Sunday, March 11, 2018

March Break Is Over In New Brunswick

I have not been very good at posting...
I came down with my first cold/flu in four years & it is knocking the stuffing out of me. I think I have turned the corner but the cough & congestion is an annoyance. Thank you Bill for sharing & I'm glad your feeling better, I dropped my gaurd with the 'arms length rule' with him last weekend.

Winter is back...

                                                   It looks rather scary with the ice claws!

 It is a good time for me to be sick but now I'm getting sick & tiered of shovelling the snow.

 This made me laugh out loud this week! See the squirrel inside the squirrel proof bird feeder that I brought from Ontario?

 The red squirrels here are the size of a chipmunk & can move very fast. There are three now that feast inside their new resturant but only one at a time go inside.

 I'm just glad no one is going hungry through these snowy times. I have a fondness for squirrels, from a distance!
 This is the view from the front porch this morning & next to the evergreen is where I feed the birds/squirrels. I just keep telling myself that this is winters last hurrah.

And now there is another storm front moving in for Wednesday into Thursday. Winter just will not let go to northern New Brunswick.

 It is really piling up by the wee potting shed. I've been told that snow is the poorman's manure, the lawns are going to look great this spring!

 The dogs pen is filling up too! Bill snowblowed it out last weekend when he was here..

The Gardian Gargoyle looks like I feel these days with the head cold & snow! lol
This was the view the other day with the snow/wind storm. Yes, that is th silhouette of Rexton fast asleep in her cat tower. The snow has fallen of the roof & is now up to the bottom of the window & has quickly moved higher each day to the point of viewing the snow where the billboard is covering & protecting the muffin bush. Oh my, the nice thing is that it is no longer bitter cold, just very damp & cold.
The view from my sewing room is really white & I'm so thankful to have the evergreens to view through the winter. The snow fence is lost now, it is buried with snow.

Inside The Sewing Room

I've kept busy with this insane BOW, yes a new block to make every week!!
It was the first block that pulled me in...

 This is the first block

 The 2nd block

 3rd block, I'm still working on it in the evenings infront of the TV.

 The 4th block, so many french knots!

The 5th block. I've yet to get to it but it is ready to get stitched & block 6 has been traced out onto the heat & bond & will soon be ready for wool colour selection.

This block is released every Friday till the end of April. It is free pattern & fun to do with friends, three of us are doing it right now.

Little Nancy

Upon unpacking some more boxes I found little nancy, she stands 12 inches tall & was purchased for me by my mother in 1957 from the Simpson's Department Store in London. It would be my companion in my crib, fingers & toes are chewed off but other than that she's lovely.
I made her a new pink dress, bloomers, & bonnet. Easter is in the air, it may not look like it though!

After finding her with nothing on, I felt bad that I had taken time to make a full outfit for another doll but not mine. We should value what we have & I set to make it right. Now she is a proper heirloom, complete with shoes & socks!

You're A Mean One Mr Boots!

 He really rules these dogs, with one look & growl, 'Did I tell you to leave the room?'

 They will stay away from him & look how he places himself in the hallway! They cannot even get to their toys!

 Once Mr Boots moves, then they move but not until! It is so funny to watch.

Foyer Decorating

 This table was what I had in mind for the foyer but it was used as a prop in a house that we were selling. I'm so glad that it is home now!

 The clock needs to find a mantel but for now I need to hear its chimes through the night. A ticking chiming clock is like a heart beat in the house for me.
How sweet is that rabbit that Bill picked out at Winners, he also found the vase & flowers! Great finds sweetheart!

 Bill hung my favourite watercoloured origional art piece up too! The trilliums are so pretty & this was the first piece of artwork that talked to me at an art show & I had to have it come home with me.

 The foyer has opened up & will have more light & reflection to it when Bill & Mitchell bring the final trailer load of things from London. In that trailer will be the floor to ceiling mirror that will go on that blank wall. Then the door & transom & side lights will reflect into the mirror creating a avery bright spot upon entry.

Fond Memories

Those of you at a certain age, will remember the Friendly Giant. It lasted only 15 minutes & it held our attention the whole time.
I fond this memory picture, perfect in black & white at the Open Door Antique Shop in Chatham, NB. I smile inside & out when I view it.

What an inviting show for children to watch in that era! Educational too, with such simple puppets & a kind soft spoken giant.

The clocks sprung forward last night & it is snowing again today. Maybe next week this time will be a better bright, snow melting day. Spring will arrive soon & Easter very shortly after that & this too will all be a winter memory.

Thank you for stopping by & having a safe visit with me & my cold. I hope your doing well with your health & the weather is more spring like for you!

A thought to ponder

Dreams come a size too big so that we can grow into them.
                                                                                          Josie Bisset

Have a wonderful week!

Sunday, February 25, 2018

Wrapping Up February

This has been a quick month!
This weekend I finished some of my Kathleen Tracy projects for the month. I'm just loving the internet & the BOM or the BOW that I'm doing right now. They both are Garden Mystery blocks!

 This was the 1st & 2nd month, I did mine with wool on cotton. This one is going to be in civil war fabrics, for a more aged look. We were given two choices for the centre block, this is the first.

 And this is the second choice, I chose to do this quilt in a 'Rose Garden' theme. Both finish at a 12" centre, then March 1st the third instalment will be released & Kathleen has already informed us that it will be much more involved.

 This was my inspiration to do this as a second choice block, how sweet is this?!

 Then Kathleen Tracy has a wee quilt of the month from her Small & Scrappy book, this is for the month of February, yes I still have January to do but I didn't get my book till this month, so it's next on my to-do list. This little quilt finishes at 17 1/2" square. The pattern is called Windowpane.

My youngest son calls me a magpie when it comes to viewing new sewing projects,  I'm always looking at what attracts me & this little quilt sure did. The wreath blocks finish at 4" square & the red/pink are 1" blocks! I have 60 french knots to put in the centre of the red circles, that is a TV time project.
I saw it in the Primitive Quilts & Projects magazine & just had to do it! Ohhhh Shiney! lol

The Pet Antics This Week

 I was busy sewing in the sewing room, right off of this foyer area. I came out to put the kettle on & oh my!!! They were being themselves just entertaining themselves with their tug of toys!

Then I saw this photo & thought to pets are more like me than I care to think about! lol

I took this photo to see if you could spot the Manx cat in the photo?

 I came back into my room to find 'Watch cat on duty' guarding the heartbeat in the room, my sewing machine!
 I think Rexton was trying to get my attention to open the cupboard so she could get in & have a nap.
Or maybe she was watching the mouse sewing caddy?! She got my attention & the cupboard was opened for her to climb into.

On Friday I was excited to look at the new block of the week, it's released every Friday & it was tulips & embroidery, I was thrilled. Then I got up to print it off &  what the !@#$***

 Bridget & Baxter were playing in this area...

 I had NO idea that they were shredding the bottom out of the black leather wingback!!!

They immediately ran for cover to their crates. What a way to start your morning, in shock, they have been so good lately. Cabin fever is setting in.
I took them outside that afternoon & Bridget lost her boot in the deep snow. Her little legs just can't take the cold. I couldn't find it but the weather is in for a warm up this week & it's bright pink & black, in a white snow bank so it should reveal itself.

Bill & the two boys, Donny & Nicholas, attended the car show in downtown Toronto today. Bill sent me an email with the subject, ~~ found you a PFAFF, that is the make of my favourite sewing machine from 1996. I opened the email to find this!  Very funny!

Well, the design wall is clear for the first time since spring last year & I have just two rows to sew together to finish the quilt top from the Summer Blog Hop 2017.
I'll show you what the design wall looks like with no project attached to it & I'll show you my BOW's, that is my tomorrow project to begin! So spring like!!

Thank you for the visit & I'll post to wrap February up!

And March will be coming in like a lamb here on the northeast coast!

Spring, the season of new hope.
Enjoy your week, wherever you are.

Take care.

Friday, February 16, 2018

Weekend Project - The Camden Bowl

Mid February Already!

This month is just flying by!
And I've been daydreaming about spring. You get a few days that the sun shines on you & the air is warm & pouffe! Your thinking of spring & ignoring that it's still wintering with snow all around you.

 I made this basket with 2 1/2" strips that remind me of spring! I've had these leftover strips & when I watched the tutorial on Youtube on this basket, they called in the Camden Bowl.
OK, frustrating but I did manage to get the pattern tutorial copied into my last post AND the next post! lol   I'm not very techie however a bit impressed that I did get it copied! Drop into the last post to see the tutorial if you too have some 2 1/2" strips to get creative with!

My girlfriend Liz gave me these ceramic buttons & they too scream 'spring'!

I used some of my stash pieces of painters canvas to line the bottom, insides should be light & bright or things get lost when your looking for them. Why do most purses have dark linings?

The lid was made from scraps of the 2 1/2" strips cut into 2 1/2" squares, only 6 pieces were leftover!

I made mine larger than shown, it finished 12 1/2'' across. It also uses up scrap batting pieces from quilt sides. The batting is cut at 2 1/4" wide.

The basket/bowl reminded me of the clothesline baskets that you wrap fabric around... yes, I have one of those on the go too! This is much faster & easier for me & my machine.
Do you not this does look like spring? Do have a look at the video, this is a cheap & cheerful project!

Winter Warriors

Bridget & Baxter love when Bill is home, he takes them up the lane & plays stick with them. I'm waiting for the ice to go away & then we'll resume our outside time together again.

They love being with Bill playing 'stick', Bridget is the true stick dog. She will run as hard as she can to get it. I play ball throwing in the house with them... it's just not the same as the run outdoors.

The afternoon sun comes into the great room & I place a blanket down for them for their afternoon sleep.
And just leave them to the saying, "Let sleeping dogs lie." So sweet when they're asleep!

Nearly Done the BOM 2017

This is another block done. I modified it from the USA version of Liberty to the Canadian version of our anthem, Far & wide.

And another block finished, this modification was the USA flag was behind the flower, I had a lovely Canada patch that I used instead.

Two more blocks & I can sew the quilt together & remove it from my design wall, nearly half a year later!!
The next fabric wool quilt is the free Garden Mystery BOW, that I'm already three weeks behind!
I wanted to start it, however, this one must be finished first!

Thank you for dropping in & do have a look at the bowl/basket, it's fun making something from our scraps & it is functional too!

Have a great weekend, Bill & Nicholas fly in tonight! A great weekend for me & the Boston terriers!

Health & Happiness to you, wherever you are!