Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Lunar Lunatic

Yesterday was the Hunter Moon & it was oh so amazing!!

As I opened the great room drapes yesterday a about 7:30am I saw the moon over the bay, I had to capture it in a photo... I was also talking to Bill in China as I was opening those drapes & told him to 'hold' for a just a minute as I grabbed my camera & ran out the front door in my nightie & housecoat.

I used the word my top speed, down the stairs & through the garden. Ouch!!!I tripped on a the hill of black gravel that Bill had left to fill out the rest in theof the garden.
I was down before I knew what had happened, Oh it hurt so bad...I needed that picture though & shaking with pain I took it~! What a lunar lunatic I am!!

How eerie is that photo of the moon, over the Bay du Vin Island, in the morning?!!

Well, with that fall I really hurt myself, the gravel shredded my skin & the momentum of my running made for a good impact, when I met the gravel. The cotton nightie was shredded at my kneecaps to!
It was my right shin that took most of the damage. Nothing was fractured or broken...the worse would be a chip & there's nothing that can be done for that.

So the rest of this week will be on with my leg up! For those of you that know me, know that this is going to be a challenge for me to 'sit/stay'. I'm really grateful to my neighbours for coming to my distress call, their kindness to me, has been truly heartfelt in my time of need as they looked after this 'Lunar Lunatic'! Rest, ice, elevation & Tylenol will be the coming days.

Sewing will be embroidering & needlework can be done with knitting needles or some reading. There were books that I picked up this summer that I may have made the time to read! lol

Till my mend has me up on my feet, literary up on my feet, my days in my sewing studio are on hold.


Happy Halloween to everyone.
Remember Rexton wearing her sweater last year? Well there's no way that wee sweater will fit her this year but she was a cute as a button in it & maybe not as enthusiastic as I was taking her picture! lol

I saw a saying this week that rings true with me this week.

'Sewing forever, housework whenever.' lol

Thank you for stopping by & have a great week!
The full moon is over now & the lunatics will calm down now! lol

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Fall Seasonal Sewing

The days have been filled with so much of this wonderful seasonal colour!

        This is the view in the lane, at the end of driveway,  as you leave and reach the road.

And this is the view as you drive up that lane way...I just love coming home!

 There's so much woodland that I don'r know if we'll ever get it cleaned out....

 Each season has its own beauty & this Fall season is exceptional with all the warm colours.

                                                The colours brighten even the dullest days!

There's a lot of dead trees standing like totem poles with blank expression, adding contrast to the living trees, with their colours of red, gold, & orange.
 It was raining when I took these photos, I wanted to document the colour within the woods.

                      Each tree had its own harmony of colour, singing Falls song of the season.

 The contrast of green on the red made me think of the days ahead...

Just love!! the look of the berries against the dead tree.
 It has the same feeling I get with driftwood that's been washed onto the sandy shore.

 I  do think this look would give a festive appearance to a urn decor. Mmmmmmm

Not letting go of Fall....

 Now doesn't she just make you laugh out loud?!!

 It all started out with this doll I had made years ago & never finished...she's still not finished as I've never added hair to her. She sat with the beginning of what was to be a Christmas outfit that got as far as a pair of bloomers! When I get an idea I just go with it, she needed a Halloween outfit & it began with this dress.
 Then I still didn't know what to do for hair...the idea of this 'Cat Mask' came to me when I looked on my design wall at the photocopy of the cat quilt I wanted to do last year.

 This is a Dollarstore bracelet that worked beautifully for her belt!

                                  And yes, finally coordinating bloomers to finish her outfit!!

Keeping with the Fall sewing I finally made the Fall Memories by Laundry Basket, all in batiks.
It's all 'edge stitched' a technique that I'd never done before, the pumpkin was buttonhole stitched as was the brown stem.

It really warms the kitchen with colour.

I now have to buckle down & start my Christmas sewing. I like making gifts for my family & friends for Christmas and with 64 sleeps till Christmas...each day will count as I sew my way to the start of the next season.

Fall Memories, what a nice way to view beautiful colour. 
The night is going down to -5C.
The air is filled with the smell of wood burning as the evenings are cool & fireplaces & wood stoves are filled & blazing out heat, to cozy the homes.

Thank you for stopping by for a visit. I hope you have the time to enjoy Mother Nature as she sings her colourful Fall song. 

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

The Cooling of October

Even with the cool sunny days & cool nights, the cottage rose bush that I planted back in 2009, still blooms away in a beautiful rose pink colour.
 I had planted three that year and this is the lone survivor.

 I remember it blooming into November & as Cindy Day's Grandma Says book it means lots of snow & oh how true that was last winter!! I'm hoping this is the last of the blooms!

The Cottage's Hunkering Down!

 Bill has been putting dirt around the cottage. He also place wood then covered in with Plexiglas to try to keep the water away from the weak foundation.

 Under the steps the water just pooled & soaked into the foundation. With a quote of $30,000 to repair the damage!!! , it is after all a summer cottage, so we'll do what we can to keep it upright.

 The blocks have moved with the water & ice over the years & many bandaid solutions have been done. It will be a job for Bill & the boys to do what they can without 'lifting the house off the foundation'.

 Bill worked all afternoon with the dirt. This really was a 'Mitch Job' as he loves moving dirt!

 I had to clean the kitchen of all that sandy dirt...

 I'm having black gravel put on top this spring or I'm in for a dirty mess coming & going!

 For now the inside walls are held back by this gizmo, Bill says it's the best it's been for the last couple of years. Oh my!

 The foundation blocks are just crumbling away & with the rain & freezing they're 'popping out of place!'...oh my!!

 Bill just smiles & works away to make it right for this winter. I'll be moving into the cottage this spring for about 6 months till the addition is finished in Hardwicke. This was my summer home for four years, it feels like home there.

 Poor old Boris is feeling the cool damp days. This will have to do for him as the gas fireplace replacement. He sure is doing a lot of shivering these days & his body is stiff. I guess animals feel the aging process in the body as we do. Hang in there buddy, we're entering the cool seasons now!
                                                            Snug as a bug on the rug!

Baby Aloe Vera Plants...

 The large Aloe Vera had 'pups' so I had to get them out or the large plant suffers.
I looked everywhere for cactus soil & no one had any. Google helped me out with a recipe to make some, one part potting soil, one part peat moss, & one part construction sand. I settled for sandbox sand for the recipe & it worked very well. Now to find homes for these pup plants.

 Through doing the cactus research, I also needed to transplant the big one! will be delivering me one very large attract pot soon!

 Fall Sewing~~~~~~~~~~
 How Fall like is this table runner?! It's the quilt-as-you-go French braid runner, I made one it in a afternoon!
 I added the wool squirrel the next day with wool I purchased at the Riverview rug hook-in.

 This is the back of the runner, I just love the look of these Fall leaves & even better is...

 That the runner fits perfectly inside the butler table, when the sides are up! Lucky finished measurement for sure!
I don't see any squirrels anymore & miss my Squirrel of ten years RIP wee rodent, your my work inspiration this week!

Hope my Canadian readers had their share of turkey. I had my turkey sandwich at lunch with a huge filling of Jay & Elizabeth's cranberries.  It was just Bill & I, the first time in 41 years not to have any kids at the table for me. Everyone is off doing their own thing this Thanksgiving. Christmas however is a different story, glad the cottage is still standing to catch the overflow. I'll be decorating it too,  this year for Christmas, oh so cozy!

Right now I'm going to continue to enjoy the ever changing gorgeous colours of the trees in our area!
With the gardening & lawn mowing done for the season & the canning & freezing of garden food near an end, cranberries are still out here! Love cranberries!

I'll have a some studio time to sew & a new rug to hook, I've finished the crewel worked on with the lattice edging!

A feeling of accomplishment getting this done & finding just the right edging colour. A special thanks to June in Riverview NB, for showing me how to crotchet the edge to finish the rug, it was so easy & I just love the look of it!

Hope the Fall colours are giving you a warm feeling looking at them! This is my most favourite season of the year!

Thank you for stopping by for a visit! Have a great short week!

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

October Miramichi Quilt Show

The show this year was a colourful display of of the guild's quilts & the place was a buzzing with activities, viewing, draws, vendors, & of course, the Tea Room.

 The guild members were asked to bring in 2 dozen cookies for the tea room. I made 'acorn cookies' that I had seen done on a blog, which one I cannot remember as I follow so many. It was easy to make but difficult to find the ingredients till I visited The Bulk Barn.

 Here's how it's done. First you glue(with decorating icing sugar) I used Wilton's, the two mini cookies ( I used chocolate chip for one dozen & ginger snaps for the other), then add a  Hersey's Kiss to the bottom & finally a butterscotch morsel chip to the top. How sweet of a Fall treat is this?!!

 Rexton enjoys the sound of my sewing machine as I worked on Fall projects for the booth at the quilt show.
She didn't even mind when fabric would drape over her, as it went through with my sewing. lol

Now Onto The Miramichi Quilt Show~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

 This is the Falloween Booth. This was the booth I was to look after for the weekend & this is what it looked like after it was set up.

 There were vendors from the area...

 So many wonderful fabrics...

 Longarm quilter on the stage & a vendor set up below...

 The clothing boutique was a hit also!

 With hand knit wear too.

 Geraldine also brought in a mirror for trying on the hats or to view the colours next to your face. :-)

 My weakness...quilting & crafting magazines. I just love sitting down looking at designer patterns.
How could you go wrong with 3 to 4 books a bundle for $3 Singer books were $2!

 The Baby Room, oh so sweet!

 She was still settin up. I went around with my camera before the show opened to get photos free of when you view this blog it's your own personal viewing! lol Hope your enjoying it!

 The baby quilt with coordinating basket caught my eye. What a lucky baby boy to get that!

 I had not seen the Pinocchio panel quilt before.

 This quilt was set up in the Tearoom area for viewing.

 Joel the machine guy & I can't say enough good things about him! he looks after all my machines & gives me advice on how to maintain them better. lol
Georgine, his mom has a lovely quilt shop & does long arm quilting too, it's worth the drive up to Village Blanchard.

 So many beautiful fabrics & great notions.

 The Kitchen Boutique had this wee display done in plastic canvas, among the kitchen items.

 There were canned preserves for purchase too. I saw many carrying the jars around. Yum!

 Carrot Cake Jam was a big hit!

 And of course the Christmas Booth, complete with a real tree!

 Christmas characters to welcome you.

 Christmas wall hangings. I'm not quite ready to view snow yet. lol

 But the Christmas characters made me smile. ;-)

 Another vendor from the area, yes with her gorgeous Christmas fabric.

 Fat 1/4's all colour coordinated.

 And now you were around the room & we're back at the Falloween booth.
Inside the square were the quilts, I never took photos inside the rows with quilts. My battery was running low & I never brought my camera back in. So the 35-40 quilts were not photographed by me.


 I was sitting in the sunporch stitching, when I looked up & saw a barge going by, in the Miramichi Bay?!
 I got my camera out & changing my lens out I got a shot of's blurry however the evergreens look great!
 Last week I had a very low flying plane, looked military, fly over the bay & the house. Wow it scared me as it looked in distress being so low. I was told it was military doing some practicing of low flying? Might be good to let the public in on thes exercises? So you don't know what you'll see peering out in the bay these days. :-)

Summers Harvest
 My neighbour has a bountiful harvest of tomatoes & asked me to pick some to ripen in the house as frost is fast approaching here. This is for oven tomatoe sauce, thanks for the recipe Ursula! I'll share it when the tomatoes are ready.

 I've some binding to sew on & I do it in the sunporch because of the great natural daylight.

Another Surprise!

Monday morning I was on the front cover of the Miramichi Leader, in my Falloween booth!

Thank you for stopping by for a visit. I hope you have a great long weekend.
Happy Thanksgiving too!!

Oh a saying this week.
I told my husband on the phone this week (after reading it somewhere & writing it down to remember)

Life gives you three choices. Give up, give in, or give it all you've got!

Have a great Thanksgiving, we all have something to be thankful for!