Saturday, August 29, 2015

Rug Hookers Afternoon Potluck & The Boys

Summer has been just flying by...

                                                          Nicholas - Donald - Mitchell

The boys were all together in Alberta this month. Mitchell was inducted to the Elevators Union & Donald, being the union guy wanted to be with his brother for the induction & boasted the support of the 'brotherhood'. Nicholas was given a comment to the thought, that he was the only one left to join the union...he chuckled to himself as that was oh so true as his sister is in the Teachers Union too!
Nicholas was in Alberta working but took time to spend time with his brothers, a very rare time for the three of them indeed!
I emailed this picture to their dad in China, stating how much I see the Bonanza Boys & Bill just stated that all I see is... one with messy hair, one with no hair, & one with a baseball cap on? The Boys, I just love their personalities & the characters that they've become...does a mom proud. And I'm seeing how time has moved by so quickly, they're all grow men now and will always be my darling boys.

 There were twelve of us fellow rug hookers together for an afternoon of enjoying each others company, as well as the food that was brought in by each person for the potluck lunch.
The sun porch was the area to take in the breezy air as it was a hot summer, dog day, afternoon.

 Boris & Rexton had their afternoon sleep next to Marg on the couch & she mentioned that would be a good idea for her too! lol It was a relaxed, perfect,  lazy afternoon.

 Marilyn, Mary Lou, & Mary Beth worked on their Brazilian Embroidery. I was working on mine too & did a bit of multi tasking as the photographer for these pics! lol

 Everyone was amazed at how the cat & dog got along, as they lazed along side of Marg.

                                           Conversation & laughter filled the afternoon air.

                                        Everyone brought their craft to work on that afternoon...

Judy was crocheting a beautiful poncho & Tommy found her company very relaxing for his snooze.

            Marg reread her pattern as she left her knitting needles at home on the table! lol

                                   Marva brought her knitting needles & was busy knitting.

                                             Then there was the potluck feast! Yum!! Don't they look thrilled at                                                         getting their picture taken?! lol

            Tonnie  & Katie take inthe  backyard view at the breaker wall, viewing blue water & blue skies & breezy salt air.

We all had a great afternoon of fellowship as like minded people came together. :-)


Heather & I attended the Sunday afternoon live play at The Vogue Theater, watching Sheryl Scott's  performance of The Downs. It was worth the trip & what a great performance of a one woman show!!
We also went to the antique shop to see what was there & I found this ship. Not just any ship but one large enough to fit in the upstairs window. Last night Jay & Elizabeth stopped by & commented on how they liked the boat in the window! Yes it was 'the find'! And at $40.00 how could I say no?!!!

                                                                   Oh the thrill of the find!

Fur Kids----------------

 Rexton sleeps on everyone else's places. this is my sewing chair. I often remove her to sit!

        This is Boris's basket, he sleeps on the mat on the floor when she's being Goldilocks! lol

                                          He'a pretty relaxed during the 'Dog days of August'.

                         Speaking of relaxed, Tommy is sleeping more & more these days.

He's now going into his 17th year & is doing it at a snails pace, his walking movements are slow too.

 And Rexton is on watch when her fur-mates are sleeping. She's so alert & different from any cat I've ever had & I've had many though the years!

                                                               She matured beautifully.

 And has quite the personality for a cat too!

Backyard Decorating

         This is it... a bird bath & some flowers, the water's view has nothing to compete with!
                           That & under the patio stones is the septic opening for its drainage!

This Sunday we say good-bye to Father Dan at St. Micheal's by the Sea, he's moving to another parish & we'll find out who will replace him.
I often wonder how the London Minister Marty is doing. He & his wife Carolyn are expecting their first born soon.
I made the baby a quilt before leaving southwestern Ontario.

                                                                Is this a proud daddy?!!

He's over the moon just talking of the baby. He & Carolyn both do not want to know the sex of the baby till the delivery. Wow what restraint with all the modern technology today.
Out of my four children, I guessed two wrong...thought I had a boy 'it's a girl'! thought I had a girl 'it's a boy'!
Well with a 50/50 chance I was 1/2 right out of the four! lol

Hope your enjoying your weekend & have a great week!

Soon it's going to be every mothers most wonderful time of the year...School is Starting soon!

And this year my birthday falls on Labour Day again! It's always around Labour Day.... I always laugh & think that my mother as she had a double-day that day! She says that she doesn't remember much as back then they were gassed during the baby's delivery. Oh my times have changed!

And I'm Shocked....At Changing Times

I purchase loaf of GF raisin bread & a loaf of GF multigrain bread, both on sale for $4.99 regularly $5.99. As I strolled away from the freezer section I thought back to the days when I would be handed a quarter & told to go to the corner store for a loaf of bread. Both bread & a quart of milk cost 25 cents 50 years ago & I always mixed up what to get...milk or bread. If I brought the wrong one home I was sent back to the corner store to get what I was told. I was now pondering that day, it made me remember it cost 25 cents!!! And I don't think Gluten Free products even existed.

These are some of the things that are making me feel like my parents when they would start the 'I remember when...' & I'd be rolling my eyes telling them times have changed.

Yes time & money has changed!

Remember 'paper money and the penny'?!

Have a great week & be grateful as you too are blessed.  Your reading this so your alive!
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Monday, August 17, 2015

Friends, Fair, & Summer Fun

Mid August & summer heat has finally hit us!

This week has flown by with wings...

I had a fun, fast, visit with friends from London, ON. I stitch every Thursday with a few girlfriends at Beverley's house & now she's visiting my house! We even had time to stitch together in the sunroom.

 Beverley under the arbor. And you can see to the right of her, my morning glories are thriving & so is the grape vine on her left!
                                                     She's a special woman in my life. :-)

                                               And of course her wonderful husband Gary!

                                   Great photo of you two! Great couple to Bill & I too!

 It's great talking to people that have been here & know what I'm describing--glad you enjoyed you overnight stay!
                                                                    Like all good things...

                                                            It was over & time to say...

                                                           Good bye with a tear in my eye.

Rexton Report

She has now found her way out the bottom of the sliding screen door. So I thought I'd out clever & fix her I bought a tension baby gate off of Kijiji. She just shimmed between the screen & gate to freedom. So now the front screen cannot be used. Frustrating in this heat when there's a southern breeze!

 She is a sweet cat though & loves to be with me when I sew. That;s her behind my sewing machine.

 I put her kitten blanket on the table as she was using my sewing fabric for comfort.

 She doesn't even mind if the fabric goes over her, she just snoozes away. I had so much mending of Bill's to do this week. It felt good to stitch on the machine, I've not done as much sewing this summer as past summers. Sowing now...not sewing! lol

               Sleepy eyed, Boris is ready for his snooze on the rug in my sewing studio.

 I snapped this photo last night as it's the 1st time since our arrival in May, that these two have snuggled up together.

 Rexton has really filled out, she's one year old now & tips the scale at 11 1/2 lbs.

I entered what I could at the Napan Agricultural Fair & was quite pleased with my 9 entries. Six placed first & 3 placed second.

                                My hand appliqued Home & Harvest - Red ribbons are 1st place.

                                                        Stoneware horse, hooked rug.

 A crochet afghan I made for my Dad back in the 90's. He always loved the clear blue sky.

 The Thimbleberry Queen Sized embroidered quilt placed first & best in show!

                                                                   I just love the logo!

                                                                 The Mistletoe Skaters.

                                                                       Squirrel Potholders

 A doll I call Mini Me because her hair is made from mine. Hair I saved from my hairbrush for over two years. Twisted into a curl & hand sewn onto her head.

                                                           An embroidered Noah's Ark

                        Stained glass corners that I made in the 90's for our workplace foyer.

 I pulled them apart for you to see the roses cascading, they're upside down too!

 The thrill of my find! Yoga socks that a woman sold me & these beauties placed third! How great will these be this winter when doing yoga?!

I was so pleased with my ribbons & was surprised with the money that came with them! I donated my monies back to the Napan Fair as they're raising funds to get a roof put over the stadium.
It was a great year this year as the past has always had rain...muck is a problem with both the stadium events & those attending.
A great time was had by all!

 I did a draw with the Seniors Woodworking Club that had just started up & won this earwig trap!

They climb inside at night & in the morning you remove the rubber bands & place them in soapy water or step on them! I've not seen many as my problem is ants!

Mowing the Lawn-------Just love the look after it has been cut.

                                  Mowed the grass today, this is the view from the backdoor.

Front door view, must do something with the black gravel but it's just too hot to shovel these days.

 And the side door view.

 I've the Miramichi Rug Hookers coming here for our annual potluck & some rug hooking.

 I want it to look nice as they only come here once a year & I now have my gardens. ;-)

                                           The sunflowers that i got in a small coffee cup, have opened & look so happy! They're on top of the tomato plant that I got from my neighbour Karen. I'm going to have tomatoes!

                                                     Just looking at them make you happy!

 Something is going to flower, I thought it was a sunflower but it's so small in comparison.
It too came from the plant swap last May at the EBH Garden Club.

 Old Tommy, I think he likes the heat as he stays outside in the shade on the lawn furniture.

                                                  His face sure has turned white around his mouth.

                                                     He's looking good for 16 years old.

 Rexton looks but has never left to go outside, she knows not to cross that line! It sure is hard to make her a inside cat when she was a feral kitten & wants out to hunt & explore.

I also went to Rexton to the Bonar Law for the annual rug hookers meet but forgot my camera. grrrrrrrr

Thank you for visiting.
Have a great week & stay hydrated!