Sunday, September 28, 2014

Riverview NB Hook-In

 This is a beautiful week & weekend in north east New Brunswick! The colours have changed the days are warm & sunny, the place to be these days!

 I was in my studio sewing when I looked out my window to see a what I think is a barge! It was large & slow moving, quite the sight for me to see!

 I've finally finished the quilt top called 'Cabin Fever'. It was a 2010 Connecting Threads kit that I meant to do every year & never got around to it. It's a sweet quilt that reminds me of Bunnykin characters. It measures 59" x 59" & will make a perfect 'afternoon sleep' blanket for a little boy.
I plan on using a flannel back to make it cozy.
                                           The characters are having such fun in the snow!
 It really does look like Bunnykins, bone china Royal Doulton, children dishes. It was fun to sew & I added an outer border of the snowflakes, ice & argyle around the interior, before adding the last border. To the last border I added a 1/2" edging to contain the quilt center. It looked more balanced to me. The binding is the brown stockinette stitch fabric.

I went to the Hook-In this Saturday in Riverview NB. I drove & went with Mary Beth & Rita, they had both been there before. This was my first true hook-in, wow what I time I had! From the time you walk through the door till the time you leave 10am - 2pm, what a full explosion of like minded rug hookers!!  And the work that was done was so stimulating. I never got any stitches done, I walked around & talked to so many friendly hookers!

 Here are my photos from that wonderful day!

 On the table was a gift for each one of us! It was an all natural Almond Hand Scrub, that I was told was good for the feet too!

 Donna & Rita from the Miramichi were having a great time too!
 I finally got Rita settled from her chatting for a smile!

 I just loved this Maud Lewis many more for you to see!

 A sea of rug hookers...
 The room was filled with chatter & laughter.

 Mary Beth was busy with the vendor, she purchased another canvas to do for her bedroom & what a lovely bedroom she has!
 So many colours, looks like the trees we viewed driving in on the highway.

 Such detail to the fall for the visiting rug hookers.

 The room was so bright & inviting, in this parish hall.
 I purchased tickets for the draw on all these gorgeous gifts but didn't have the right colour ticket or number! It was all in good fun as this was for a charity that the Pastime Guild supports.
The two woman in the center, Joy & Marilyn remembered me from Bonar Law & choosing Rexton, the small Manx kitten, to take home. They commented on how I was so spontaneous to take a kitten home & I replied 'Yes, I've not regretted one minute of that decision. She's a delight to have!'. I never told them of the string everywhere story but showed photos from my phone of her & Boris sleeping together. ;-)

Here are some photos... Enjoy!! I sure did!

                                                               How inventive is this!!

 Jam & jelly was for sale as well as mittens & those tea cozies...
                                                          How sweet is the sweater one?!
                                            Lots of warm mittens for the months ahead.
                                               Some of the Miramichi Rug Hookers

 Vendor swatches that were purchased, Marva your going to be a very busy woman this winter!
 Doing your bird...
 And your 'Grandma Mittens'!

 The woman behind me won one of those gorgeous baskets! Nice haul!!

 This is Mary Beth's granddaughter Farrah from BC.
 Farrah's mom Lisa noticed the Stoneware Horse & asked her mom Mary Beth if she could make one in purples for Farrah's room?

She never knew that it was my work. Yes I'm getting the pattern sent to Mary Beth, she too is going to be busy this winter! lol

As you can see by the photos, we all had a full wonderful day. Thank you Pastime Rug Hookers, for all the work to put this day together. The lunch meal was buffet style & what a variety of cold meats & salad dishes to feast on! There was even gluten free desserts to indulge on, thank you ladies.

Rita & I left with full tummies. Mary Beth my navigator, stayed with her daughter as she was flying out early in the morning with Farrah to go back to BC.
Well my new navigator Rita...doesn't navigate & that GPS was not cooperating with me, so we left guessing. Yes we got lost, Rita yelled we're going to Sackville, we're heading for Novia Scotia. I knew it looked familiar, I was in Amherst NS to see Kaffe Fasett. OK we can set this right Rita, let's just get off this highway on the next ramp...we did get it set right. What a laugh we had once we knew we were on highway 11 going north! An adventurous, fun day with the ladies!