Saturday, November 21, 2015

Time To Get Caught Up...Grab A Cuppa

I know that I've been out of the blog for a while.  My leg is healing nicely & I'm so grateful that it was not broken but it will still take another month to lose the large bump on the shin...which my very well have chips in it... an x-ray my tell me more but for now I'm mobile & trying to get caught up.

 I've heard people say that strange & eventful things happen on a full moon & the Hunter Moon from October will stay with me for a long time! It's nearly time for 'Beaver Moon' that's what November's moon is called. I like beavers & it was very clever of ROOTS to use it in their logo.

 We all did a lot of snoozing & the fur kids liked it that I was part of their collective & not out 'running the roads' as the expression here goes. lol

 I was pleased to see old Tom, he's going into his 17th year now, was so accepting of wee Rexton,who's now one. She is such a handful, while I was talking to my girlfriend Lynn, Rexton got into the china cabinet & when she jumped out the shelf acted like a diving board...vibrating & moving the two large platters out of their groove & sending them straight out like a pair of frizbie' all the china infront of them. What a noise of smashing dishes, poor Lynn heard it all! lol I've been saving for years, broken dishes for some  mosaic tiled projects. Rexton just added a whole box of broken dishes to my collection, shattered memories is a good name for 'the project'. lol

                                      How could something so cute be so much trouble!! lol

                            I don't ever remember Tom Cat being so inquisitive in his early years.

                                         These days he eats & sleeps & wow can that cat snore!

                         Rexton truly has Manx in her & as she matures it's coming out more & more.

 Boris is doing well & snuggles & in his blankets as the days have turned cold & windy.

 I had Jay bring my herb garden in so I could keep enjoying the fresh herbs.
 They're in the sunporch, it's cool but not freezing...yet. lol
 To have fresh sage, parsley, thyme & rosemary is a real treat to the taste buds & all will be used in our Christmas feast this holiday season.

 My time in the 'foot up, ice pack/heat pad, mode was knitting my Swedish Christmas Gnomes.

                                           The flowers at the front foyer as still flowering!

Huge Surprise !!!

I went to the mailbox yesterday & pulled out another large envelope from Daytripping. I thought it odd that I was sent another. I opened it & to my surprise it was filled with loose envelopes & a paper stating that my photo at the Three Sisters Mountain was chosen as '2015 Photo of the Year'!!!

 My life is so blessed & so filled with so many surprises that I smile all the time these days.
Thank you Bill for taking this photo of me! XO

Rexton The Rascal!

 The Manx in her makes her want to be in high places...

 I've started decorating the house for Christmas & put up the Restoration Hardware birch lights.

                       She loves to be a night stalker & will  perch herself up there at night,
 See the two brown leather tub chairs below, well one now is covered with a quilt as that's where she bounces & down from the top of the oak unit.

 She has many moods & many looks to her these days. maybe because the weather is entering another new season.
 Boris just loves resting in front of the firebox, if he was a cat I'm sure he'd purr! lol

 Rexton, yes I'm talking to you...your not going to like it up there when Aunt Foda's large manger is repaired & painted then filled with the nativity figures.
 Oh my, I hope she will be content with the height of the mezzanine & will stay out of the manger!
I really don't want them in my Shattered Memories Mosaic!!lol

Christmas Dishes

All the Portmeirion dishes that were packed last spring for the trek out east made it! All but one square plate that was broken into two pieces...maybe some glue & a reinvention to it will save it , for now.

 I spent the day moving out all the blue & white dishes & took them to the basement, where they're being stored on a four tiered shelf. What a careful workout that was going up & down the stairs. lol

 I found these red sparkled plastic chargers at Walmart for $1.97 ea. I usually have my green glass Pyrex chargers but they never made the trip out last May. Love these red ones though. And it's going to be the colour theme this Christmas -  Red & White, oh so Canadian, so festive!

 This is the china cabinet that Rexton went into & helped me clear the top shelf! lol

 This was my $2 find at the Salvation Army last week with Elizabeth. It really reminded me of a Fritz & Floyd design & I love the wildlife with Santa.

 Lynn hand stitched for me, thisangel of beauty & she's oh so ready to add to the favour of the Christmas theme, I just love her, she usually is with me in my sewing studio. Thank you Lynn!

 Look Sandy! There's Boris! He made the trip east too! The red berries I found on our property & have been sharing with others for their decorating too! My friend Ross brought a bunch to me to decorate & I pointed to my woods, 'Are those the same berries?' Yes!!! Lucky me. ;-)

                                  My mom's vintage elf looks so cute with the Christmas dishes.

 This will be the first year I won't be getting  any new pieces for they Portmeirion Holly & Ivy dishes. So sad that they are no longer made in England but are manufactured off shore. I'll be watching in antique stores for some pieces or ebay if Bill lets me go back on. lol

                              The salt & pepper mills were the newest addition last year.

                    Mitchell surprised me one year with the lovely cake server & salad spoons!

 Everything is finding its place out here & the rustic stone chimney wall enhances the design in the dishes.
 I want to enjoy viewing & using the dishes so they're all out & the King thumbprint cranberry dishes will be used with them.

Christmas Stockings~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

 These are the fabrics I'm going to make the Christmas stocking in. I have six to make sew I must get focused to start, I want no two the same. This will be fun!

 The Fons & Porter Christmas magazine with Jim Shore was my inspiration. I've copied the pattern for the sock & it's a good size for Santa to fill! lol

 I do like the Christmas Gnomes the best!

 The sunporch has gone through some changes.

 I moved all the leather furniture out there as it was too cold to sit on in the great room! Bill brought me Harry's antique settee & it fits me fine. :-)
And just around the corner in the sunroom, the lemon wingback awaits summer again.

 Bill & Nicholas arrive tomorrow, just in time to fill the firewood ring, just a few pieces left for tonight. Boris loves his nightly fire & I do too as the heat rises to the upstairs bedroom. ;-)

 This was my find at the craft show I did last weekend. I had my quilted & knitted items, this vendor worked with wood. What a find & it opens to hold hats & mittens too!

I finshed the buttonhole stitching on the reindeer & added a red nose to Rudolph. This is a Karen Neary pattern that I wanted to do for years, it's called Santa's Trip Around The World'.

I've been busy with Service New Brunswick too! I now have voted this year as a resident, I've got my New Brunswick health card, license, & the other day I put on my own new New Brunswick vehicle plates!

Everything is falling into place here & it sure feels like home.

This will be our first Christmas here & some of the kids are coming home!

Have a wonderful week. I've a very busy one & I'm getting use to this new laptop, thank you Nicholas my techie one!

Thank you for visiting & sorry was not home when you looked in.
All is well, wishing you the very best!

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Lunar Lunatic

Yesterday was the Hunter Moon & it was oh so amazing!!

As I opened the great room drapes yesterday a about 7:30am I saw the moon over the bay, I had to capture it in a photo... I was also talking to Bill in China as I was opening those drapes & told him to 'hold' for a just a minute as I grabbed my camera & ran out the front door in my nightie & housecoat.

I used the word my top speed, down the stairs & through the garden. Ouch!!!I tripped on a the hill of black gravel that Bill had left to fill out the rest in theof the garden.
I was down before I knew what had happened, Oh it hurt so bad...I needed that picture though & shaking with pain I took it~! What a lunar lunatic I am!!

How eerie is that photo of the moon, over the Bay du Vin Island, in the morning?!!

Well, with that fall I really hurt myself, the gravel shredded my skin & the momentum of my running made for a good impact, when I met the gravel. The cotton nightie was shredded at my kneecaps to!
It was my right shin that took most of the damage. Nothing was fractured or broken...the worse would be a chip & there's nothing that can be done for that.

So the rest of this week will be on with my leg up! For those of you that know me, know that this is going to be a challenge for me to 'sit/stay'. I'm really grateful to my neighbours for coming to my distress call, their kindness to me, has been truly heartfelt in my time of need as they looked after this 'Lunar Lunatic'! Rest, ice, elevation & Tylenol will be the coming days.

Sewing will be embroidering & needlework can be done with knitting needles or some reading. There were books that I picked up this summer that I may have made the time to read! lol

Till my mend has me up on my feet, literary up on my feet, my days in my sewing studio are on hold.


Happy Halloween to everyone.
Remember Rexton wearing her sweater last year? Well there's no way that wee sweater will fit her this year but she was a cute as a button in it & maybe not as enthusiastic as I was taking her picture! lol

I saw a saying this week that rings true with me this week.

'Sewing forever, housework whenever.' lol

Thank you for stopping by & have a great week!
The full moon is over now & the lunatics will calm down now! lol

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Fall Seasonal Sewing

The days have been filled with so much of this wonderful seasonal colour!

        This is the view in the lane, at the end of driveway,  as you leave and reach the road.

And this is the view as you drive up that lane way...I just love coming home!

 There's so much woodland that I don'r know if we'll ever get it cleaned out....

 Each season has its own beauty & this Fall season is exceptional with all the warm colours.

                                                The colours brighten even the dullest days!

There's a lot of dead trees standing like totem poles with blank expression, adding contrast to the living trees, with their colours of red, gold, & orange.
 It was raining when I took these photos, I wanted to document the colour within the woods.

                      Each tree had its own harmony of colour, singing Falls song of the season.

 The contrast of green on the red made me think of the days ahead...

Just love!! the look of the berries against the dead tree.
 It has the same feeling I get with driftwood that's been washed onto the sandy shore.

 I  do think this look would give a festive appearance to a urn decor. Mmmmmmm

Not letting go of Fall....

 Now doesn't she just make you laugh out loud?!!

 It all started out with this doll I had made years ago & never finished...she's still not finished as I've never added hair to her. She sat with the beginning of what was to be a Christmas outfit that got as far as a pair of bloomers! When I get an idea I just go with it, she needed a Halloween outfit & it began with this dress.
 Then I still didn't know what to do for hair...the idea of this 'Cat Mask' came to me when I looked on my design wall at the photocopy of the cat quilt I wanted to do last year.

 This is a Dollarstore bracelet that worked beautifully for her belt!

                                  And yes, finally coordinating bloomers to finish her outfit!!

Keeping with the Fall sewing I finally made the Fall Memories by Laundry Basket, all in batiks.
It's all 'edge stitched' a technique that I'd never done before, the pumpkin was buttonhole stitched as was the brown stem.

It really warms the kitchen with colour.

I now have to buckle down & start my Christmas sewing. I like making gifts for my family & friends for Christmas and with 64 sleeps till Christmas...each day will count as I sew my way to the start of the next season.

Fall Memories, what a nice way to view beautiful colour. 
The night is going down to -5C.
The air is filled with the smell of wood burning as the evenings are cool & fireplaces & wood stoves are filled & blazing out heat, to cozy the homes.

Thank you for stopping by for a visit. I hope you have the time to enjoy Mother Nature as she sings her colourful Fall song.