Sunday, May 24, 2015

Safe Spring Arrival

Spring arrival on the northeast coast has finally arrived. And just enough snow to let me know just what I had missed whilst wintering in southwestern Ontario. This was the morning I awoke to, first mist,  then fog, & oh so warm. The sun would come out & burn off all the fog & present a beautiful day to all of us!

This pile of snow stayed for a week!
I'd not seen snow for a couple of months, our neighbour was surprised at how fast it disappeared.
Bill too was amazed at how this patch just stayed for us to look at & shake our heads to see snow!
Boris was curious too & ran over the snow till he fell through. It was our culvert with the water runoff. Poor Boris was out of that snow so fast & he never returned to it!

Play Time~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

                                                            Bill with his arrows...

                                                         Nick with his arrows....

 Nicole, Mitchell's girlfriend from British Columbia, enjoyed watching the guys play with their bows & arrows. lol, This was her first visit to the east coast, she loved being by the Atlantic water & the friendly rural life.

 The guys love the space to shoot their arrows...can you see Nick's in mid air, just by the stump?!

                                                  They're looking for missing arrows. lol

 Bill & Nick shoot weekly, at an indoor place in the GTA. However the length & being outdoors was a huge bonus, near the shore line.

 The mosquito target was found & purchased by Nick...we really dislike those insects & they're so plentiful in the summer. This visit with them was insect free, except for the large mosquito target!

 See Boris off to the left, well he's as big as the target & I was quite nervous with him out there & the three guys shooting but he did listen well to them. Boris only wandered when they wandered to look for astray arrows.

                                                              Look out mosquitoes!!

                                         They sure had a lot of fun with the mosquito target!

Shoreline Visit~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

                                                             The birds were out afloat.

                         The guys were looking for beach wash ups from the winter storm surges or were they looking for their stray arrows?! lol
                                             I admired this creative looking piece.

                                                   It will add interest to the garden.

                                                      It's so peaceful here next to the water.

                                  I enjoyed watching everyone wander about on the beach.

                                 Boris & Bill taking in the view & fresh air in their lungs.

Flowers For The Garden~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

                                Early morning fog blanketed the newly arrived flowers.

                                                      See the fog behind the house?

                  The plants survived the very scary ride through Plaster Rock & Renous, where parts of the road were missing!

                                         The white Victoria Lilacs are in bloom now.

                                    The flower baskets have added a splash of colour.
                                          The large cement urn made it in one piece too!

The woods were filled with water from the pond overflow. We were told that the snow was 8 feet throughout the yard. All the melting had to flood somewhere. Later this summer we'll make a trench to the culvert so this won't happen again. Dump trucks of dirt will be added as well to help build the low areas up in the woods. It sure looked eerie with the morning fog.

              These will be lovely Peonies...they were planted last fall & now are peeking through.

I had placed white stones around them to be able to see them & it worked! Voila, there they are!

Nicholas doesn't do mornings well, Boris wanted to join him to sleep more too.

My Potting Shed~~~~~~~~~~~~

                There was problems with the new shed, it had shifted & needed to be leveled again.

                                    The snow last winter,  was as high as the eve trough!

Everything was brought out of the shed... Now the shed will become my Potting Shed. I thought so until Bill & the boys loaded all the cut wood in there! I think those are called wood sheds? lol

                                                      Everything did well through the winter.
                                                   However with all the snow the shed needs some shimming!

But now they were working on shimming & leveling it out so the door could open properly.

Bill found the totem pole that I fell on & fractured my ribs...scary fellow! Bill does look happy with this statue, doesn't he?!
                                     Oh my what a mess, glad they're going to pick it all up too!

The boys balancing on the wood to raise the shed for shimming...the board broke!

                                  I'm glad the guys like working on organizing that shed.

Sunset on Miramichi Bay

                                       Mitchell & Nicole taking in the last of that days sunset.

First Feast Ever...of Fiddleheads! Yummy!

Mary Beth & I were on our way into Miramichi to go rug hooking when we spotted fiddleheads for sale from the back of a truck. We back tracked & both purchased some. I had never eaten nor cooked them before, so with Mary Beth's instruction we all feasted on them with some oven baked, barbecue chicken. Oh my goodness were they good! And Nicole looked up the calorie count in them for find the nutritional value of these green beauties to be chalked full with good vitamins & nutrients! A double bonus to have something taste good & is good for you too!!

My kitchen garden from Costco. Basil, oregano, thyme, rosemary & more basil, all in a wooden flower box I stenciled so many years ago with the Anne Of Green Gables stencils.

                                                                    Nicole & Mitchell

                          Mitchell & I on the side porch he made a couple of years ago.

Nicole & I... & I'm going to miss those two! I took them to Moncton for their flight back to Calgary after this photo shoot.
 Bill & Nicholas had left at 4am that morning, only to drive into a snow storm from Plaster Rock to Edmunston & horrible winds caught their truck & trailer after that. Gas mileage was not the best even with an empty load! I'm going to miss them too! Everyone will not be back together till Christmas.

It's been a very full, fun, & fast week with everyone & lots of laughter. The house is so quite now but I need to get organized & do some visiting with friends & neighbours. It's sure good to be back.

                                             Boris Loree enjoys being back too!

Nicole & Mitchell went for a 3 day  visit to St. Andrews By The Sea & stayed at the Algonquin Hotel over night, & they really enjoyed it. They also brought this little treasure back for me - with the tea too!
 So with everyone gone I'm going to pamper myself with a cup of this tea & use the tea set when girlfriends come for a visit. Thank you for thinking of me Mitch & Nicole, how sweet & thoughtful of you!

Thank you for stopping by & this summer I hope to show some of the gardening I plan on doing this well as sewing & rug hooking.

Spring sure has a way of rejuvenating oneself.
Enjoy your day, it will be like no other!

Riddle - What's always coming but never gets here?