Friday, August 10, 2018

Hardwicke Harmony

I'm hearing the cicada nearly every day now, to let me know that this too will pass & savor the present time of these hot summer days & beautiful sunsets.

The backyard faces Bay Du Vin Island & on nights like this, the sunsets make the house glow red!

 For the past two weeks, I've seen this rabbit every morning & then again in the evening.

 He enjoys munching on the weeds in the dry grass. Funny how the weeds stay green & the grass looks like hay.

 It has a light baggy underbelly which leads me to think maybe a momma or older or both! lol

 I do enjoy watching the wildlife around the house through the windows. The Bostons smell this rabbit every time they're outside to play fetch.

The shade garden did very well this year & the hose will not reach it so I've watered it with the rain barrel water a few times. The gnomes are being bashful hiding in the plants. The rabbit likes this area too but I mostly see him by the wood pile.

Oh my, I was very shocked to see this house when I drove down Eel River Road to see the apartment. Lucky the owner, a volunteer firefighter for Baie-Ste-Anne, was in PEI when this happened. I always admired how they fixed it up. Winmar has been there since this misfortune.

 On a happier note, Old Tom has taken to the wooden dough bowl again, it might feel cool & cozy on the marble coffee table. He has the Saltscapes & Country Sample magazines under him. lol

 With the leftover squares from the Seaside Bargello quilt, I made this pillow cover & tried out a quilting design that I want to use on the Bargello quilt. It was easy & I'm going to give it a try!

I brought the lost Christmas tree into the house & placed birds inside it. We've been looking for this tree for 2 years & I plan on enjoying it even in the summer!

Thank you for coming in for a visit. I've been quilting the 'Life Began In A Garden & the Seaside Bargello is next. So do pop in next week to see those up on the wall!

Have a safe wonderful weekend wherever you may be. I know I will as Bill's home from China tonight!

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