Sunday, December 14, 2014

No Snow...Like Christmas it's coming!

 The weather here has no snow...yet but the dampness in the air is chilly. These two love to love to  snuggle next to each other by the fireplace.
                                                                    Warm & cozy

                                                                  While visions...

                                                                     of pet treats...
                                                                    danced in their heads. lol
 This cat really thinks she's a dog! Boris still hasn't got her figured out. lol


My mom was institutionalized this summer & is happy to see me but isn't sure exactly who I am. The MRI showed she had two strokes & her memory has failed. I took cousin Peggy to visit her. Aunt Peg will be 90 this March & is as sharp as a double edged razor. Mom didn't know her but was happy that she had company & that we helped find her teeth! lol
                                                                 Aunt Peg & Mom

                                                                         Mom & I
She is getting use to being there & I'm glad that she has 24/7 care at Chelsea Park & she's only a 15 minute car ride away.


I had a lovely visit with my quilting buddy Paulette & she even came with a 'Show & Share'!

 She's going through a few Tilda book's & I think she's going to give the patterns a try!

 This quilt was done from the London Friendship Quilt's nine patch swap. So simple yet so effective, well done Paulette!
 She also finished this Kaffe Fassett quilt at a retreat. Paulette you never stop surprising me. lol
Can you tell this woman loves colour?!!


 Mitchell's tree ornaments are still being made. I got these done & I'm really pleased with them.
The idea came to me in Miramichi NB when purchases made were put in a paper John Deere bag...perfect for enlarging & making a pattern!
I started with the large green background, then the smaller yellow layer, finished with the green with the center pattern cut out & saved for another decoration with a green deer! Then the buttonhole stitch to hold everything down... I already had the felt in green & yellow, bonus!!

 Packing has begun for our trip to Elnora Alberta for Christmas. I'm going to take this wall hanging for Mitch, to decorate his home. His first Christmas blanket is going too, I'm going to place it under his tree as the tree skirt this year.
 Rexton has been exploring all the new things coming in for Christmas.
 She's going to be such an excellent mouser!

 I hope everything is going to fit! We never check our bags...this will be interesting. It's a direct flight so the luggage will be safe.
 More snowmen for the tree.


What to do with 'frog fabric'

       I'd purchased this fabric last year for making my girlfriend Sandy something & never had time to materialize it into anything...

This year the sewing began...

 I used the character fabric on the outside of this 'car trash bag' & lined it with the green chef frogs.

Now the idea came to me to make a trash bag holder...
 The doggie poop bags are used inside the trash bag & the ice cream lid will hold the bag open!

I used Bill's Olfa cutter to cut just the rim off , it was easy with the right tools!
 Then a piece of twill tape to tie it in...
 There's the bag inside, sitting neatly opened awaiting trash.
 Voila!! A finished trash bag. I cross hatch quilted the exterior to make it sturdy & washable.
 Same fabric...

A reversible apron!
                                          Version One...

                                          Version Two!
Sandy is going to be styling it in the kitchen in the New Year!

But wait...there's more!
A wee runner, I fussy cut some characters added the chef frogs & finished it in black...
So on the reverse side you'd never know that frogs resided on the other! lol


 Look at these two...& those legs hanging out! lol
 She does have the Manx legs!
                                              I wonder if they'll always sleep together?!

                                                                    Sweet Dreams!


 Bev made me this last year & I added snow flakes to it this year. We don't have any snow left now but this gives the feeling of snow falling on the snowmen!

A few years back Bev gave me this wonder snow globe & it was packed last summer & I was afraid it was in the garage in NB with the other Christmas things. Luckily it was still packed in the trailer & Bill went through 12 large boxes looking for it...yes it was in the last box!! lol
I was so afraid that it was going to freeze & crack. Thank you Bill for your patience with me. ;)

                                                           How beautiful is this globe?!

                                                And by a push of a button the snow starts!


 Still sewing...
 This quilt as you go French braid runner works up quickly. One has already gone out as a gift to Aunt Alice in Montreal, this one will go to Alberta.

                                           The backside of the runner works well too!

I played with my paint crayons to colour the Five Little Monkeys hanging & added button hearts & stars. It's now done!

The Christmas tree is all decorated & I'm enjoy looking at it. t
This is the tree that I'd leave up year round in my studio. Christmas is my favourite time of the year & I try to hold the spirit of it year round.

Thank you for stopping by this week.

Thought for the week...

Invest in yourself.
It will pay you for the rest of your life.

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Into December Already!

Wow it's into December already! Time has just been flying by for me these days. I've been quite busy sewing up a storm of gifts, for upcoming events. Sorry I can't post but I've been taking pictures & will share after the 'gift giving'. Too many eyes watching. lol
Here's what's been happening that I can talk about.
Nicholas presented me with my Christmas present early...a Cannon Rebel T5!!! I had already had lens that would fit it from my old Cannon Rebel (back in the days of 'film rolls'). Wow this one I didn't see coming. He said he remembered me blogging(he was the one that started me blogging & set me up & taught me how) that I couldn't capture what I was seeing to share on my blog, it was a night shot that my old camera that I  just couldn't capture. He told me ' Now you can mom!'.
Thank you Nicholas. So here are photos from the new & improved camera.
 Nick took this shot from his 27th floor balcony in the GTA. A night shot that's breathtaking!
 Same shot! I know I'm going to like this camera once I get use to it.

 I've started to use chalk paint & I'm really enjoying it. This handmade bird house from NB had painting on the front accent pieces only. I've since then painted the roof & base. I'll post again once more colours are added. Then a good varithane & it will be ready for spring tenents!

 This is where Boris sits, it's on the rug & the kitchen is a stone floor, too cool on his bottom. lol
 His face has so much expression to it...ears up & alert.
 Then ears down & sad looking eyes, just before he whimpers for a treat. Much like myself, he is so food

 My happy, handsome husband Bill.

 I played with the camera at night. This is a night shot with the only lights being on the tree!

 Here too is another night shot, you can see out the window how dark it was!
There's so much to learn on this camera & so little time to take it all in. Maybe in the New Year after the Christmas rush, I'll make myself take the time to learn.
 Love this new camera!
 These trees have been sitting in the basement for years, I'm glad we got them at a Canadian Tire sale way back when.

Sewing time...

In 2007 I'd purchased a McCall's magazine with a Karen Neary's pattern in it called 'Santa's Trip Around the World'. Every year since then I've wanted to do the pattern but was intimidated by the trip around the world block. I'd only done Bargello & everyone would tell me it's much the same.
So the choosing of fabric & cutting began!

 Here's what I choose, all fabric have a glitter of gold to them. I like it when Christmas has a sparkle to it. just like the snow on a very sunny day, it sparkles like magic!

 Here it is sewn together vertically & then I noticed!!!

 The center reds got mixed up! Thank goodness I noticed it before the horizontal rows were sewn.
With some undoing & redoing...

 It was made right! I'll post more once the border is on & the applique added.
But I must say it went together very easily. I used a tray with everything numbered & followed the numbers to use, just once did I go astray. lol

 My Thursday mornings are with a trio of girlfriends, we talk & laugh the hours away & of course we do some stitching too! lol

 Lynn working on her embroidery...
 Deb works on so much more than us! Today it was knitting a toddlers 'Bear hat' so cute!

Bev was sharing a fall pattern with us & I got an action shot of her returning with the pattern.

 Bev had her house decorated so beautifully for Christmas!

 I looked & awed... then realized I made that table mat for her for Christmas last year! Silly me, it does get hard to remember when you make & give so much but it did my heart good to see her still enjoying it!

 Deb & Lynn talking design of something?! Bev's Christmas village was all lit up, I should've got some close up shots, it's gorgeous! Next post maybe...

 Something Lynn was passionate about! lol She was sewing binding on a kingsize camo quilt for her son, the quilt is stunning! Huge job & well done Lynn! he's going to love it!

 I worked on my monkey quilt. That morning I took my tea & put the cozy Lynn gave me for Christmas, how cute is that?!!
This little beauty is going into my studio in NB. It makes me laugh looking at it, sometimes we need silly things to make our hearts sing & our faces smile! :)

Pets a lazing...these creatures make me smile daily!

 Cat in the bay window. lol
She sleeps so soundly but flips & flops like a fish out of water!
 This way...

 That way...

 No this way...
 Look at the length to those legs, such a Manx trait!
 I don't know if she'll fit on the pillow in the next few weeks!
Then it's onto the rug with Boris, infront of the fireplace.

 These two are buddies, which is good as Rexton is going to be quite the size I think.

 She weighed in at 8lb 6ozs this week, she's 5 months old now.

 They sleep & play together daily.
Rexton has a bit too much energy for Boris, he was 9 years old last July but is very spunky when company arrives to the house. lol

Love Christmas!!

I've always loved Christmas & the warm glow that everyone has at this time of year. I usually have the house all decorated but this summer Bill & Nick packed most of the Christmas up & it's either out in NB or boxed in the trailer for the next trek. Next year Christmas will be in NB, by 2020 so will I!!

 I've some Jim Shore that I just love. His name & style has been sold to Disney & I think these figurines were when it was all his doing.

 I made this last year, I was inspired by the figurine Bill bought me back when Kingsmill's Department Store was open.

 The Santa has the Twelve Days design, I just love the 12 days at Christmas!

This cast iron, snowman doorstop  is also Jim Shores design & he compliments my stitchery very well!

This has to be one of my most precious Christmas pieces. This cross stitch was made for me back in the 80's by my husband Bill. He made me this & one of old St. Nick's face, it's packed away & maybe next year as I open the boxes for Christmas I'll find it again. Some visuals just make you smile! This is one of them, it was made with love.

Thank you for stopping by & I'm sorry for the long delay in posting. Life can really get in the way! lol

Have a great week!

Thought for this's such a stressful time this time of the year, wild weather, many people & too much commercialism to Christmas.

The 4 Way Test of things we think, say, or do.

1) Is it the truth?
2) Is it fair to all concerned?
3) Will it build goodwill & better friendships?
4) Will it be beneficial to all concerned?

Be positive...make the answer 'yes'!

Be your best self.