Saturday, October 18, 2014

Cottage Hook-In with Miramichi Rug 'Hookers'.

The day was a rainy drizzly one noticed. What they did notice was how quick Christel drove to get here! lol She & the vehicle of rug hookers following her, made it here in near record time. (I think I hold the record. lol) Then more & more poured into the drive.

There were 17 of us total & what fun we all had that wet afternoon filled with the laughter of friends.
Here's a few photos of the day.

 These ladies sat in the comfort of the great-room...
 Hi Janice!

 With the garden doors opened to the sun-porch, the traffic flow was uninterrupted...

 As they would move to the kitchen to get more tea or goodies!

 Karen & Mary Beth. A big thank you to Mary Beth for allowing me to take advantage of her height to tie the balloons to the Hardwicke Road street sign! I'm vertically challenged & to show the laneway, I did the job of tying the balloons to the garbage bin! Everyone made it here!

 Myself with Christel, the 'other leadfoot' driver! She was glad to see the inside of the cottage. You see it was Christel that took the aerial view of the cottage earlier this year from her plane!

 Boris made his rounds when the food came out. Elizabeth always gets a chuckle out of his food driven talents.
                                                  How could you say NO to this Peter Loree face?!  lol

I wish I had the video camera going on these two! Carmel having tea, talking to Boris...
 OK she says,'come on up!'. Be careful what you wish for....

 Carmel is a wee woman & just started laughing as Boris gave affection to her...

 And laughing...
 These two...
 Notice that Carmel never did spill a drop of her tea!
 The two finally settle down & were bounded for that afternoon.

 Shelia & Lima just loved the quietness of the cottage area.

 Tonnie had a soft spot for Boris too!
 But when anyond gave the wee kitten attention, Boris would make her leave! So jealous was he.
 These are my fairies in the kitchen getting rid of all the dirty dishes! Thank you Karen & Christel!
 Donna is admiring Elizabeth's newest linen patterns that she had just picked up at the post office before coming over. Beautiful bidding on Ebay Elizabeth! Congratulations & welcome to your first year of rug hooking...she's hooked!

 Ladies lounged in the sun-porch, as the rain came down & the fog thickened.

 Boris keeping an eye on Rexton, she mustn't get too much attention. lol

 Tommy craved to be pet & made his way to the great-room & found Shelia for that pleasure.

 Ladies & Laughter...what fun!

 Eleanor & Marva work on knotting. I noticed several of the women using yarn for knitting now rather than hooking it into a rug. So versatile having yarn!

 Fran had packed up her hooking but undid it to show me how much she had gotten done.
 She transfer a paper drawing onto burlap, that her grandson made for her, how sweet is this!

 Tonnie continues her background on this beauty!

 After the potluck food was eaten & put away, the table was used as a cutting table. Christel is not quite hooked yet...soon!
Donna came later in the afternoon as she is our postal delivery person for the area.
She had come over the day before, bewildered that no one was here & was she too late.
Too late!!! The woman was a day to early! LOL
I had just made me a pot of perked coffee & she joined in. It was special as it was her first time to the cottage & it was my first time using my new peculator.

 You see, that was the only coffee I knew in the 1960's, my dad & I was feeling really nostalgic when I saw the peculator in Pro Nature. My dad had taught me how to make it & the smell would fill our small kitchen as it would 'perk' away. Just not the same with today's Kerig's! lol
 Bill purchased it for me & it wasn't till Donna's surprise visit that I used it. She & I both enjoyed this different flavour, even if it was ground decaf.
Elizabeth noticed it right away & asked why I had a camo coffee maker in my 'blue & white' kitchen. I explained the story of being in the Pro Nature with the guys & seeing it.
I guess it does stand out among the china! lol
Great coffee!

The day after the Miramichi Rug Hookers left, it was so quite in the cottage. Well maybe not so quite with Boris Loree & his snoring!

 He slept the day away!

 Tommy found a quilt top to snore upon...

And wee Rexton needed the pillows to keep her upright, as she slept the day away too!

I wanted to sleep the day away but got up & went to exercise at the Golden Age Club. Felt more energetic afterwards too!

Thank you for stopping by & do stop by again. The leaves are leaving the trees & that's my que to start getting ready to pack up & leave this gorgeous place.

Have a great weekend everyone!
We're not shoveling yet!! lol

Monday, October 13, 2014

Highs With Lows & Life with Love

 Last week my days were filled with the joy of autumn. Sunny warm days & the burst of colour in the trees. I was preparing for the arrival of middle-son Mitchell, to be followed by his dad & youngest brother 4 days later. This was going to be the time that we're all together for Thanksgiving, flight as Thanksgiving morning was the departure time for all 3 as they all had work for Tuesday morning.

 Everyone was laid back, Tommy was shaded by the bench (the same bench that flew into the bumper of my car on July 5th when Hurricane Arthur came for a will be put away at the 1st announcement of any other visiting hurricane). Those are squash that I'm toughening the shells up for to take back to Ontario next month, to feast on when I'm homesick. lol

 Bose, Rexton, & Boris were lounging too!

 These too are always together, Boris has accepted Rexton, the 4 month old kitten that thinks she's a dog!

 Saturday was the arrival of Mitch & it was good to see him, it was Mother's Day in Calgary the last time I saw him...and snow as the plane was deiced to take flight to Toronto.

He came carrying a present for me that he saw & purchased last August at a Cracker Barrel. As he handed it to me, he said  ' I saw it & immediately though of you mom'. What a heart hugger this one is. Thank you Mitch. XO
                                                            It's a fiber-optic lighthouse!

Our time together this week was made even more special to me as last Tuesday Bose passed away & Mitchell was there to help me bury her & console me through this ruff patch.
On Monday night I come home from a UCW meeting to notice that Bose was no where to be found. She had been at the door several times that day, which is very unusual for her as she's been an inside cat for the past 16 1/2 years.
We found her in the basement hiding behind somethings. As I looked at her I had a sunken feeling, she was lifeless, I called for Mitch & as he placed her in a blanket she cried out. We brought her upstairs & she never moved, she was lifeless but still breathing. At 12:30am I went to bed, knowing full well what was going to happen overnight. She passed away in her sleep  in the wee hours of Tuesday morning.

                                               She was so loved by us. RIP Bose, my baby girl.

 I cut pink fabric up & wrapped her in Namama's chair's slipcover. As I wrapped each pink ribbon around her my eyes filled with tears as I prepared her for burial. They're filled again right now thinking about her. I will miss her so much.
Mitchell placed white stone over her grave as we were on a quest to find a round cement stepping stone. Home Hardware did not have one, so off to Miramichi's Kent Store...nope none there, nor could I order one from there book. Canadian Tire maybe, no not there either.
But what we did find at All Decked Up was a monument that was so fitting for this sad time.

 This small monument will be placed on the white stones to honor Bose. She is the first pet to be buried in our new backyard, under my favourite maple tree. Very sad morning for Mitch & I as we said good bye to Bose, the baby girl cat of 16 1/2 years. :_(   Her mother, Smokia aka Momma, lived to be 17 years old & Bose's brother, (from Smokia's 2nd & last litter) Tommy is not showing any signs of slowing down at 15 years young, these cats have longevity or nine lives!

That day Mitchell flattened a truckload of gravel for the new parking place next to the house & I planted 10 peonies around the yard with the new bags of top soil, fertilizer, & mulch that we had picked up the day before.
I'm beginning my gardens around the yards. I know from everyone telling me that it takes time, so I'm going to be eager to see this work in May as Mother Earth comes back to life after the harsh winter winds & snow.

With that day behind us we welcomed the arrival of  Bill & Nicholas.

                                                     Smile've got internet!
 After having him & his laptop at the kitchen table last year, he was given his own laptop table in the greatroom.  At least he was 'with us' as he gamed away with pleasure.

 Mitchell 'played' outside all day, nearly everyday on the tractor or cut down trees with the chainsaw.

Bill was just happy to be back to the east coast see me. ;-)

 The guys had started a fire in the stove to take the chill out & I ran outside to see the smoke coming out of the chimney but it was too windy to see it rise vertically.

We celebrated our Thanksgiving early on Saturday, that way we could eat leftover turkey sandwiches on Sunday as everyone would be gone by 9am Thanksgiving Monday.

 What a feast we had!! We had also invited a few neighbours, Theodore, Jean, & Mary Beth all joined in with the feast of ham & turkey & all the trimmings. Good food, family & friends, our day was a very good one!

 More yard work...
It has been heaven to be out in the sunshine & have NO mosquitoes to torment & bit you!
 Bill prepares for the transplanted lily of the valley from Jean's overgrown batch.
 Mitchell played in the woods & made this opening & soon there was an area that you could actually stand in. Our woods have not had anything done to them in over 25 years.
 Hurricane Arthur had taken down several trees but the winds from the hurricane that came afterwards were strong too (can't remember its name) but it took down even more trees. So now it was a job to remove so many trees & take down so many weak & dead poplars. Birch, maple, & evergreens were left in place.
                                             How inviting are these woods going to be?!!!

 These are branches that will be mulched for the path that's being pushed through these dense woods.
 Nick was helping too & after his stay/work with the woods...he was down 5 pounds! I caught him pulling up his loose pants! lol Oh so different is this life than his work life, everyone sleeps soundly here. I can vouch for that as I would awake to here a symphony of snoring. Very different sounds to hear when your use to living with just pets, Boris snores too & did join in with the others! lol Like I said 'A symphony of snorers!'.

We now have quite the stack of wood to use in the firebox,  next fall when it's cold.

 Bill planting the lily of the valley...they're going to reside all alone at the side of the shed as I know how they can spread. I will enjoy picking the flower bells in June, or what a sweet fragrance!

I hope you too had a wonderful Thanksgiving Day & I'm wishing you one right now!!
It was garbage day today & those workers never get the day off, so Bill & I left them a Tim Horton's gift card to have a coffee & sandwich as our treat! I hope they like their Happy Thanksgiving Day surprise!

Thank you for stopping by & do come again.
It's going to be a busy week as I prepare a hook-in with the Miramichi Rug Hookers potluck day at the cottage! Hope Mother Nature joins in with sun for this day of laughter!

I'll keep you posted! lol Happy Thanksgiving!