Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Let Me Sew...

It has been so cold & icy & I mean icy, just like a skating rink on our property.
The lane way was not plowed  & the tire ruts from my car & trucks, going up & down it has now made huge, frozen ruts.
I think I'm driving through a car wash rut, a very long 800 foot,  very slow going  car wash & one must, stay within the rut! If you leave the rut you'll end up in the ditch, which is on either side!
So I go out only when I have to!
You can find me organizing the moved in boxes or doing some creative sewing.

Last Wednesday I was given the quilt pattern, that the Golden Age Club was working on. I missed the road trip to Nadine's in Neguac's, for the fabric but those that know me ...know of my sewing stash!
I went through my stash looking for red & white fabric for a Valentine styled quilt theme.

Here it is!

 I changed out the size. It was a lap quilt 2 blocks across & 3 blocks down. I made it square 3 X 3.

I just loved the bird toile fabric.

And I used this border fabric as it reminded me of feathers!
The challenge came, keeping it all direction & going in a downward pattern. 
Everything was going together splendidly ... 

What was I thinking!! Measure twice, cut once!
Oh I cut alright, the size of the block, without the border!

 I had to think about it & it came to me. I'll just add a center block to balance between the corner stones~! Yes, I was back on track again. That was quite the derailment for me!

 Now for some more creativity! I used the very last of the deep red sashing fabric, to applique these sweet birds, for the four corners. They looked so sweet on the white with pink polka dots!

This is the finished quilt top.
It will work for Valentines's Day but not scream Valentine's Day.
With all the improvising from the mistakes, it's a bit more unique, since I didn't follow the pattern exactly.

 In my stash, I found a full 4 meters, needed for the backing of this 70" X 70" quilt. I'm so pleased to have it done & all the materials came out of my stash! Bill was quite pleased too! lol

This is the pattern's photo, very fall themed.
I'l take photos of the other quilts being done at the Golden Age. 

Kitties In A Basket

Remember my $3 thift store baby quilt, with the kittens? I placed in a wicker basket & what a hit with the cats in this house! Rexton just loves it...

& so does Tommy!

Rexton is usually the mean girl but today she left Tommy & was comfortable on my cutting table.
I placed a couple of their cat mats together & she was napping to Tommy's snoring. lol

 Rexton loves the new Canada pillow that I made, it 100% wool, very cozy with the cold days we're having these days.

We had a thaw last week & the water & grass was visible again! Now everything is frozen & icy.

Soon the puppies will be here & my quite sewing days will be over & my days will be full of puppy needs, potty time, feed time, play time, sleep time... repeat. lol
Yes February 13th will be here in no time!

Bill found the Boston terrier hand puppet, that we got in Boston back in 1994, home of the American Boston terrier! And the door stop Sandy found for me! :-)
Heather & I were in town looking for baby blankets & sweaters for modification for the baby Boston's. For now I'm trying to get that Canada Eh! quilt worked out. I made a huge mistake in my cutting & I'm now awaiting a fabric order from Sew-Sister's in Toronto.

I've cut out a couple of aprons to make today. Then I'll cut out more maple leaf blocks for the quilt.
Sew much to do before the puppies arrival!

Thank you for stopping by & stay warm & safe this icy winter!

Friday, January 6, 2017

2017 - Canada's 150th Birthday & More Renovations

Canada is turning 150 years old. What a young country Canada is!

When Bill & I were traveling with our business, back in the 1990's, it would be business & pleasure trips, to other countries, looking for products to import into Canada. And those days would open my eyes, to how young our country really is.

In England we would eat off of tables, older than our county of Canada & upon returning, I would take a breath & feel the youth of Canada, as we arrived. We were like a puppy country, in this dog world.
As time has gone on I feel Canada has more a sense of being Canadian proud, more & more red & white flags, are flying now. I have a flag pole on each property, one at the shore, at home & one on the lawn at the cottage.
With Canada's birthday coming in July, I'm going to try to decorate the house in red, white, & maple leafs!

 I made this 12" block as practice for the Canada Eh! quilt that I'm working on now. I wanted to see how large the large was. There will be 12 - 12" blocks, each with an applique of a scene from each province & territories. How is yours coming along Liz? More on the quilt next post. ;-)

      The fabric scraps of red & white, are from the Canadian flag wall hanging I did last year.

My rug hooking friend Marg, had a bag of wool pieces that were to be thrown out, if no one wanted them... how could I say no to this free offer?! The red wool, I used for the letters & leaves & the back of the jacket became the background for the pillow covering.
I love the thrill of a find & creating something with it. Thank you Marg!

More Renovations...

 Doesn't this look like a scene from a postcard? It is the view, looking out the great room window.

The two tuxedo cats are following me around the house today & are in nearly all my photos!
What are they going to do when the puppies arrive? The cats will have the run of the house, whilst the puppies are contained in the kitchen & foyer, the cats will be safe.
                               A gorgeous sunny winter day in north east New Brunswick.

The window  dressings have been removed & await for the painters to return.

 However, before the painters return the hardwood floor needs to be sanded down, stained, & sealed.
 The baseboards & baseboard heaters have been remove & new baseboards will go on after the floor is done. That will probably be the first week of February... puppies will arrive on the 13th, timing is everything!
 Bill discovered a rotten floor board under the old baseboard & replaced it with a board from under the stair closet. It has no stain on it but should blend in beautifully once the job of sanding & staining is done. Thank you, my handsome & yes, handy, husband of 30 years! XO

Speaking of the handsome & handy husband...he also made this support for the old mezzanine & once it is painted like the railings, everything will look as it should!

 The great room floor is going to lose its orange hue & have a warm, mid brown tone, rosewood stain applied. Much like the hue on the new staircase stain colour.

 The stairs are going to be hand sanded, stained, & sealed, the same as the great room floor.


The glass railings have been installed around the mezzanine & Rexton is taking in the afternoon sun. lol

Economy glass came on December 23rd & installed the railings. On the staircase area, the glass was short shipped & the railing glass to the main floor, had the wrong angle & was marked. They will be returning this month sometime.
The glass railing is just what was needed for that area, excellent job, Reid at Breakwater & to the installers!
The view going down the glass railings to the landing,  this area is warmed up with the, Vintage Tin, quilted wall hanging.

It was to go in Bill's office but there was no wall room. More about his office on a later post, he needs time to unpack.
For now I'm enjoying seeing the quilt hung up!
And here is another quilt I'm enjoying seen hung up! Over the River, was once hung at the landing of the old staircase but everything had to move with the floor work & painting, including Namama's chairs!

                          I just love how everything, in the brick wall area, just feel into place. The guest room will not be occupied till April, when middle son Mitchell & lovely Nicole, come for a Easter visit. I think I'm just going to leave the end of this room the way it is!

 The other end has such a summer feel to it with the April Cornell, mauve & blue bedding.

 This is my childhood dresser & mirror. I can't believe that all the clothes I owned, fit in those drawers! My dresses & blouse/jumpers would have hung on the back of my bedroom door. I never had a closet for the longest time. It now makes a perfect night table & guest storage area!

                    The steer head is being stored in the guest room till the painting is done!

Fond Memories~~~~~~~~

 This is my grandma, my mom's mom. She was a huge influence in my growing up. This is a picture I took of her after her stroke in 1999. She is holding her kitten Irish. I gave it her Irish after reading that petting animals helps to heal after a stroke. Her words started to come back & she loved having Irish as her own. My grandpa grew prize winning iris's & refused to allow a cat in the house! They did always have a dog though. With grandpa dead, she wanted a cat & I had a spare kitten!
This is Tommy's sister, Tommy is the last of the litter, remember Jerry, the one eyed, three legged cat with a heart murmur, he died in 2012? Well those were the three kittens, back in 1999!

Sweet dreams Tommy. He too only has one working eye, so he does look odd when he sleeps with one eye open! lol

Thank you for stopping by for a visit today.
I hope you have a great weekend, wherever you are! I'm in Canada & it is winter, winter white right now! And in less than 6 months from now it will be July...Canada's 150th birthday.

How are you going to celebrate it? By hanging something wonderful, to greet your guests from your door? Picnics, oh the thought of grass makes me giddy! lol

May health and happiness surround you in every season.
Take care,

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

New Year Resolution?

Did you make a New Year Resolution for 2017?
I did not, I try & strive to make the most out of each day & lately I've noticed how fast they fly by!
I don't have the energy or time to make a promise to myself...history tells a story of what I have failed at & I always felt bad to be a loser, to myself.
So, that is why I try & strive to be the best that I can be. I am a human, not a super human but a happy one! ;-)

 This was our first Christmas with our granddaughter Madison & a happy one it was. She is a delightful, wonderful 13 year old & loves the east coast lifestyle & has the hoodie to prove it!lol

 Madison wants to return this summer to spend more time with her paternal grandparents.

A perfect way to end 2016
                    A three generation photo -  Bill, Donny( Madison's dad), Madison & me.

Rexton & her antics!

Bill awoke to his dresser drawers sliding opening. He said that he thought that the cat is in my dresser... well he was right!
He leaves a drawer open at night, & uses it for a place to put his eyeglasses. Rexton crawled in & stood at the bottom & pushed open the lower drawers!!

Into the open top one... then she opened the two lower drawers!
I ran for my camera for this funny Kodak moment.

She reappeared from her starting point...
 Rexton stood on her hind legs to open the bottom drawers & she must be strong or determined because this is a heavy highboy dresser by Thomasville  & it had clothes in it!

                  Once she knew that we were on to her she posed for her photo, what a Manx!

Yes it is the more simple things in life that make my days!

This New Year's Eve, Bill, Nicholas, & I worked on  a puzzle & waited for the New Year to greet us.
As we worked on it, the radio was on the country western channel 99.3 - The River & we listened to all the requests. Nicholas wanted to hear the song 'Voices' & what a time he & the dis jockey had thinking of who the artist was! lol
Before the New Year we hear his request of the song 'Voices'  by  Chris Young. Doing a puzzle & singing to the songs from the radio, really brought back memories of my childhood & a more simpler time in life. It truly was a great way to ring in the 2017 year.

This was a fun puzzle & even more fun listening to Bill doing his critic, on the different years & what was done wrong & what was done right! lol
I just enjoyed the company & the memories that each Mustang that I was familiar with, either by driving or by racing & the feelings each one gave me. :-) We only have two Mustangs now , my Cobra 1996 & Bill's Mach I 1970.
Both are different & both are beautiful, in their own way.

Thank you for the visit & I wish you the very best in 2017!

Thought for the week.
Live each day to the fullest - Be present, with your present, the gift of life!