Saturday, September 29, 2018

Cement Walkway, Drywall, Doors, & Kitchens

The inside has been shaping up nicely!

 The front of Eel River Apartment has not changed much but the cement framing is being done around the side & front. We had a lot of rain today & the trees still looked beautiful with the autumn shades of red, gold, orange, & greens.

                 The west side of the apartment is getting framed & rebarred for the cement sidewalk.

                                               It is going to look great when it is finished!

                          The east side of the apartment has the cement finished & it looks great!

                          The 400 amp electricity is now being brought into the electrical room.

The six-foot porch cement is going to be installed next week, can't wait to see that finishing the front!

The string of lights going down the hall will soon be replaced with a drop textured ceiling & recessed pot lights. The flooring is a patterned commercial grade tiled carpet, this is going to be a quiet noise damped down the hallway, even when you speak you can hear the difference!

                                     The electrical room has been a hub of activity this week.

The apartment solid wood exterior apartment doors have arrived & Francis & I went over some design ideas for the interior & exterior of them. These doors are a flat solid slab that is in need of trim work on them...

The apartment interior doors have arrived too &I love the five-panel styling on the door!

                                         The doors & trim will be painted in a soft trim white.

                                       And the first of many doors have now been installed!

This old 102-year-old solid wooden door came from a home I lived in back in London ON. It is this door that inspired my home in Hardwicke & now the apartment door styling. It is a timeless style!

The common room/le salon is going to be a hive of construction as these IKEA boxes are opened & the kitchens begin getting the cabinet assembled.

The kitchen contractor Jeff also did the kitchen in our Hardwicke home & these cupboards are the same as the ones I have & I love them! I know the new tenants will too.

The shop is still full of materials that will be used but the mudding on the drywall has been used up quite a bit!

                                Once this stage is done, priming & paint colour will be next!

The one-piece toilets are waiting in the queue to be installed too but the flooring needs to be done first.

This has been a busy week again, see you next week with more photos & updates of this beautiful Eel River Apartment!

Thank you for visiting & have a great weekend!

Friday, September 21, 2018

Drywall, Ventilation, & Cement Forming

The inside of the apartment is a hive of activity!

 The side of the building is starting to take shape with the forming of the five-foot sidewalk area outside the patio door areas.

 The front of the building will have a six-foot cement area then the stone wainscotting can be done.

                                                 The area is marked for the sidewalk.

                              The front foyer area now has been defined with the drywall up!

                                              More venting materials to be installed.

                                                            So much venting & ductwork!

Loads & loads of drywall has gone up this week.

           Tempory lights are strung up down the hall like a large string for Christmas lights. lol

 Rooms are also being installed with tape & mud. Paint colours have been chosen & will soon have colour on the walls. The trim is a new contemporary style that is being done in new builds.

                                        The venting pipes have now been covered with drywall.

               The venting pipes are in the bedrooms & once painted should just blend into the room.

                The drywall sheets are now out of the hall & made into a wall!

 The Le Salon/Common Room is going to be the first room finished so the IKEA kitchens can be put together & installed into each kitchen.

 The two two-bedroom apartments have their vents installed around the kitchen area, above the upper cupboards. So much venting, it sure is going to be a nice place to live with all the fresh air circulating through the building! And the hallway has its own ventilation system.

                                       Nice exterior views from each window!

The back of the building has not had any of the columns or cement prep work is not done yet.

There has been a lot of inside work done this week & the following weeks will be a hive of activity too! Keep posted for the Friday reports of these weekly progressions of the Eel River Apartment.

Have a wonderful safe weekend, wherever you are!

Some Kyrotime For Myself

This week I took some Kyrotime for myself & did a bit of fall sewing. I also got caught up on my Gnome For The Holiday BOM.

 This is one of many quilt kits that my late girlfriend Liz Vincent gave me in a trunk that she filled & sent out to me before she died. Liz would take a trip to the Yukon to visit her son & family & like any one of us quilters, she'd visit the quilt shop there called Bear's Paw Quilts in Whitehorse. I just love their slogan for the shop 'compassionate care for the quilt-addicted'. Doesn't that ring true to those that have a love to quilt?! lol

              And another kit is completed! These measure 10" x 11" & a just gorgeous for the fall!

 The applique is son toped ontop of the black fabric, very effective to make the fall colours pop!
I also had sleeves on both of these pieces to hang them if I want, for now, they're small mats on furniture to display the warm fall colours.

 You can see how I used it in this vignette, just a warm snap of colour on the wooden table.

 Bill was home last weekend & I had him change out the wicker/wrought iron table for this Bombay wooden one. The chairs could stay but the roundtable was taking too much room.

 The dough bowl is now filled with a Winners find of a door hanger, it fits the bowl perfectly!

 I also started doing Farmhouse Threads BOW - 12 weeks of Christmas to make 12 small items with a winter/Christmas theme. Last week was the rustic Christmas tree, it was fun to do!

 This week was a melting snowman pincushion, I enjoyed doing this until... were are those Bostons?

Mr Boots was in the chair at the door of my sewing room, maybe that's why I don't see or hear them?
The Bostons fear this mean cat!

 As I looked down the hall, the words 'No' came out! I left the toddlers unattended whilst sewing!!

                                                     This is what boredom looks like!

                                                         They took their blankets out too!

 It was the old cushion that Boris once had that got quietly shredded! They also took my Fabricland sewing bag into the room with them!

The bag came in handy to put the polyfill into it & the empty chewed apart Boris cushion had seen better days. I couldn't get mad at them as they were bored toddlers, I should have run their legs off before sewing!

I just love when Bill's home as he is outside with them & the mosquitoes, running their legs off!
They get so excited when he comes home & if he's inside they bark & tell him that it is outside time!

The Baie-Ste-Anne Bees sewing group started back this week after our summer break. Leola is our instructor & I am always learning new techniques from her! This week when she said we're doing the tumbling block I cringed. I remember doing that block back when I was learning to quilt & what a challenge it was! She reassured me that this was going to be so much easier & it was! I see it as 'Snow on the blocks & will do a small quilt with some embroidery or applique around it with snow themes. Another UFO just after I finished getting a few things caught up! lol
Thank you, Leola, for expanding my knowledge on this difficult but effective block!

                                     I also finished putting the binding on this violet tabletop.

                     Bev from Edge to Edge Quilting in did a beautiful custom quilting to it!

 I was going to have it for my company's tea but I opted for a lasagne lunch instead, with no topper!

                   This has tea & scones written all over it! Thank you for the beautiful work, Bev!

Gnome For The Holidays - FatCat Pattern

                                I have finally got caught up on the BOM with this project!

 I used gold glitter thread with the glitter fabric, the key is to use a decorative needle that has a large eye to it! It was easy to do & I really don't know why I procrastinate so much!

                                                               And another one finished!

                                                       This one was the easiest one so far!

 This was September's block & now I'm caught up! With just two blocks left to complete the wallhanging quilt! Then I'm going to use New Brunswick Tartan to do the borders, home for the holidays indeed! I'm using a quilt-as-you-go technique for sewing it together, I thought of a dark brown small sashing so it doesn't compete with the black lettering. A bit more echo quilting is needed too & star buttons!

Most Wonderful Time Of The Year!

September & October are the most wonderful time of the year on the northeast coast for me. The nights are cool to kill the mosquitoes & the afternoon sun is so warm. The water & sky are the bluest blue for the eyes to feast upon too!

 The morning glories have really taken to the arbour now & the purple colour is stunning!

 I'm amazed at this, it was all done with potted seeds that had fallen out of the pot from last year, I did not plant it there!

                                  Don't you just love how nature knows what is 'just right'!

 I had this gorgeous plant in London ON & brought the seeds here, it has now done the best growing & climatizing this year!
                                  The morning glory now has roots in New Brunswick too!

 The rose bush that poked its head through the demolished cottage when thought we had all the garden plants. Bill dug it up & put it in the back of the truck.

                              It bloomed all summer & is continuing to bloom this fall too!

 Leslie & Nicholas brought out some plants for our 31st anniversary & we put them in the Anniversary Garden. This one has been just loving it here & so have the hummingbirds & now the bees  since the hummingbirds have let for their flight south.

 The limelight hydrangeas have displayed a beautiful sight this fall & are now just giving a hint of pink colour with the cooler nights.

 The cottage rose bush that was just sticks has really taken root here & the rose hips are huge!

 I spent yesterday afternoon on the porch stitching on the violet table topper binding & the Bostons, Bridget & Baxter, ran up & down the porch till they slept under the chairs for shade.

                                                              This is our oasis.
Bill & I love it when the kids come here for a visit. I'm getting ready for them this Thanksgiving when they fly in for Thanksgiving. It is feast or famine with the family & company.
I'm always looking forward to seeing them whenever they can get here!

Thank you for stopping in for a visit, I too hope you enjoy the visual visit to the northeast coast!

Have a wonderful weekend wherever you are.