Sunday, April 13, 2014

Annie Dress & Easter Decorations

 I've finally discovered what the white streaks were in the sky...the X marks the spot to where the jet streams from the planes have made. It was an awe moment for me that morning! lol

 Tommy, the 15 yr old cat, has been enjoying the warm weather these days.
 Look at how white his chin is, he's looking up at birds chirping in the trees. He has only one working eye but his ears are still keen. Look up...look way up & I'll call Rusty! You have to be a certain age to remember the Friendly Giant!

 Squirrel too is enjoying being out these days too & his fur is no longer white like the winter snow!

 He sure has ate a lot of nuts this winter. It was his 10th birthday on April 4th, I think it's safe to say he's the oldest squirrel in the neighbourhood!

I've been spending time twice a week at Ealing Public School for the past month, helping children read, then I found out that their doing an Annie play next month! Well I expressed how much I enjoyed Annie & in 1983 I made the 3ft doll & dog for my daughter & every outfit I made her stuffed Annie doll I made the same outfit for her! I was then asked if I could help out & make a Annie dress for the play.

 You have to love Annie!

 Here's the dress, ready to hand hem.

Here it is hemmed & it just needs a good pressing with the iron.
This time making the dress I lined the skirt, with lining & tulleing  to give it more body.
 Such a sweet little grade 4 girl is going to play Annie. I hope she likes her new dress!

This Good Friday family is arriving in London, to celebrate the Easter weekend.

I just love rabbits, so here are a few that I've brought out to decorate with!

 I purchased this one years ago at Eatons Department Store, in The Wellington Square Mall, I still miss that store!

 Here's the Mr. & Mrs. Rabbit, so sweet.

 Vintage Avon chicks & a snow globe, a wee rabbit tea set with cart are displayed on the tea cart.

 A rabbit holding a tree full of Easter chicks & eggs

 Rabbits, rabbits, did I mention how much I love rabbits!

 Here a rabbit...
 There a rabbit...
 A stained glass rabbit I made years ago & a babushka rabbit egg!
 Everywhere a rabbit! lol   Happy Easter Rabbits!
 Even Lucy the Goose is in her 'rabbit' costume!

 Rabbits on the front door wreath too!

I've to make a trip to the Dollar Store to find a costume for Boris, for my next post!
He's going to make a adorable rabbit!

Have a great week leading up to this Easter Weekend!

Monday, April 7, 2014

Room Revisions & Rest

Well with the rest heading comes a frustration hiccup in my life... I fell quickly on the hard ice two weeks ago & thought I only injured my knee. As the busy days would go on I really felt the pain in my upper back & neck, yes I've got a case of 'whiplash', something I had only heard of through others. OMG the pain made me feel nausea with movement. I'm seeing my chiro due the the 'tennis elbow' that reared its ugly head, now this!! Getting older in the body & not the mind is really difficult for my mind to wrap its head around!
So I've been told to SLOW DOWN by many, even professionals are echoing the same thing. Ice packs are giving relief to the swelling & drugs for the pain but what a stick in my spoke of life!

Here's what I've been up to with the help of Bill & Nicholas. Many thanks to my guys for being so patient with me.  I know I'm a handful to handle & to know me is to love me with all my faults, I'm blessed to have just those people in my life. :-)

How does one take it easy??? Move with those slower than you... I'll take mom out for the day! I organized a day trip in town for her to visit with her cousins Peggy & Ruth. But before the visit I took mom to the hair salon & had her hair done at All About Hair, thank you Tracey for mom's styling spring cut! Then off to Peg's for a lunch date together.

 Mom, Ruth & Peggy
 Peggy was nursing her arm, she had broken it & had the cast removed two weeks ago.
 Mom had a fun day out with her cousins as we celebrated her 82nd birthday early this month.
Next month the lunch date is at my place...what have I got myself into?! lol
Aunt Peg enjoyed my visit so much that whilst visiting her daughter this summer in Fredericton, she & her daughter will be visiting me & because my cottage is at the waters edge she wants to stay all day. She asked if I could make accommodation for them for an overnight stay, sometime in July or August. It will be nice to have family come out for a spell, like my tides...they come in & then they go out. Looking forward to seeing you Aunt Peg. :-)


 Mitchell's table has been disassembled for shipping out to Alberta. This is the inlaid top, I just love this table but I know Mitch will get years of enjoyment out of it too! There's two full leaves with aprons that match up to the round apron on the side of the table. Bill made legs to hold the weight at each end...just thought of that & will get those out of the basement & packed to ship with the table!
 This is the pedestal base, beautifully accented with the brass edging around the bottom of the base.
 The base is what I love! so elegant yet masculine in the black colour.  I told Mitchell he needed a 'statement piece' in his kitchen, he laughed & said 'It will be the statement piece in the house!'

 Slowing down is so hard!! I can't hook because of the tennis elbow, so I've been sewing sequins & glass beads on this Christmas project. It's a Jim Shore wallhanging that has my favourite Christmas theme of The Twelve Days Of Christmas.
 It just sparkles in the light, Nick's often joking how I'm a magpie for shiny objects. lol


The lounge is now the dining room again!
When Bill added on this addition in 1994, it was made as our dining room.
See what's old is new again! lol

I had Bill & Nick change out the lighting to put the chandelier back up again. Handsome & handy are the men in this family! lol 

 The dishes have started to be moved back to this room.

 The leather loveseat was left in as the TV is still in this room till it moves upstairs... yes more room renos.
 Looking over the kitchen counter into the dining room.
 It  does have a nice feel to it & we'll be entertaining Easter this year with Aunt Alice & my in laws, John & Eva too!
 Boris is in his basket just waiting for the afternoon sun to make him come out from under those blankets!

 The old dining room off the parlour,  is now just a sitting room. The lounge light works well in this room & the stained glass piece that I made for Bill back in the early 90's for his office, just sparkles in the morning light. This could be called our 'Morning Room', nice place for coffee/tea & conversation.

 The quilted example of 'what to do with scrap fabric', made into the log cabin block, graces the top of this leather stool.
OK, Those that know my sewing creativity mess will understand! This was the china room & now houses my sewing machines & the 'works in progress'. OMG will I ever be organized. I make sure I spend time with those that are my father would say "You become the people you keep company with." Oh please make it so!
When I get busy creating, I create my own chaos but I do know where everything is!
My saying "Creative Minds Are Seldom Tidy!" the latest sign, I've seen, says it all 'Creative Chaos'

Yes opposites attract! This is Bill's home office, look at how tidy this man is!!
I did the design layout though.
This room was my daughters bedroom, our son's bedroom, International students from Germany & Australia's bedroom, the grandchildrens room, & now a home office space!

Notice the lovely new floor Bill & Nicholas have installed!
The other wall to this office space. To think that Mitchell housed his queensize bed, large armoire, large dresser with a triptych  mirror which would help create the feeling of space & light.
Bill just loves this new room! It's located off the TV Room, that's in the process of being made.
This space was the TV Room back in the early 90's when the kids were small. Their bedrooms were located off this room.
So now, crown moulding will be installed, then the new hardwood floor & voila! A new TV Room will be born...again!
There seems to be a theme going on these days, if it wasn't broke-why fix it?

This house was a triplex when we purchased it in the mid 80's. You can see the front staircase to the right & the back staircase to the left. Very handy, one goes to the parlour, the other to the kitchen! Two windows side by side, well the story to that is the wall between the windows was removed. Some of that room is the laundry room, not finished yet & the rest went to making the TV Room larger & brighter.
You have to have chaos to have begins...again.
This old house will be celebrating her century birthday in two years & we hope to have it finished by then.


I had to do some sort of sewing, so here's a pair of pillowcases for Mitchell's new quilt. It's off to the longarm quilter & will be back soon. The pattern that's being done is the Maple Leaf pattern, so outdoorsy & so Canadian!

I've finally seen a robin! I love seeing them because that tells me that spring has arrived!
This is a table topper I made a few years back. Robins & blue eggs make me smile!

The backyard has finally lost the snow, the front yard still has a small pile left but we're in for a rainstorm for a couple of days. And with that much rain, it will melt & wash things clean from our long winter.
April Showers Will Bring May Flowers!!! Yes bring it on!

Boris has come out from under his blankets but I don't think he'll stay out for long. No sun today, the rain is coming!
My doctor told me today that I'm to start reading! It's what will help my body heal, I'm going to find me a book. I'm going to read Pillars of The Earth. I've already read World Without End, I know that's not the order but it was what I had at the time. So I'll finish that read...but I'd much rather be sewing, hooking or just creating with my hands. There's painting of trim to be done too!! Oh this is so frustrating, not being able to do want or should I say 'what bring me pleasure & puts me a peace in my kyrotime!'

What's that saying I tell others...Oh!... 'This too will pass'. I plan on decorating the place for Easter. Postings to follow, oh those beautiful Easter colours that lift ones spirit.
I'm going to pull out old magazines that have a spring timeline & go into my kyrotime with all the colour & design...with the next shoulder/neck ice pack.  Much better now. :-) !

Thanks for stopping by, enjoy your day!