit.
See you next week.
Stay safe & healthy.

Monday, October 22, 2018

Thinking Eight Weeks Away!

In 60 days it will be Christmas Eve and nine days till Halloween!

The weather has turned cold here & the threat of snow is mentioned this week.

                                     Even the Christmas cactus has begun to bloom!

 It does look out of place with all the fall decorating colours but that will end after Halloween & maybe the flowers will be in full bloom by then.
I've missed this plant, it arrived in June with the trailer delivery & the rest of my plants that Donny had been house sitting in Ontario.

 I only bottled beets this year & will enjoy them this winter. I'm the only one that eats beets, they're all mine! Thanks, Deb J for your recipe but I went with the Newfoundland's Bonita's recipe using brown sugar instead of white, hope they taste as good as yours!

 October's block is done for the Gnome For The Holiday's quilt, just one more November block & it can be put together!

 The Boston's are restless these days & the fun they have been having indoors is 'Take the thread & run!' These were my perle cotton embroidery threads...

                                                           This was my sewing thread...

 And this, Miss Rexton, is the one that gives the Boston's the thread! She will knock to the ground for them to take & get into trouble with me. Rexton really does have an impish side to her & denies everything, but I have seen her in action!

 This is the lap quilt I started last week. I saw it in Primitive Threads & Projects & it just talked to me! How sweet are those baskets?! It's called Woven Baskets by Laural Arestad & will finish 43"x62" just enough to cover a lap in the great room.

 I spent so much time unsewing this little quilt that is on point! It is going the right way now.
I used the curtain fabric from Mitchell's house on Childers Street for the woven beige fabric, it has faded spots on it as it's 10 years old & the dye was not stable so bonus, adds to the primitive look!

From The 12 Weeks of Christmas

I'm a couple of weeks behind but had to make this sweet wool mistletoe! The patterns are a free download from the Farmhouse Threads website for one week. A new project begins every Tuesday.

 The berries were to be glued on & glue doesn't last as long as sewing on a button. I sewed all nine white buttons with white thread.

 Then using a permanent coloured Sharpie marker, I coloured the back of the white sewn thread with the marker.

 It's a trick that Canadian landscape artist Rita Budd taught me years ago, it really works to cover up thread colour to make it vanish into the fabric colour. Give it a try sometime!

 At night, watching the Midsomer Mystery show, I work on this old project of mine. I purchased it back Wal-Mart in 1994, for $10.00, talk about UFO's,  lol Mary Maxim still sells them for $33.00!

Halloween Time!

 I love ravens & we have so many around the property here. The witch with the Blackbird Stew is one of my many favourite Jim Shore figurines.

                                  Baxter Loree still fits into his Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle outfit!

And Bridget Loree looks lovely in her sequin Teenage Mutant Ninja Turltle dress. I just couldn't get her to 'sit' wearing it.

Happy Halloween! Thank you for stopping by for a visit this October day.
Have a great week, wherever you are!

Friday, October 19, 2018

Landfill, Sinks, Cupboards & Vanities

The laneway filler was in two piles today. Next week the laneway widening will take place & the parking area will be defined by black crushed stone.

  This is the area that will have the biggest change for the parking at the side.

Once levelled out, the crushed black stone will go on top & that should help to keep the sandy muck from being travelled into the apartment's hallway.

On the weekend Bill & I removed the bulbed garden from the side of his shop & dug out the peony bushes. The side of the shop has the snow load dumped down as it slides off the steel roof.
Black crush stone will go there now but no parking when the snow arrives!

The fall is in full production now as the leaves are blowing around with the windy days.
The trail is loaded from the apartment construction clean up from inside & around the apartment.

The suspended ceiling has begun & the potlights are installed, it was a bright walk down the hallway today! NB Power will install the electricity pole hook-up on the 25th.
Just another thing to look forward to next week!

The bathrooms are moving along too, some even have the toilet installed.

The IKEA vanity install is mounted to the wall with no legs on the bottom. It will make cleaning the bathroom floor very easy for the tenant. And a basket can be stored underneath creating another drawer of storage. There are two soft close drawers under the sink. The sink is a one-piece moulded sink with an apron back to stop any water from going behind the sink. 

The kitchen counters now have the sink cutouts.

And I found this apartment counter had a sink in it!

Loads of cupboard space & the corner unit has a pull-out feature to it, making it easy to access everything in that area.

The air exchanger is located in the closet & if Breakwater would have made the closet design 1.5" wider, the unit could have been installed sideways. I wish they would think things through rather than push things through. But those opinions I'll share on a later post.

Each apartment controls their own thermostat.

 The smoke detectors are in the units now & the electrical boxes now have the breakers in them. 
Just waiting on NB Power now. Bill called them yesterday from Italy & NB Power had him on the phone for one hour, moving him from person to person,  from department to department, only to have them say no, the 25th is the earliest they could hook-up the electricity. Sounds like NB Power has the same customer practices as Bell Aliant! Can you image waiting for one hour on the phone from Italy to New Brunswick?!! 

The maintenance room sink has arrived too & the floor has been painted grey.

Well, the plumbing as we all know needs electricity to work & we right now we are at NB Powers mercy till next week on the 25th when they will let us have light & the water will work too!

So much to look forward to next week. 
Thank you for stopping by & have a great weekend wherever you are!

Friday, October 12, 2018

Drop Ceiling, Flooring, Electrical, & Baseboards

                                        The drop ceiling has been framed in this week.

There will be pot lights installed in the center of the ceiling tiles making a bright hallway.

 These solid doors have been installed to meet the fire rated regulations of a commercial building.

                                        The bathroom flooring has been installed this week.
                                            The living room flooring has all been installed.

                               The bedrooms now have the electrical baseboards installed!

 With the bedroom flooring, electrical heating, & baseboards are installed. Just waiting for paint now.

                                       The kitchens are being installed & are looking great!

                    Another kitchen being installed in another apartment, with five more to go!

 There will be kickplates installed around the bottom, later posts will show a finished IKEA kitchen.

            A stainless steel ceramic glass top stove will be installed between these cupboards.

        There was be about 110 of these LED potlights installed throughout the apartment building.

 Four large hot water heaters have now been put into the room that will provide the hot water throughout the apartment.

 The water will flow when the NB Power installation is done. That will be in the next week or two.

 The electrical room is filling up with electrical boxes that will bring light & heat into the apartment.

 Each apartment has its own electrical panel box, with the breakers for that apartment.

 It all looks so neat & new, more wiring will be done within the apartment units for the air exchange units.

Francis has been the IKEA kitchen cupboard installer today, it's like an assembly line constructing all these cupboards. Interesting fact - IKEA cupboards are made in the USA!
Bill & Francis having a conversation about the apartment & parking spots that will be done next week.

The hoop laneway will e brought in closer to the centre where the water pump was installed. That will create more parking spots on the westside. Some parking will go next to Bill's shop for a handicap spot & visitors parking.

                               The view out the patio door right now with the fall foliage is gorgeous!

 These are the IKEA bathroom vanities with two drawers. They will be installed after the bathrooms are painted. Maybe next weeks post will show them installed!

 Each apartment will have its own video security system to see who is buzzing in the foyer & will be able to see who it is, talk to them, & let them in, all from their own apartment.
After the walls are painted in the apartments this system can be installed in each apartment.

Busy week again!
Thank you for stopping in for a visit to see Eel River Apartment progress.
See you next week.
Have a great weekend!