Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Much Mowing... Must Be June!

I was saying in the last post, that an ironing board cover was much needed, in my sewing room.
Here's the IKEA fabric I spoke of & it worked out perfectly! Thank you Mitchell! XO
You need to save your old ironing board cover, to use it as a pattern for the new one. 
I also used the elastic from the other casing & the 2 Velcro strips, to secure the center area.
And that was handy as it would have been a drive to get those supplies! Oh the joys of living in a village & now the large city. Slowly my sewing stdio is making its way east. lol

 This fabric too came from IKEA, 10 years ago now! I made this cover a few years ago & the threads have weakened with the heat & the iron pressing through the fibers. It started to split vertically & I did not enjoy seeing it rotting, when I could/should, do something about it!

 Voila! And here it is! It took longer to send the round elastic through the casing, than it did to sew the cover! I should have disassembled the old one, to get a better idea of how I made it. It's done now & I love it!
 I tied the round elastic to the end of the bodkin & pulled & pulled, I bent the metal, I knew I was having a had time! lol

 My sewing room now has a beautiful ironing board & I think I'll give my Oslo iron a try again. I'm loving my Rowentra & I'm so use to lift an iron upright...not leaving it down! Creature of habit. lol
What a view I have from this room, a different snset every night!  Rexton & Tommy are in this room often,  Rexton is watching the robins, pulling the worms out of the ground.

                      I fond the perfect branch to hang my new appliqued, summer hanger on!

Wrap Around Deck Begins!

 The deck began on Monday, from this deck, you can see the view of Miramichi Bay.

                                              This will really enhance the old sun porch!

 And it's located right next to the Anniversary Garden & will be viewing the garden also.
I'm so pleased with this area & an extension of interest next to the Anniversary Garden, right in time for our 30th Anniversary on the 4th of July!!

                               The landscaping should start soon & the deck will be finished!

 Straight from the door, will be a six foot stair, opening to the backyard, to the shore.

                                      The bottom of the deck, mimics the roof line's slope.

 I had the lawn to mow at The Carroll Cottage & the lawn here in the evening. So much lawn!!!
And in June, there is so much mowing, mostly every 6 days to stay on top of it!
Everything else is growing too!

 The Lily-of-the-valley looked great & smelt even better! I picked them & brought them home to enjoy, all 13 dozen of them!

 Mowing this lawn is a full 2 1/2 hours on the John Deer lawn tractor. This is the view from the top of the lane way. All the beautiful black stone, now has grass & weeds growing through it.

 This is the view from the other lane way... so much grass to mow here! I do enjoy the process but the bugs were thick & the the day hot & humid. You feel it more when your covered from head to toe & wearing the net bug covering jacket, complete with hood & face covering!

 I also mow my neighbours area as they are physically, unable to do it. They boarder on the lot line, so I just keep mowing. Keeps us looking neat & tidy. lol

 The little lilac tree I brought 8 years ago, from London Ontario, is looking its best this year!

 The rose bush is out of control! I'll be transplanting some of it to Hardwicke, once the topsoil is in place & I'll have a better idea of placement.

 The cornflowers look great too! It was so nice to see summer plants & in their showy colours.

 The large rose bush has the bright pink fushia colour, it's going to explode with colour soon!

      I enjoyed mowing past this fragrant area, the breeze would send sweet smells to me! When I was taking this photo, I never noticed the butterfly, right in the center! There were bees & butterflies around the Carroll Cottage gardens & a bird living in the birdhouse at the end of the clothesline pole!
So summery here today!

 The chives, flax, & bleeding hearts are giving summer colours, this area will fill  in, with the summertime.
                                                        I love the pom pom look of the chives.
 And the star like design & show of colour, the greens look like asparagus fern. Lovely combination!

And now... back home to Hardwicke & the decking project. So much wood has been installed!

                                                                  The view from the deck.
                                 Another view from the deck, with our flag peeking out. :-)
The area looks so much better after the dandelions & weeds have been mowed down!

 Even mowing the edge, gives a clean cut to the ditch, wild weeds. I've no idea what they are but can they ever grow fast & thick!

 The grass is green, the sky is blue & the water is even bluer! I love this place! The deck is taking shape too! It is high on the west side & from there, the sunsets will be beautiful!

 This is the grassy lane that takes you to the water's shoreline. Later this summer all those green bushes will be pink wild roses & the aroma so sweet, with the summer breezes.
 I got the diesel  tractor stuck down there last Sunday afternoon. It was a freak thing...  I ran over a branch limb that flew up under the mower's deck & disengaged the mower from the tractor!!! I could not go forward, nor backwards & I was on the downgrade of the grassy lane. Eek, looking at the water! Those that know me know I'm hydrophobic, I was not having a good day!
I often said that if Murphy's Law had a sister, I would be her!
Thank you Francis for putting it back together as a mowing tractor unit.

The grass needs a weed whacking here, this is the end of the grassy lane. Bill will soon be home.

                                                                 Another deck view.
And topsoil awaits for the spreading of grass seed. I'll miss you Mitchell, we put in a lot of grass together, a few years back.

                                           The Miramichi Bay is so blue on a sunny day.

                  To think that this time last year we were waiting to break ground & start construction!

 The wrap around deck will be enclosed all the way around with the board & batten look, that's in the colour of the siding.

 The black, aluminum railings, will match the front porch railings & will be installed after the deck flooring is complete.

 The bearded Iris's & Lupines are blooming! What a difference a couple of hot humid days make!!

 When you see the beauty of the garden, you forget the bleak white winter!

                            The white bleeding hearts have flourished in the heat & humidity.

                                                               Lovely Bearded Iris!

 The laundry porch will soon be a fenced area for Baxter & Bridget to run in. They're not staying home & are very lively terriers, looking in neighbours basement windows & jumping on them!
There's No Place Like Home!

 The white Russian Lilacs have the most wonderful fragrance & with the rain coming, I'm going to enjoy them indoors!

Oh summer, it has arrived here on the east coast. Thank you for all those that shared their pictures of their beautiful gardens with me, till I could , at last, have mine.

Baxter & Bridget are in day seven, of their 10 days of complete rest... we're nearly there!!

Have a wonderful week, wherever you are!

Summer has begun! Enjoy!!

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Punked, Porch & Puppies!

On Monday morning, I turned on the radio to CBC Moncton & put the coffe maker on. The announcer, announced that it was June 13?!! What that was the date of the puppies procedure, how did I miss that?! Again the news announcer said June 13th... I was at church the day before & I 'thought' my church missile was on June 11? I've been wrong before.
I went into my purse to find the appointment card, yes it is June 13th, so I turned off the coffee, was thankful that I had not fed the pups their breakfast, gave them a bath as they smelt like 'ditch dogs' form cooling off in the side ditch, disinfected their crates & washed all their bedding so it would be fresh upon their return. I went to the clinic, to have the secretary tell me that I was scheduled  for tomorrow. I told her I thought so too but I looked at the appointment card & it said June 13th. She replied 'Yes, but today is June 12th.' OMGoodness, if I was computer or telephone dependent, I would have seen that in all reality, it was June 12th & it was a blip for the CBC announcers that morning. I tried to email them but to no avail finding an address, but I was listening to them, such a one way street that day. I can laugh now...  & I know to check with my technology next time!
I felt like I had been CBC style,  punked! lol

This is Baxter & Bridget on the rehearsal run, June 12th. They were very clean puppies indeed!

On Tuesday both Baxter & Bridget under went the neutering & spaying process. They are doing well & Baxter has way too much energy to keep quiet & completely rested for the 10 days of healing!
They are back in their fenced area, it's the only way to stop the jumping up on furniture & chasing the cats. Quiet time it is not with all the whining going on! lol

Tuesday morning was also the day that the post digger guy, Mario, came to dig the foundation posts for the new wrap around deck that is being installed. Mario said, "I was here to fix under that porch." Oh I know I told him, no rebar put in the posts that held up the porch & the columns are cracked & were crumbling. Those were the 'Mike Holmes Episode Days!! So much was wrong with the existing house but we were determined to keep it!

 This is the first of many poles that ould be driven into the ground. The porch will not be attached to the new deck, it will be a stand alone. I'm hoping that we will not be taxed on that, as it is not attached to the house. The contractor took me, good luck, they tax you on fencing & that's not attached!
                                                   The deck will wrap around the sunporch.

                            The white Russian Lilac is now in bloom & smells so nice!
 Mario installing the first corner post. The deck will have no movement with this technique.

 The view from the porch is going to be beautiful! The mosquitoes are a real problem though.

 The Anniversary Garden is at the end of the deck & the lilacs scent will be heavenly.

                                              Those very long poles are now outlining the decks foundation.
This is the view from under the evergreen, see the Anniversary Garden to the right?

 This is where it got tricky. The septic line runs from the house...somewhere close to the digging line.
After much hand digging & calculation, Mario installed the pole. This is where the other end of the deck will be. Bill will do his barbecuing, on this part of the  deck.

 It will be interesting to see the snow drifts, that will begin in about another 6 months!!

 Bill had built a temporary step, from the sunporch. It will have a 5-6 foot opening of stairs to the shore. I can't wait to see the finished deck!

                                   Very few lavender made it threw the harsh winter this year.

                    The peonies are going to have many blooms, the budding is spectacular!

                                    The Russian Lilacs are looking very hardy this year too!

 The white bleeding hearts are hardy too. At the plant sale I picked up some pink ones. Gardening is so hard here as you have to wear netting from head to toe! So many mosquitoes & black flies in this area. Well I guess they're everywhere, from what I'm hearing!

 This is the new garden area, it is viewed from the front porch, I've called it The Gnome Garden & will built on whimsical features in it.

 Two cast iron gnomes live in the garden right now & some fencing was put up to stop Baxter from lifting his leg on the plants... it's not working.

 Some of the plants from the garden sale in Miramichi. I'm still waiting on the top soil to come in & then I'll set them in their place. The two at the back are Forsythia aka For Cynthia! lol

 It will be awhile for the asphalt, North Shore Contracting has some very large contracts & will be very busy this summer. So long as it's done weeks, before the frost.

Baxter & Bridget are adjusting...

 Baxter is to wear his collar for a few days, to stop him from licking the stitches. Poor Puppy!

 As you can see with this food driven pup, he can clean a bowl of food out & take advantage of Bridget's too. I only will have one of them out at a time , till their ten days of complete rest are up.

 He was happy to get his McDonald's  'Happy Meal' toy to suck on. Jocelyne & I had our lunch in town last week & she gave me her toy for them. So they each got their toy, the day after their operation. Baxter loved his, Bridget is taking things very slow.

 I was pleased to see that the designer of the cone, that's around Baxter's head, is now clear & see through. When Boris was neutered 11 years ago, it was a solid white plastic, making it hard to view where he was going & what he was seeing.

                                          Baxter using it as a scoop, to pick up things! lol

 Bridget is moving very slowly is is the easiest to walk on the leash, Baxter has so much energy to him. I can't wait to watch them run free again. These 10 days will end next weekend.

Bridget-Loree is not happy with these arrangements.  This too will pass for them & me!
Till then, I've been doing some sewing. I needed to do some hand sewing & got some in this week!

Sewing & Gardening  ... Those are my therapy's!!

This is a 2006 McCall's pattern design from Cheryl Haynes. Took me long enough to do it! lol
I just thought it was so appropriate with summer finally upon us. And watermelons, just the taste of summer! It's a small piece, finished measures 19" x 21"w. I need to find a branch piece to tie it to, I've tied it to the two knobs on the dresser unit. lol

 Procrastination - The thief of time!  How very true, it took at least 10 years to do this pattern & 4 days to finish it!!  And I had fun doing it too!

 I needed some needle work, somehow, the rhythm & sound of a needle & thread, soothes me.

         And with the June full moon, 5 days ago, everyone is in the dirt & planting seeds!
I'll be getting my fruits & vegetables from neighbours stands & local farmers markets.


 I took a man's short sleeved shirt & made it into a woman's top. I was surprised at how little waste there was! I re-positioned the front pocket to shirts back, which is now my front!

The raglan sleeve, from the pattern, was altered to be a cap summer, capped sleeve. I gathered it with elastic but if I had not, it would have been a flutter sleeve. I thought with such structured fabric as the stripe, the gathering would look nice with the gathered neckline.

The buttoned down back, was the front of the shirt. I liked the styling of the English company called Cabbage & Roses & they use this technique often & leave a pocket on the back! I don't find that very functional & questionable too. It was a fun afternoon making this last week. I forgot that I made it!
I have several other men's cotton  shirts, that I really like the blues in. I'll be transforming/re-purposing them too.  Since I did not sew the side seams & used the shirt 'as it was'. the body is a bit too big but bigger is more comfortable than tighter. It is also 100% polyester & boasts no wrinkling, so it may be a travel top!

Talented Knitter!!

Jocelyne's aunt, at the age of 92, is knitting dish clothes & gifted her with many. She asked if I would like a few, well when I saw this, my heart sung! This is just the perfect size to be a pillow in the child's rocking chair! I'm going to customize a pillow & hand stitch it to the front. What a talent women at 92 yrs old! I just love the lighthouse pattern & the colour. Thank you for sharing Jocelyne!

Oh Canada!

 I purchased these stones at the Dollarstore in Chatham NB. Even if the pups get them they will not be able to shred them! lol
I placed them on the dining room table, I counted 6, I purchased, you know the odd number, pleases the eye with balance. I went to the table, #7 is under the Canada with heart stone. It's the cool Canadian one, the one with the hockey stick! lol Sometimes I think I'm loosing my mind! lol

                                    I also made the pups reversible neck scarves for Canada Day!

                        They are going to look so dressy in these! There will be photos for sure!

                 To make Bridget-Loree look more feminine , I added small ruffles around her edging.

Well that's it for this week. I have the ironing board cover torn apart for the pattern. I have used it so much that there are two holes worn in the popular spots. I was patching them but the fabric is too worn now. I need a change of colour & texture. So I'm going to use the fabric Mitchell brought me from the IKEA Calgary store. It's blue & white & will be so fresh summery right now.
I've also pulled out the Flower of the Month table topper of the violet - it's February's flower & my province flower! Very summery too!

I'm going to savor anything summer. As the saying goes... 'This too will pass.' But till the passing of summer I'm going to enjoy this bug infested place! LOL

Have a great day, wherever you are! And remember not to procrastinate, 'Procrastination, is the thief of time!'

Take Care,