Thursday, January 10, 2019

Blustery Winter Weather

It sure is wintery here on the east coast.
I knew by the red morning sky yesterday that the calm before the storm was over & the storm was going to moving into our area.

                               As the saying goes, 'Red sky in the morning is a sailors warning.'

 Out over the Miramichi Bay, the sky had a red tinge to it too as the sun was coming up.

 The Canadian geese were spared the nasty winter storm as they are on the front porch but the wind blew snow on them.

 The front porch had a nice heavy wet drift on it too. The temp rose overnight & the snow got very heavy & solid.

                      The laneway & parking lot is now open. It was ploughed out at lunchtime.

                                  The depth of snow is seen when you look at the potting shed.

                      Bill's trailer isn't going anywhere with the packing os snow around it.

 I'm always amazed at the aqua blue colour in the areas piled in the snow, I never saw that gorgeous colour in the snow in Southwestern Ontario winters. I did see that same colour in Newfoundland looking at an iceberg for the first time!
The daylight really shows the blue in the vertical lines, not so much in the picture though.

 I couldn't reach the bird feeders so I threw some feed to them on top of the solid snow.
The little chickadees are very vocal when they see you & are not afraid of getting close to you either.

                                   The birds & squirrels are really enjoying their new feeder too!

I shovelled in front of the garage & the steps after the plough was gone & was it ever heavy snow!
It was easier to lift it up in blocks, just like the blocks that make igloos, so solid.
More flurries for tomorrow too.

 There's a small opening in the garage door as it shifted when it was moved & the lock doesn't aline to keep the bottom closed. I can only image how many rodents are living in the potting shed this winter!

                                  The flurries were starting again & I captured it! lol

                                         I love the way the woods look after a fresh snowfall.

 This is one of Baxter's favourite spots to find the squirrels that take the birdseed. He will sit at the base of a tree & wait for the squirrel to come down. The squirrels love to tease Baxter & make noise.

 The birds are waiting for me to leave so they could get at the birdseed I put out.

 Winter seems like it has been going on since last year & it has! It started snowing in November & has not stopped. Maybe we'll have an early spring this year to enjoy our late Easter on April 21st.

                                        I love the look of our laneway in every season!

 Thank you, Alan, for the great ploughing job that links me to the main road, I'm mobile once more!

I'm hoping the snow wall if high enough to create the snow fence that is needed there. The snow swirls right in front of the garage door that I use. Totally forgot to change spots with Bill again this year! Something tells me the hindsight will kick in for next years winter! lol

 The light looks great in the snow & the evergreens are drooping with the heavy wet snow, frosted tips, love the woods!

Cozy inside with the snow piling up on the outside. The metal roof is quiet today just dripping icicles in the sun. Once the sun goes down everything freezes & the icicles are frozen solid again.

I found paperwhite's on sale & potted them a couple of weeks ago, they will be blooming & smelling so go soon. The amaryllis is going to bloom soon too!

 Baxter & Bridget have new coats for next Christmas. Bill & I found these Christmas alpaca sweaters at Winners for only $4 each!

 They were so good at modelling the sweaters & never tried to remove them off of one another.

                             Bridget got a pink fleece lined jacket to keep her cozy this winter.

Well, 2019 has started & it was really different having Bill home for 17 days over Christmas & time just flew by with him. The Boston's just love having him home to play stick & walks down the lane.

Spring will arrive in 68 days & Easter in 101 days. I'mm looking forward to Easter as all the kids will be flying home for Easter. All the boys will be together & I'm going to start baking & freezing food next month so I won't have to be in the kitchen so much! Till then I'll be digging my way out. lol

Thank you for stopping in for a visit, I hope you are staying warm & cozy wherever you are.
Health & Happines always,

Saturday, December 29, 2018

Christmas Memories

Christmas memories are what they are now.
Where does the time go?!
It was a wonderful time of the year for me & now we prepare for 2019.

Here are some photos of that wonderful day. There were also many family phone calls from those that were not with us but joined us in our hearts.

These are my highlights, you'd better get a cuppa & settle in...

                                       The tree had five hand knit Gnomes peaking out.

This sign made me laugh out loud at the Park Place Shop in Newcastle. It was 40% off and I pondered it, then purchased it the next day. lol

 You can see the scale size of the sign sitting on top of the mirror. Funny cute saying! lol

                            Leslie & Rexton settled into a relaxing warm cozy mode.

                   Rexton claimed Leslie for her own! lol Love me, feed me, never leave me. lol

 Nicholas took over the only 'pet chair' in the great room & Baxter was trying to tell him to get out!

                                                          'No, I was here first Baxter.'

                                                                     'It's not your chair.'

                                                               'Let's share the chair!'

 Rexton & Bridget are beginning to form a relationship. Nothing like Rexton had with Boris but with trust & attention just the same.

                                                             Bridget will lick Rexton...


 Rexton will bite Bridget in the face & make her stay there till she lets go!

 These two are so cute to watch! Rexton taunts Bridget because cats are allowed on the furniture but dogs are confined to the chair Nick likes. lol

 In the evenings I grew restless & needed to have something in hand. I clipped the HST to make something fast & easy.

 I made a wee pinwheel pillow for the sleigh, the other side is a pawpaw block. The afternoon sun just poured in that day to the back of the sleigh.

 Every Christmas we start a puzzle to be finished by New Years Day. This is not the puzzle I ordered from the Home Hardware from BSA, it did not come in. That puzzle was of Christmas postage stamps, maybe for next year if it does come in & is now on sale!

 I love the etchings of M.C. Escher, the exhibition of some of his work in Sarnia was breathtaking!

 Our Christmas Eve dinner is one done to our past Hungarian heritage, a fish & salad dinner.

 And plenty of talk of those in our hearts that were not able to be with us this Christmas Eve.

                            Baxter & Bridget enjoy a lap cuddle every night before bedtime.

                                                         Bridget enjoys sucking on her unstuffed teddy.

                     And Baxter likes being under the blanket, then it's off to bed for these two.

                          Rexton keep wondering if that cat is ever going to leave the chair! lol

                                   Rexton's Christmas stocking had catnip pink mice in it!

                                     And a catnip satin pillow, meow she was good for Santa Claws!

 Mr. Boots got the same, just in brown, those mice are scary looking! The Boston's are enjou=ying them too! lol

 Mr. Claus got a MACH I model to do in his spare time when he's away from

                                                             Good pick Nicholas!

             I received a beautiful cross stitched picture of my bike! Thank you, Leslie! :-)

 Nicholas enjoyed the gift that his dad put together, a calendar for 2019 of all of Bill's favourite photos. The photo on the front was our July Anniversary in 2009 taken by Nick when we first arrived in this part of  New Brunswick.

Leslie found the perfect toys for these toy shredding Boston's!

                It took them days to remove the squeakers & chew the arms/legs off.

                                                             Bridget got one, do I get one too?

 Hours of playing, fighting, & chewing these wonderful grocery store toys!

                                           I think Bridget would have slept with it if I let her!

                   The sleigh was in the afternoon sun & Bridget made it in the sleigh first!

                                                                             Sweet Dreams

                                             Bridget modelling her candy striped scarf.

                                              Baxter wearing his Christmas tree scarf.

                                                                     The Christmas dinner table.

 We had a turkey roll rather than a whole turkey for the four of us, it was delicious!

 The 12 Days of Christmas crackers were set out for the 4 of us the other 8 were mailed out to share with those that could not be with us this Christmas.

 Cranberries were scarce this year as the weather in the Maritimes this year was not the best for a good crop. I used these from the grocery store from Nova Scotia.

                                   A good bottle of wine to toast with our Christmas dinner.

                                      And an ice cream Christmas yule-log cake to finish the meal.

 Someone put my handmade fairy into Santa Claus' grip! It made me gasp when I saw this!
Someone's going onto a naughty list!

 Leslie & Nicholas made the gingerbread house, this is the first gingerbread house in our home since the mid-1980s. They did a great job curious to see the one for next year!

           You cannot leave the dishwasher open or the prewash Bridget cycle will begin!

 Here comes trouble...

 And I got my wish, that Boston went away!

                           This was a popular place for the female black/white pets this Christmas.

                               It is all gone now, until next year. Something like Frosty, lol.

                                  And next year Mitchell & Nicole Victoria will be here too!

                                                         And Donald & Stephanie too!

I made Stephanie a pillow this year for Christmas, I could not show it on my post till now. When she was here in the summer I asked Stephanie to give me one word that describes her love of biking, without hesitation she said 'Freedom' & I put together this pillow.
I thought it was great to see the cross stitch done in a similar way too! Great minds... I just have to get on my bike now... lol

Oh my goodness it was a cold bonfire on the beach this year. You also had to get over this large tree trunk to get to it!
                              From our house to yours, have a wonderful New Year in 2019!

Thank you for stopping in for a visit on the northeast coast. Snow has happened since this photo & it is now a blanket of white, like the song of My Favourite Things, 'Silver white winters that melt into spring'.

Spring will begin again in just four short months!

Wishing you the very best,