Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Power Restored!

Last night around 8pm the NB power was restored in the village. Friends up the road are still without power though. Hopefully their power will be up & running today.

 The power lines were cut last night & the remnants are left to be put away for the fire box.
Such a beautiful winter day today but snow is in the forecast for today.

I'm going to do a little summer dreaming with some rug hooking. lol I purchased this last year & thought I would have had it finished... no. So I started it this morning. I was unsure of the woman so i thought I would just jump in & do her. If I don't like it I can always pull it out... right Katie! lol

So thankful to have the power back. Thankful for you stopping by for this visit too!

Joke : What is always coming but never gets here?

Tomorrow! lol

Stay safe & warm.

Monday, January 30, 2017

Still Without Power - Day 6

Hopefully by 11pm tonight there will be hydro restored in our village of Hardwicke NB.
Here is what it looked like yesterday & the same look is out there today.
Very enchanted, very beautiful. That is the upside, downside is hazardous & no power! Yin-Yang!!

 I had to take a double take at what was in the Costco shopping bag...
 It was Tommy curled up on my fabric scrap supply,  for the string quilt I've been wanting to make !

Spring will show just what damage has happened to the landscape.

                                            A new doormat that we both fell in love with!

The blue of the sky & the sun shining, makes your heart sing!

 Backyard view, from the shore. Bill took most of these pictures as I'm scared to venture out in these icy conditions. I don't fall as well as I use too!

                    The smallest blade of anything sticking up was covered with ice.
 The evergreens were interesting to look at, with one side sticking out & on side weighted down with the ice. The wind direction from the north east covered them with an icy blanket.

Such beauty!

                                                     The backyard,  from the shoreline.

Icy shoreline.

The sound of the ice moving off those roof lines is loud & scary!

 The evergreens boughs are so weighted with ice, though not much damage to the evergreens.

My potting shed, sits & waits for spring activities. lol

North Hardwicke Road.

 The sky darkened as snow flurries were called for. We never saw any snow, just a moody sky.

                                      Look at the sky's view, from the other side of the road!

My first New Brunswick winter has not been a dull one! 

Corner of the north  Hardwicke Road & 117 Highway. 

The birches have bowed so low, they look like bushes!

The trees usually tower over the sign!

Shaggy bowing birches.

Very hardy evergreens!

                                 This was the sky on Saturday morning & it made me laugh...

Several years ago I made a hooked postcard size rug, out of coloured pantyhose.
It was from a scene from Gone With The Wind.
And I remember saying to Bill, after 6 days of no electricity & water, from  hurricane Arthur's visit, that I would not be without a generator again!
I could have had my hand up at that sunrise this week but I had hindsight & I have a generator... no electricity yet & will not for another day or two or three!

I pulled out a Mekenna Ryan kit & made it this week. Very fitting for our province, it's the violet & wow it is in a lot of very small wee pieces. It finishes at 16''x16". I'll quilt it when I have full power to operate my sewing machine, though I did all the piecing with my sewing machine.

The propane generator is going to hopefully run till the power in this area is restored. I hope the weather stays warm & a cold front does not move in. Those hydro workers & tree cutters have been working non stop on those icy lines & trees, for nearly a week now.
From the photos that Bill & I have taken you can see just what they're up against, literately leaning into & handling, for days on end now. You could call them our Hydro Heroes at this point!
Thank you NB Power!!

Coming from southwestern Ontario, this is an annual weather pattern & I've seen it my whole life.
The northern part of New Brunswick has not. It is hazardous to happen but oh so beautiful, Mother Nature has so many palettes of colour & texture to exhibit.  
I'm now longingly looking at 'spring magazines' & sighing with delight, with the wonderful spring colour palette , in a few long months, to come.

For now I have a diamond view my every window & when the sunlight hits those sparkling trees, you really  have to love the view!
I hope you enjoyed your visit to this winter wonderland, that I'm living at this moment!

Stay safe & warm, wherever you are!

PS And in two weeks ... The puppies are coming home!! And I could not type that without smiling!