Thursday, September 24, 2020

A Lucky Miss From Tropical Storm Teddy!

 The northeast part of the province had a lucky miss. I packed everything away just in case Mother Nature changed her mind, as I've known it to happen in the past with Tropical Storm Arthur.

Two days before the winds started I took pictures of this eerie calm day...the calm before the storm.

The island of Bay du Vin seemed close mirrored in the calm water.

The tide was low when these pics were taken.

The sky was overcast creating the same feel above as below with the water.

So, so still.

Gardiner Point looked close too!

Off between the opening of the land & the island is Point aux Carr, it was so clear & still that day.

The village of Burnt Church & Neguec is over on the other side of Miramichi Bay.

The lawn is looking forward to having some water on it, it's been a dry summer.

That calm day started with a frozen birdbath! I went out & opened it up after watching a wren struggle to find an open area.

I pushed all the deck furniture to the southwest corner & hoped not to see it move. And it did not, the winds here were only 74km which is a normal gust on a blustery day. The other Atlantic provinces could not say the same.

The front Anniversary Garden really took over this summer!

And proved colour all season, thank you Heather for your guidance in helping me plan it!

It took on a life of its own.

And all the beautiful colours made my heart sing!

Painting Projects

I found this rocking chair at roadside garbage & knew it could be revived & given new life with the Fusion mineral paint that was purchased at Candle In The Window in Boisetown NB.

The spindle details were in great shape, so was the rest of the chair!

I was really pleased with the finished project!

And the thought of my yard sale find from a few years ago, it too could use some new life!

I'm going to rug hook the top for a cozy feel beneath my feet this winter!

The inside is in excellent shape & will hold small projects & my embroidery balls that Rexton the Manx keeps taking on me!

The Fusion mineral paint makes any grain on the wood just shine through! 

The second coat to the chair was added & whilst I was working with the paint, I touched up the shutters from the Napan Yard Sale, the stool, & a star hanger that was in raw pinewood! The kitchen is my go-to place when I have projects & need space.

The star is going to hold hand-dipped wax candles in Fall colour. I brought Mr. Fox out to sit on the sideboard.

Baxter supervised my painting & was nervous with all the rain & wind that was happening outside.

The only flaw that I found on this fantastic garbage find was that the seat was cracked.

I'm loving the look of this finished rocking chair!

My hands were aching from the weather change & it was time to use them. I found my toothbrush rug needle & turned on YouTube, no not today, it was not working out. The crochet hook was better with this twin size Texmade sheet. I watched Rag Rugs With Erin to do the rectangular rug for the Boston's crate to cozy them underneath for the winter ahead but no, that did not work out either!

So I took it apart & made the new rocking chair a seat pad & had just enough fabric to do it!

Rexton was sitting in the chair that evening on the chair pad!
I looked at the label & it was 50/polyester-50/cotton made by Texmade in Canada! I had worked with all Canadian made products this week, the recycled chair/stool, the Fusion paint is made in Canada, & the recycled sheet.
I read labels in the secondhand stores for Canadain made products & in the grocery store too.
It is important to support our economy & recycling helps our planet too!

One twin sheet has been recycled, I even used the plain blue band which add interest to the chair pad.

Then I noticed that the wingback that I sit in had light coloured legs, that could be fixed too!

I painted them out too! A touch up is needed on the very top where the legs meet the chair, see the light cherry colour? When my stool is done they will enhance each other. 
Now looking for a rug hooking pattern to fit the 14"x18" stool, always something to source out. lol


The Snowdrift project by Kathy Schmitz is coming along very slowly as week eight was revealed this week & I'm on week five!

I'm trying to improve my embroidery on wool, such a chore of concentration for me.

I'm enjoying how each disc/snowflake is different.

I'm using the Frixon pen to help me balance out the designs, it disappears when a hot iron hits it!
I just iron it from the back because of the pearl beading.

I never knew you could put thread designs into the buttons hole! Very clever Kathy Schmitz!

Well with 10 days before leaving for the kids' wedding & COVID being what it is, I'm going to be making more masks to take with me as we travel through the airports to arrive safely & germ-free.
I'll post one more time before leaving. Stay safe, happy, & healthy!


Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Middle of September!

 Wow, time is flying now with it being the middle of September!

The days are so much shorter & I notice the cool nights have begun. It will stay warmer near the water & is noticeable when you take the trip into Miramichi. It's very windy near the water right now & thank heavens the wind is warm from the water right but that too will change soon as we get closer to the end of the month & fall season begins. The good news is that the mosquitoes are gone! The cool nights have put them to sleep until next summer & the outdoors can be enjoyed again without their buzzing & bites!

The limelight hydrangeas are beginning to show their pink colour & the noise from the bees that are popping inside those large blooms is a sound that makes me smile knowing that they're happy with all the blooms.
And the bees have so many blooms to visit! lol

Next year these bushes will be thinned out as there are just too many blooms that cannot get out to the sunlight.

The Mother-of-the-Groom Dress

Now that took some time...

The muslin fitting was ready for the sheer chiffon fabric & the bodice lining.

Many areas on every pattern piece needed to be altered!
Such a unique shape to this body of mine. lol

And it went together far.

The back has darts which I liked, adding to the shape.

The tie at the side I added a few inches in length for easier tieing for me & the soft fabric allowed it.

Bodice complete!

The sleeves & the lined skirt were attached. Now with the skirt & lining being cut on the bias, the outfit was to hang for 24 hours to allow the bias to rest in place.

The larger flounce was lined as well & then attached to the skirt.

Voila, the dress was now done & just a few snaps to add to keep it in place!

Lucy got a new sunflower dress, apron, bonnet & burlap purse too!

Here yellow polka dot bikini was just too summer for me every time I looked at her. lol

The bumblebee suit was OK because of all the bees buzzing around in the limelight, it just seemed fitting for now.

She is at the front door to greet me & looks lovely!

I underlined her dress with muslin & added two three-tiered lace rows to add volume to the outfit. It also helps to weigh it down with all the winds that swirl around from off the water.

I made eight of these masks for the guys fishing trip on Loughborough Lake next weekend. It's the bachelor get together before the wedding. I thought this cotton fabric piece was great for the occasion. lol

I got the bunting banner done & I'm really pleased with it.
Another was made in a rectangular shape & has rivits for threading a small jute rope through.

Mitchell sent me this photo of the cakestand that he made for the wedding. It is a country rustic wedding & I'll post pics of it next month.
We leave in 19 days to begin our trek out west for this wonderful event!

I've been pulling in some tomatoes from our garden to ripen inside with all the wind & frost around, I think I'll be bringing them all in today.

Jocelyne, a very thoughtful girlfriend of mine, made me a sugar pie for my birthday & Bill & I were eating it before it had time to fully cool! Was it ever good!!
She also remembered me saying how I liked hearing the roosters in our neighbourhood & saw this blown glass rooster & presented it with this yummy birthday pie! Thank you, my friend!

The concord grapes were very plentiful this year. Bill researched & tended to them, wow, it paid off!

You can only use 4 cups of the juice at a time to process the jelly mixture, there was enough for two batches from the one picking.

The tomatoes were now ripe enough to make some chilli sauce.

I processed these, put one jar in the fridge, & sent home another jar with Diane who was visiting.

Yesterday I picked more concord grapes & put them in the jelly bag to drain overnight.
This is my hanger that used to be a plant hanger, Bill came up with this idea!

The second patch in the jelly bag, at the other end of the counter, is a stool, Martha Stewart uses that idea too!

Fun Finds

Bill & I were in town last week & visited the Sally Ann & oh the finds! 
This sweet birdhouse was one of them.

Another find was this handknit sweater with a matching scarf!

Such bright fall colours & the simple garter stitch attracted me to it!

And the third find was this primitive Bless Our Home!
Let's Go Outside Whilst We Can!

In the backyard, Bill planted two climbing hydrangeas between the windows.  I hope they like it there!

He also redid the walkway Nicholas installed a few years back. The weeds just grow like crazy in the gravel, so he's trying black mulch on landscaping fabric. I love the look!

He also planted a Catalpa tree to grow & shade the eastside yard. Namama had one in her yard that was massive & it flowers & produces long beans. It is so small right now, it is supposed to be fast-growing.
Thank you Lynn for all these beautiful plants that we have to enjoy for years to come. The trumpet vine was also planted behind the potting shed & the hummingbirds will be in for a lovely surprise next year when it blooms!

See how plentiful the grapes are?!!

Thank you Jocelynne for giving us this lovely bush that will flower pink next year. I hope it is not too windy for it there but now bugs will survive eating any of its lush leaves!

Baxter, Baxter...the chipmunks & squirrels delight in sitting high & in tree & chatter at him.

He will sit there for hours, Bridget leaves him & has no interest in things she cannot chase on the ground.
Baxter does not hear you calling his name, he is mesmerized!

I don't mind him doing this in the warmer seasons but come winter, he can hardly move from being so cold. I think he was a hunting dog in his first life! lol

This is our new neighbour's female dog. She sits at the edge of the backyard & watches Bridget & Baxter. She wants so much to be part of their pack but I discourage it, they can be friendly but not a pack as the neighbour has two or three large dogs that run through the yard until he calls them home.
Baxter & Bridget are doing much better with their visits on the property but they are huge dogs & make me nervous if things go wrong between them.

I'm getting ready for the trek out west, I've not left the property in years for a 'sleepover' somewhere else. Bill thinks it is good for me to change it out. 
For me...There's No Place Like Home!

Thank you for coming by for a visit. I missed all of you that would have been here if the border was not locked down but next year is going to be great... you'll see!
Stop by for that virtual visit wherever you are, you are always welcome - beinvenue!

Stay safe, stay healthy.