Wednesday, February 12, 2020

February Focus - Fun!

I'm trying to stay focused on finishing some UFO's but oh my goodness, so many ideas are swimming in my head that I just have to get them out!

On the weekend the Alberta kids asked if it was possible to have a signature quilt for their wedding this October? Absolutely I thought & Bill was on Pinterest looking for ideas & I loved what he found!

 The white spots have signatures on it. This is probably from the USA as it looks very God Bless America. I'm thinking Muslin for the signing & Civil War reproduction with the colours of the fall.
Burgandy, gold, browns, greens, cheddar & some maybe some blue? Colours are in the planning stage right now.

I wanted to try the pattern!
Here it is in the fabric Farmhouse  Jellyroll that I received for Christmas from the Brampton kids, Leslie & Nicholas.

I had some yardage of Robyn Pandolp's fabric that looked good with it & used it for the signature squares. It finished 40" x 40" with one hundred squares made up. A great little table topper for Easter!
 Bill had a good idea with the center block being for the parents, then family around them, then more family & friends. I will make the signature blocks for the wedding & iron freezer paper to the back for easy signatures & the fabric will stay stable till it's ready for the quilt's construction.

 With the pink in it, Bridget thinks it is for her or she just wanted to photobomb my photo! lol

 I like this pattern! And it is so easy to do!! A four patch & half a snowball block, that is it!!

 This is not large enough for the wedding signature quilt, I hope the kids like this pattern.
It reminds me of the Barn Raising in with the Log Cabin. My girlfriend Cecile had a great idea of placing their wedding photo in the center, another idea!

 I did finish the kitchen drapes & I'm pleased with the look of framing the window with the Buffalo check. I used a Buffalo check tablecloth & lined them with an old Gluckstien flat sheet.

 Doesn't Bridget make you laugh?!! She has her tongue out when she's relaxed in a sleeping mode. lol

 The Blue Jays out east are huge! On some days, there are up to eight at a time at the feeders!

 This is February's Snow Moon, it was incredible to view on the morning of the 10th.

 The Snow Moon was over the Bay du Vin Island & wow I do believe I live in a paradise as my England friend Janine had said!

 Each season has its own beauty & this one was February's awe moments as well as the glittering snow on a sunny day!

Winter Wool Project - Sheep Knitting Herself

 I've been looking at 1981 Thread & Needle magazines that were given to me years back & found this project. It was love at first sight & I had to make her!
I used Dorin wool for the body, the horns too were wool & because I didn't enlarge the pattern because I did not want her to be that big, those horns were a challenge!

 I then started needle felting the body parts with roving & leftover rug hooked roving that fellow rug hooker Katie had removed from one of her projects years back.

 The used roving worked beautifully, thank you, Katie!

 How sweet is she?! I loved the way she turned out, just her glasses & knitting needles with her knitting is left to finish now. I'll post that next time, she should be finished by then.

 Baxter wanting something...he stands up to beg for his wants. lol

 And that want would be to have the firebox lit, the Boston terriers just love the heat from it. Me too!

This is an unusual moment because these two never sleep side-by-side, Bridget is exhausted from her day of play with Bill & truck riding when he's ploughing. Busy winter days.

Thanks for popping in for a visit. I hope you too are finishing up some UFOs of your own & being sparked with the creative bug & go into your own kyrotime - when time is suspended & minutes vanish into hours of creativity.

Remember: You don't stop playing when you get old - you get old because you stop playing!

Health & Happiness to you.

Tuesday, February 4, 2020

February Fondness & Memories

Wow, this winter is flying by & the nights are showing hopefulness with the sunsets glowing into 6pm now. In our NE area, the weather has not been as harsh as last year, however, it is the last of February & first of March that I remember the deep snow & time will tell.

 I'm looking forward to spring & found this cement robin in Open Doors Antique Shop. Bill placed it next to the wool needlework & it really came to life!

 We are still unpacking our moving boxes & finding many treasures. These are encyclopedias dated 1888 from a yard sale in PEI on our 1995 visit.

 I removed the dust & gave the book covers a drink & they came out pretty good. I love reading history & the information that was available back in 1888.

 These books came from the USA & have a lot of their information on it, the world maps are interesting & oh, how time has changed the world. I was excited to see these books as it is information 21 years after our Canada Confederation of 1867.

 Bill enjoyed my cleaning area as his laptop table... a modern life use. lol

Bill's Handy Work

 Bill painted the vintage bed in black & wow, it looks great!

 From the finale, you can see the wood colour it once had. The bed has been through several moves & it was showing signs of wear. It looks like new now!

Great job Bill, thank you! XO

The Pop Shoppe & Our Connection

In 1998 Bill & I purchased the Pop Shoppe factory in London ON to expand the elevator business that we had started in 1988. We would put our heart & soul into this expansion until the recession in 2008.
In that factory building that were many leftover pieces & expired products. One-piece caught my eye & we've moved with it out here. Bill was never fond of it but knew my passion for its form & colour & finally this week he hung it in our home!

It is a large heavy piece that is done on plywood & has added dimension to it with the use of plaster.

 The area is open on the foyer glass railing mezzanine & gives it space to be seen from both levels.

The artist is R. Duvall & he has signed the front of this art piece. This is what appears on the back of the work & it seems that this installation has have travelled across Canada in juried shows placing 1st & 2nd back in 1979.

I sent some time with mixing paints to cover the chips & cracks that have affected the original look over the years. Very pleased with the outcome was Bill & he said it could now hang in our home.
I enjoy the history of our purchase of such a building & the use we gave it for the next decade of its life. It was purchased & used as a factory making cork products after Richardson Access Elevator Inc. And this artwork is now hung to enjoy & our story of the Pop Shoppe reno.

Happy Birthday Dad XO

Today is my dad's birthday, had he lived past 2000, he would be 92 years old. Wow, now I feel old!

I miss him & know that he is with as long as I hold on to his memory, he will hold on to me.
I had the 23 & Me done & have 57% of his DNA, miss you dad, Happy Birthday!

Valentine Day Decorating 💘

Bill brought the large red bin from the basement that had the Valentine Day Decor in it.
What fun to see some of the things that I had made years back.

These two muslin rabbits are dressed in their finest cotton velvet dress & overalls. Their little shoes are from 1988 & were Mitchell's cloth shoes when he was a baby, red velvet & white/red gingham.
They nestled quite nicely in the antique wicker rocking chair.

Back in the day, I had also made red velvet hearts that were hung throughout the house.

I loved the chocolate boxes that were given out on that special day, I still have mine. :-)

Red velvet is such an elegant lining in this metal hinged box.

The top of that metal box has a cupid taking aim & lovely flowers around the cupid.

A red velvet bell pulls that I made from a piece of Valentine satin ribbon.

I made this small quilt from Liz's collection of Yukon hangers, it is enhanced with the pink flowers.

I made this runner last week with orphan blocks & added the black/white stripe to liven it up!
An IKEA fleece pillow with a heart sends the Valentine Day message of love. I know Bridget & Baxter love being on that bench to look outside!

Hello! See me taking the photo this morning? This is a grapevine wreath that I made years back & added IKEA cross-stitched hearts & glass beaded beads & hearts from the Bombay years back.

The kitchen/dining room has the most decorating done & it really stands out with the black/white decorating that I've been doing this winter.

I've started the drapes for the bay window, so far just the center valance that is lined & made from a table runner for $12. A valance would cost much more!

I use to make these draft stopping, hanging dolls back in the '80s, her legs would spread across the bottom of the door & she was hung on the doorknob when not in use. Doors in most houses are now much more efficient, we were living in a century home at that time  & she was used!

The Royal Doulton Valentin plate, back when Doulton had things made in England. This one is dated 1977 & is lovely with floral texture & the scene of loving & caring.

The red velvet place mat holds several Valentine votive candles that add to Valentine's Day look on the table.

I've finally finished the project of the embroidered Valentine girl, it only took 10 years!

This is the hand-sewn wool project that I'm currently working on. Spring is just around the corner & I'm really looking forward to seeing the robins, rabbits, daffodils, & bleeding hearts again!
Not that I'm wishing my life away, I just love the splendour of nature waking up after a long white winter.

Thank you for stopping in for a visit.
I hope winter is being kind to you, if not, remember that 'This too will pass'.
Canada has the wonder of seasons with no two the same but each one has its own splendour. Enjoy!

Have fun with this season as it is half over with just 6 weeks until spring!

Monday, January 13, 2020

Sunny Snowy Day, Winter Has Arrived

This morning is a sunny snowy day & I can see that winter has arrived. We have been so lucky this year as snow fell in areas above us & below us as we remained the donut with nothing inside for us.
Until yesterday.

This is what it looked like when I went to bed & the snow & wind still had several more hours before it would stop. I thought I would reach out to the rest of the family with 'Snow Day' I was having.

Bill is in Tampa FL with the Elevator Code Meetings & said it was 27C there & sent me this photo!

Donny said it was OK to have a BQ in London but slippery & his neighbour took a fall!
And two hours up the 401 highway in Brampton GTA...

 Nicholas said they had freezing rain & a flash freeze that he would trade it for snow & I would too, ice is so dangerous walking & driving in. He is living on the 27th floor of a highrise. Nasty weather!

Mitchell sent me a weather shot, it is too cold to snow there! Burr in Alberta.

I guess the weather is winter wherever you are. lol, I shovelled today for my exercise whilst the snow was light & fluffy to lift.

 The big blower snow plough did the job on the long laneway & parking lot, I did the porch & steps.

 This is the view from the upstairs stain glass studio. The division of the shore & water is beginning to blend together making it look like the tundra again. Smelt fishing has been going on & smelt fries in the community have started.

 And I'm very thankful to have evergreens on our property to break that tundra look.

 The dining room view, with evergreens to the left & to the right, straight out is the Miramichi Bay.

 The potting shed is snowed in till the spring now & I've already started my springtime dreaming. :)

 This huge evergreen looks very close to the window today, it startled me coming out of the pantry!

I think the 'snow waves' bring things closer & the brightness from the sun is blinding today.

 How cute is this pillow?! Thank you, Sandy, I love it! And I have redone the dining room in black & white, how vogue is the new pillow?! I hope you are enjoying your new baby Chow puppy!

And this precious needle felted Boston made its way to me from SIL Margaret in California. So sweet, I love it! Thank you!!
 I hope you are enjoying Sally, your new baby puppy!
That makes three new baby pups that have wonderful loving homes that I know of this 2020 & it is only thirteen days into it too! Good luck, I adored my Bostons as babies but the work was exhausting to me as it was just me looking after two puppies. Many hands, little work, that will help with these new puppies. I love anything Boston! lol

Rexton thinks that every basket is hers!

Big cat in a little basket!

She circled & circled it trying to increase the size, hoping it would stretch out somehow.

Those are 'mad Manx ears'. She should feel lucky that she's a Manx without the long domestic cattail or it would be even more crowded in that wicker basket! lol

The bay window is such a hot spot throughout the year with Bridget & Baxter.

Baxter is missing Bill again & watches to see if there's any movement outside.

At the grocery store, they had Armyliss bulbs on sale for $1.50 each but only the pink. I have never had pink, just red coloured ones in the past. I love the shade of pink in these bulbs!

The first paperwhite opened on New Years & they still are blooming & oh, so fragrant.
The dining room table houses the plants next to the bay window for light.
A pleasure to view as I eat there alone.

This is my winter project this year & I plan on having it done by the Napan Agricultural Fair time this summer. It is so old fashion looking & it also taught me a new crochet stitch called 'V-Stitch'.
I don't think I'll do the booties, just the dress & bonnet. I will see how much crochet thread is left.

It keeps my hands busy when I'm in front of the TV at night now that I've mastered the new stitch!
I spent hours redoing & counting the increased neck yoke, no TV & no talking, just counting.

The black & white plaster cat sits on the blanket & I moved the Boston pillow away from the busy bay window. It enhances the wicker set that I brought home from England years ago. I have a girlfriend Nicola that has a fantastic eye for great finds in the charity shops over there.

Look at this pink, yellow, & soft green in this bulb flower. It is an inspirational view of things to come in just five months it will be June & planting time again!

This bulb was planted at the same time but is taking its own time to bloom.
I used the glass hurricane lamps to help keep them upright as they grow & the light can still filter through to help with the growth.
My winter happy spot right now! The winter backdrop of winter just makes the colours more vibrant!

Almost done! Just the outside borders to sew on, rod sleeves upper & lower, & the binding & it is done! Ready for Christmas this year 2020. It is going to be quiet with all the kids away with their partner's family.
I'm OK with that as they are all back here in May & that makes my heart sing!

The Richardson plaque has been installed in the front foyer & compliments the Home coordinate.

And it is viewable from the 2nd storey mezzanine, perfect for our home!

I will be starting stain glass classes next week & I never finished this Christmas hanging, so close!
I will work on it now that I have students there & I've got an idea for February!

Years ago June gave me a plant for my cottage window boxes but I cannot let plants die when winter comes & I have had it for years & it now resides in the upper mezzanine & is climbing the wall for more space in the sun!

You can find Mr. Boots wherever the sun is, he is a great sun worshiper.

I'm almost finished with the Regata Rug, just the corner is left. I want to put the year there in Roman numerals MMXX & the maple left. I'll talk a photo of it finished, I've to fix the Roman numerals first.

I found this Stonehedge cheater print & thought it would make great pillow covers as we transition into the next season.

I will quilt it & add dark brown faux suede to it with the backing & piping. It's in my head still I'll show it in a later post when I bring it to life.

There was only 3/4yd left in this colour but it is perfect with the teal velvet drapes so this will be the summer/fall pillow change. What a difference a colour palette makes with the feel of designs!

The year 2020 has started & it is going to be a great year as we progress into it.

Wishing you a pleasant winter wherever you are, with health & happiness.
Thank you for stopping by for a visit to the northeast Atlantic corner of my world. I love living here & each season has its own beauty as it changes from one to another with the changing seasons with the east coast of Canada. Stay safe.