Monday, October 10, 2011

Back in Ontario

Our ride home began at 3:15am from Baie-Sainte-Anne & was a pleasant surprise to see that everything fit in the mighty Focus, including my husband, the driver! it was tight. Under those quilts was a cat cage with Tom & Jerry sleeping off their Gravol experience. I had 53 quilted items for the Hardwicke Myer's Church Quilt Show last July & had no one visit to take away any of my quilty things or canned goods(5 cases).  If there's a will, there's a way :)

Boris was such a good dog, he stays at my feet on the floor & once settled had a very long snooze under his quilt. We made only 4 pit stops & then back in the car. Our best time ever has been made this trip...15.5 hours & we were in our laneway in London, Ontario again. Great trip too, sun shone the whole way, saw 2 foxes, hit one raccoon  :( & no other events till we arrived in the heart of Toronto. I'm still in awe that people chose to live there! we lost a whole hour of travel time with the stopped traffic & then only 1st & 2nd gear. I can't sew with stop & go,  it makes me have nausea. I did manage to get some embroidery work done for a wee pillow in redwork. Loads of singing out loud to The Highway, Sirus new country radio channel. 
The basil plant that I ate from all summer, was not left behind. Once I saw that the leaves moving with the sun, I accommodated the plant by moving it around in the car to get the sun. A taste of  summer for my winter home till I return back to the summer home. 
All this fitted into the 'Mighty Focus' & a large cat cage too! I won't be blogging for awhile as I need to get organized back in my studio again. It was a fun summer, one of the oddest, with no summer weather, a whole lot of rain but most enjoyable just being there. And I learnt how to hook a rug! Until next May... off to put my things together. Thank you to all those that I left behind & the memories that you've left me with :)

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Over The River...Done!

It's a windy overcast day today, but the best photo shots come from the clothesline...these are the best two.
My goal was to have this quilt top completed before my husbands arrival to close the cottage up. I did it with  one day to spare!  Tomorrow he arrives in Moncton and on Saturday we're back in London On. I love the east coast however the city life awaits me & I'll be back :-) just as the flowers start to pop through the ground. It's been an odd summer here with loads of rain & the trees are in colour now, with no's time to go.
Putting this quilt top together on a wet, cool, rainy day, had Boris wrapped up tight for warmth( I had the warmth from the iron). As I do placement on my bed, yes I know that Dr. Oz says the bedroom is for the two S's, sleep & sex --- I added one more S---sewing! with very limited space one must be creative. Boris lies on the pillows at the top of the bed, on his bathmat & covers himself. He cannot be without me, he's such a companion dog & follows my every move. He always awakes at the sound of the sewing machine being turned off, jumps off the bed and waits for me to leave the room to follow
me out.
A peek under those covers...he can barely keep his eyes open, the sound of my sewing machine soothes him back to sleep ;-)

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Rainy Afternoon Playing ;-)

This is a fun, quick, small 11 1/2" x 11 1/2" project. It's from the Art to Heart  -Count On It, by Nancy Halvorsen. All books, including this one, are on sale till the end of the month at
The great thing about this site is you can look at the photo pages inside the book. Canadians don't have the free shipping over $50...however you only pay $7, regardless of size or weight to your order & duty & taxes are 10% of the purchase. A website I frequent, take a look. Every Wednesday is the sale day on different items.

Sharing My Gift

This Miramichi Cursillo Banner, was put together by several different people  from the area & the letter placement, quilting, & binding was done by me. Someone had told them the letters that were made were too big, I asked for the opportunity to  audition them & she agreed with me that it was a good size as it's a banner to be read from afar.  I machine quilted everything down so it can be used for years to come & put a rod casing in the back for hanging. My sewing is my gift from God, I've been doing it since I can remember. My Barbie like dolls had pin holes all through them till I turned 6 years old & was able to use the sewing machine by turning the wheel of my mothers belt driven Hamilton sewing machine. No hydro was allowed, slow & steady for safety.  Later in life I would apply & be accepted into a 4 year art program, I majored in textiles & minored in sculpture  & it was there I began to understand my gift & the use of the elements of design. To date a day seldom goes by that I don't sew something.  A gift is meant to be shared and given, this is mine to the Miramichi Cursillo group :-)

Peeping 'Tom'

This is my cat Tom, he looks through the kitchen window to get my attention to be let in. The flowers in the box are smashed down in his sitting area, he's a 16 pound cat. My begonia's are safe at the other end & still blooming in October!
Once Tom comes inside he eats & then has a snooze... for most of the day. Oh the life of a cat :-)