Monday, April 29, 2019

Easter Is Over...

Easter is over but the memories that are left behind make me smile.
The time had wings & I wish that they were clipped to have the family home just a little longer but life goes on for everyone & the skies cried/rained at the thought of them leaving too! lol

Here are some of the shenanigans that went on!

A family photo was taken for the first time in years! I love you all! XO
 I baked a couple of cakes for the rabbit cake & showed how the one round cake was for the ears & bowtie, I started Nicole on the icing when Mitchell jumped into her spot & she became an onlooker.
I was on the other side of the island making devilled eggs & filling them with my new Wilton icing Gizo that was not needed for the rabbit cake creation.

 Nicholas cut apart licorice to create whiskers for the rabbit cake, Aunt Alice was enjoying the food creations too!

 Donny was looking after refreshments making sure that all were hydrated through the activities.

 Donny was in a 'make a sandwich' mode along with the refreshments. lol

 The kitchen island was & stayed the hub of activities whilst everyone was here.

 I took the last of the Miracle Whip but reassured everyone that there was more in the pantry for those sandwiches. lol

 I was trying to be careful of the new scarf that was gifted to me by Aunt Alice when she arrived. She always picks the 'just right scarf' & I loved this one! Thank you, XO.

 The Easter Bunny is looking good!

 Now for some polka dots with the M&M's!

 Everyone had to be in on that finishing touch!

 Aunt Alice, Mitchell, & Nicole had fun decorating the Easter rabbit together!

 And I loved the new Wilton Icing Tube Gizo!

 The Easter Bunny is complete! I added the licorice hair tufts between his ears.
I did not have two cake pans the same size & I like this one better than years past!

 A 'Mom & Dad' picture was taken. It was a happy day indeed, we were all together! A rare time for all!

 Leslie surprised me with a pair of ducks in rain boots & sleekers, so adorable!

This two complement my Easter surprise bunny from Sandy. Perfect trio!! XOXO

 Bill & the boys.

 My girlfriend Jocelyne made us two Acadian Sugar pies, only one remained after their delivery that day! Yummy, thank you, my friend!

 Finally, I asked that they stop & look at me for a photo...

 An then it started, no smiles from Bill & Donny & Nicholas was being an imp!
 Well, three out of four isn't bad, thanks, guys! I love you!!

 The sun was beginning to set over the bay & Nicholas took my camera & was capturing some beautiful shots!

 Thanks, Nicholas, you captured the beauty of our sunsets here. We were all hoping for a nice day to follow that gorgeous sunset, it rained later.

 Bill was upon a very tall ladder changing the orbs bulb & gave it a good dusting too! Thank you, XO

 The dough bowl was filled with chocolaty goodies that were sampled from time to time.

 Nick helping us out in the kitchen.

 Easter Monday photo of all of us together before the next day morning departure of Aunt Alice, Donny, Nick, & Leslie. Mitch & Nicole would stay till Saturday & Bill would leave on Sunday.
And then there were none. I'd be alone with the furbabies & a quiet house after so much love & laughter.
 I made Bill his favourite blueberry pie that we all enjoyed.

 It was served with vanilla yogurt ice cream & was yummy!

 This Easter had too much snow to get any yard work done so the task was to get the car trailer out!

 Really Mitch just wanted to play with the tractor's bucket to move the snow.

 Nicole played with Baxter & Bridget in the sun with fetch the ball & they all loved it!

 The snow was moved to the ditch side of the property & has melted so much since these photos were taken.

 So much snow this Easter, a huge change from last Easter!

 Bridget wanting the ball to be thrown by Nicole... she through it in the snow bank!

 But where?!

 Found it & the fun begins again!

 We'll follow you everywhere you take that ball! lol

 Bill gives Mitchell a hand shovelling into the bucket.

 By the end of the afternoon, the trailer was pulled out of the snow bank!

 Mother's Day was early with the Alberta kids, they presented me with this gorgeous ceramic electric kettle. Mine was a little broken, it would not open anymore without the help of being primed to open with a knife but it still worked & I continued to get mileage out of it... till now!

 This kettle has a fully removable lid & inside the water gage is easy to read!

It is removable from the base too for easy water fill-ups! I just love this colour coordinated kettle! Thank you, Nicole & Mitchell William! XO

 Nicole & I strike a pose for Bill to take our photo. XO

 Mitchell & I.

 Thank you for taking your hat off Mitch! XO

 Bill & Mitch.

Me with the Alberta kids. XO

Everyone has gone home now & Easter has been put away.

Next year Bill is talking about bringing all the kids out later in May & hopefully the weather will be better & more time can be spent outside before the black fly/mosquito season begins. The upside to that is Stephanie a chartered account, Donny's better half, would be through her tax season & be able to join us too!

We'll see, Mitch & Nicole went back to a snowstorm in Alberta on Saturday!
Crazy weather is everywhere these days.

I hope you had a wonderful Easter & are enjoying spring-like days wherever you are.
Thank you for visiting to see the shenanigans that the boys, my chipmunks, Simon, Theodore, & Alvin were up to, Dave had no control over them at all! lol
It was a fast wonderful time had by all!

Happy Spring!