Wednesday, June 22, 2016

And Another Garden Added

I worked on the southwest garden area this week. I'm so pleased at how pretty this little Carroll Cottage is outside now. More work will be done after the installation of the new front porch. The not so old one that Mitchell built me, at the Hardwicke House was removed by Nick & Bill & is now being stored behind the garage till August. At that time Nick & Bill will install it & I'll stain it & make it blend with the other side porch. Everything should have the look that it was always here.

South-West Garden

This garden was work!
First I had to dig out the grass, underneath was sand, so once my shovel (Yes, I'm getting much better with a shovel, far from the days of falling off the shovel & fracturing my ribs! lol) like I was saying, once the shovel was at the sand depth, I pushed & lifted up weed sod. Once I had a shovel of it I walked over to the large depressed area under the clothes line & placed it there. It would join up with the sod weeds from the side garden done last week. I'm filling the hole one shovel load at a time!

                                     It's a large hole, hard to show you the scale of the area.

 I first placed peat moss on the sand, then organic top soil, then the plants, then more top soil, & the grand finish of the paper soaked in water. This is work,  however year I will not need to be weeding, just enjoying Mother Nature bringing the garden back from the winter. ;-)

                                           Paper soaking in water, excellent way to recycle!

 Then the icing on the cake!!! Black mulch to hide, unify & enhance the beauties just planted!

I placed the Lupins on the corner to be the show of this east coast cottage. They can spread wherever they want, just not on the lawn as I'll mow them down.
The stones need to be added to finish the edge of the garden but that will have to wait till Bill returns.
I love lupins'!

I was at the optometrist yesterday due to 'lighting flashes' & I've over done the lifting of soil, sod, mulch, water jugs, etc... too much heavy lifting & if I don't get the gel to stabilize inside the eye, trouble will happen with the retina.
I'm going to ride the tractors & mow the lawn as it's still June & the growing is furiously fast.
Yes, I'll mow slowly.  lol

                              Here is the garden on the north west side of the Carroll Cottage.

                                                  The rose bush is really liking it here!

 It has buds all over it & should be in bloom when Bill & Donny arrive on July 1st!
I've purchased bunting flags for Canada Day! I'll take photos when I've got the decorating done.

 The last of three rose bushes planted back in 2009 is in bud too! This one is a gorgeous coral!

 Northeast corner of the cottage. Behind the trellis is the patio screen door & I'm looking forward to the sweet smells of  the summer blooming pink roses, that will fill the kitchen with its fragrance!

 In the front, the lilac bush is done & now the roses take stage for there show. The tree next to it is going to bloom something?? So many people tell me it looks like a fruit tree but it has never given fruit of any kind. It's a sturdy tree & has thrived since its arrival in 2009.

 How fitting is this little door for a fairy garden? I'm going to see if Nick will paint it for me, he's excellent at painting minitures & has an eye for detail & colour.  Then I'll over spray it with clear to protect it from the elements of summer. I'll take everything in for winter storage.

 Over the doorway it reads 'Peace to all who enter here'. It was a garage sale find a couple of years ago & I think it's going to come to life after Nick paints it! ;-)

The wine glass broke & I saved the bottom to use in stained glass as a roundel. The top is used to hold a fairy that I found at the Dollarstore.  I'm having fun with being creative with my finds! lol
 The back of the cottage is so boring but will have to wait till next year. I think hostas will nicely fill the area & spread out. Maybe some kind of a vine, trumpet maybe, that would add colour!

                                                                The southeast side of the cottage.

 The garden Bill put in in May, is thriving & the hydrangea bush has taken well. The calla lilies are coming to life too!
 The peonies have a couple of blooms on them, they will be moved in the Fall to a spot that is sunny but not so close to the steel roof of the garage. The water will be too much in the spring for them.

 See how the front porch is falling into the front of the cottage? The walls will be braced underneath & the new porch will be added. I really like this wee cottage & enjoy my time here. Thank heavens my guys are handsome & handy for all the work that has been done around here!
 I just wish I had better health for the work needed to be done. I don't like hearing about 'aging' my mind is not there but I have this shell of a body that keeps reminding me to listen to it! So...
Sewing & rug hooking to settle things down in my eyes,  for a while. I know I'm not a reader but something tells me I may become one! lol Something that makes one sit-stay!

 I found this beautiful flag at the Dollarstore & it adds to the colour of the phlox & adds interest to the side garden. It reminds me of the blue bird that lives in Bob's birdhouse. The birdhouse is located on the pole of the clothesline. This morning it was sitting on the top of the clothesline & as I moved the line to add clothes, it stayed for the ride on the top line as I added clothes to the bottom line! It was one of those awe moments for me! The birds are now use to my routine of laundry, line hanging.

I've heard that a woman, visiting from IL USA,  was the one that hit the bear.  Oh the fright she must have had! Such a true story for her to tell for years to come of visiting Canada & its wildlife.

Thank you for visiting Carroll Cottage & viewing the gardens.
Stay safe & healthy this summer. Yes,  I'm going to try to practice what I preach!

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Cornhill Road Trip - Loads of Pictures...Get a Drink!

The EBH Garden Club did a road trip to The Cornhill Nursery in Peticodia NB. Heather & I met Ross there. Ross was in his own mood of celebrating as it was officially his fist day of retirement, from the Post Office & there he sat chatting to the waitresses, enjoying some homemade carrot cake, in the onsite restaurant, when Heather & I arrived! lol
The three of us were the only ones that took that 2 1/2 hour trip - one way, to enjoy what I'm going to show you now. I just wish that you could take in a deep breath & smell the most wonderful air & smells of the day at Corn Hill Nursery.

Corn Hill Nursery Gardens

Something so unexpected...
On the way to pick Heather up in the next village, I  could not believe my eyes!!
There on the side of the road was a beautiful black bear that had met his death by a large vehicle, probably one of the many peat moss transports that travel this road. I was so sad about the death of this animal. I stopped the car & took a picture of just how gorgeous it was. The hair was thick & at the paws moved with the morning breeze, the coat was so thick & a shiny jet black.
RIP Mr. Bear.

Enough sadness... on with the rest of the day.

We had such a perfect day!

 Bob Osborne was giving a tour & explaining the trees, shrubs & flowers. We were too late arriving, to join in with the crowd that was there.

                            He is under a tree, that you can go inside & relax in the shade.

Here we go with the day of photos...

                     It was so beautiful up on the hilltop, overlooking lush greenery & farmland.

                              I loved the look of this feathery tree & the sky was so clear & blue!

                                                                   Lush texture & colour!!

 I'm a new gardener & don't know the name of a lot of the plants, trees, or shrubs. That was OK because I had Heather with me. She's a walking encyclopedia of everything that's coming from the ground!! lol She has taught me so much. Back to the picture...I loved the way this cover just 'flowed over' the rock underneath, see the rock on the right?

                                                          OK I know this one, Peony! lol

                                         Oh how I wish you could smell the day at Corn Hill!

                     This was one of the many featured bloomers, The Scarlet O'Hara red peony!

                          The weepers had Heather & Ross both excited every time they saw one.

 Every thing was so interesting for me. The colour the textures, the smells. Such a heavenly, inspiring, & stimulating visit.

 I want a large one of these, Heather gave me a baby one that is now a foot tall...all in good time. lol

                                                       A beautiful layering of hostas.

                                                     This is going to explode with colour!

                                                              Columbine, I have pink ones!

                                     White cosmos, I love it when I can identify a plant. lol

 The hostas are kept under control by a large log. I'll be trying that idea, we've loads of logs!

                                           Love the texture & colour of this coniferous tree!

                                              Pink & orange, side by side, in harmony.

 There was also a vineyard.

 OK, we're 1/2 way through our walking tour of Corn Hill. I'm not going to enlarge the rest of the pictures. So if you see something of interest, just enlarge it on your screen.

 Cool railing! This is a Korean lilac, forgot the name for the cutting it into this shape. lol

 Ross is at least 6ft tall, this will give you an idea of the scale of the mature trees.

 Apple trees that were admired by Heather.
She was hoping to purchase some cabbage seeds or seedlings.
 The top of the apple tree is cut to make it grow outward.

 I think I need one of these too!lol A Dogwood  Tree!

 The stone was just under $900.00 a  skid & that doesn't include delivery!

This is a sprinkler with wrought iron wrapped around it!

 This arbour top is so cool!! And I think it was my favourtite pick at Corn Hill!

                                                       The arbour has a seat built into it!
On the other side of the arbour was a branch railing.
                                                               Heather, Ross, & I, by my favourite arbour.

 Now we go inside the Cedar Cafe - it is two stories high, with an outdoor upstairs balcony.

 Details outside of Cedar Cafe.

 All in all it was a great day at Corn Hill!

Some Rug Hooking~~~

I wanted to work on some hooking  & thought this will do until I have all my supplies under one roof! I'm so scattered with this move & trying my best to stay organized.


It's going to have that Canadiana feel to it. I call it Mitchell's bunkie in the woods. ;-)

Canada of North America - Proud & Free
The Great White North!!

No news on the Hardwicke House this week but I have a feeling that next week's construction blog will have the house rising out of the ground. Fingers crossed!

Have a great week & enjoy this summers longest day & full moon tomorrow!
Summer is finally here!!

Happy Father's Day to all the dads out there!

My Dad died back in 2000 & I miss everyday. Don't take for granted what you have.
And have a great Dad day!