Saturday, February 27, 2016

Boris Loree 2004-2016 RIP My Little Man

Today is one of the saddest days of my life. Boris Loree, my most beloved little Boston Terrier of 12 years died today.
He was a happy dog entertaining company last night & was his regular self this morning...

Bill & I were out grocery shopping & when we returned he was lying dead on the floor near the front door. It was such a shock for both of us. He was there when we left & we would never had guessed that he would not be living when we returned. Sudden deaths are hard to take in.

My heart is so heavy, my eyes & head are sore from so much sorrow. He has been my shadow for 12 years & now I am to walk alone. Just the thought, my eyes are swelling with tears.
I realize we all have expiry dates & nothing that is living will live just hurts, the void that has been left.

Bill has told me to take one day at a time. And tomorrow is a new day but the feeling of his presence is still with me & those two black & white cats make me think I've caught a glimpse of him...then the reality hits & I know I never will again see him.

When you visit later this week I should be more myself, right now my heart is aching, my little man is gone & it is going to take time to heal my broken heart.

I know why they call a dog - Man's best friend. This little guy has loved me unconditionally, his whole life. And has always been the best dog ever!

    Oh Boris Loree -  RIP peace my little man. You will be much missed by me & your feline buddies.

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Winter Blues

Every February I get what I call the 'Winter Blues' others call it SAD or Seasonal Affected Disorders. I usually slip into my infra red sauna & get myself sorted out. However it was disassembled to accommodate my queen size bed in that room. I cannot sleep well when I return to the city, the noise is too much, the back bedroom is much more quite & now I know it comes with a compromise.

So I will sew my way through these winter blues, with colour of course!

                                                My spring, inspirational colour theme, tulip blooms!

       Bill surprised me this weekend with these tulips, when he went to pick up a few groceries for me. :-)

                                      These are the fabric kit colours that I'll be using.

        This is my favourite fabric from the kit, it has so much colour & movement to it.

Here's what I've done so far, there's one more border before the preparation for the quilting.

                                      It was very pleasant working with the spring colours.

Cats In The Tree

                                        The bird watching is the #1 station to watch these days.
                                                         Mr. Boots & Rexton, chillin'.

 Look at this handsome cat, doesn't it look like a black jacket that is done up at the center with an invisible button. Since I told Bill how I saw his 'jacket' he too sees & & has a giggle when he sits & you can view the 'look'. lol

                                                        Mr. Boots owning his look! lol

 Rexton is not sure of Mr. Boots, when he's eating from her dish or using her grit box, this one does not play well with other cats named 'Mr. Boots. lol

                                  He is a handsome cat though & still weighs in at 20.8lbs

I'm glad I picked out, from my kit stash, this 2010 Antoinette Tea Party Wall Hanging kit. I love the colour! It does scream spring & warmer days ahead.

Last week cousin Ann had me over for morning tea to meet up with a fellow classmate from years gone by at St. Mary's Roman Catholic School. Cathy attended the school from grade 1 to 4, whilst I did 1 to 8 & graduated in 1972. Yes it was quite a while ago & Cathy also lived around the corner from me! We somehow never knew each other at that time though. We did share stories with the nun horror stories, one particular principle nun, Sister Conchessa. I lucked out as my big sister Bonnie, eight years my senior, was good friends with her, why I don't know, it sure worked to my advantage though. lol

So maybe sometime in the early spring our tea drinking trio of memory lane, in the 'love & fear' of life of the nuns, we'll have tea again & I'll have this table topper quilted up. Maybe even with the meandering stitch that I'm to teach myself...yes, guilty again of procrastination.
It reminds me of when I first had to learn to drive 'stick shift' oh my I was so frustrated & wondered how anyone could drive such a car. I did learn & to this day I enjoy clutching & shifting the gears in my 1996, SVT Mustang Cobra. Awe yes, the summer driving car!!

Thank you for stopping by for a visit & I hope that your finding ways that will help you, melt the winter hours away. After all there is going to be an early spring this year!

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Red & White Projects

Valentine Day is coming quickly & I've been working with red & white thinking of that 'Heart felt day'. Bill & I enjoy the company of each other & have a nice dinner together.

I've assembled the Red & White Gnome. Not using hearts, I could use him in the celebration of Canada Day on July 1st too!

 I found these cute buttons in my Christmas button stash & added them to take away the plainness, of just a white hat.
                             This embellishment of buttons just adds to the top of his funky little hat.

Under his beard, I placed an old key we had made with the Canadian flag design. Anything Canadian is near & dear to my heart.

Love is in the Air --------

These two have a playful relationship!

                                      Boris gives Rexton the look of "My basket, behave!"

         Yes Boris does have a cozy placed basket, front & center infront of the fireplace.

                                               Boris, your my friend, aren't you?

Rexton is so fond of grooming Boris, he's not so much a fan. Rexton would lick him for awhile, then she bites him. He leaves his basket after such an assault, no bites for Boris today.

              And Rexton leaves the basket to let Boris enjoy, in peace, his basket by the fireside.

The sun is coming through the bay window & she takes her snooze on the chair, in the sun.

 Happy Hooking

I was given this kit by Elizabeth for Christmas, a couple of years back. Why do I procrastinate so much? I started hooking this with Briggs & Little yarn & used the textural white that was in the kit.
I also altered the silhouette as it will be cut out & a hanging backing added.

 I really enjoyed the process of pulling the yarn & colouring in the Santa, watching it come to life.

                                     Rexton likes the feel of wool on her paws these cold days.

 I also made a small wreath that Santa will hold once he's done. I have a reindeer quilt to make this year & this will look great hanging on the quilt in the'll see later this year.

Now I've the red & white out of my system & really need to buckle down & learn how to stipple or meander on my sewing machine. Once I get that process comfortably worked out, I must finish the Autumn Fairy wall hanging. Procrastinate is the thief of time!

Home Depot Report

This week has been a frustrating one with the Home Depot. In 2006 they set out to only give a 5 year warranty on any shingles & yes it is on the back of the contract....however we also have a written quote from the contractor with a 10 guaranty of workmanship & 25 on the product.
They stated that they did not have that on file. So after 2 misleading emails that did not go through to show what we had in documents, they are still going to get back to us. On one voicemail they stated that I could have the Home Depot quote on replacing the roof!! This roof was installed January 2009 & now all the shingles are lifting on the house & the studio.  I feel I have not gotten the shingles I paid good money for & don't want to be a 'make work program' in roofing.

Bill has been working with them as he's got a cooler temper when frustrated. And I lost it on poor Michele as she had the habit of saying 'No problem' yes there is a problem & the word 'problem' is one that just means trouble! I correct my kids to not say that response as it is a bad habit. I always respond, 'My pleasure' to a 'Thank you',  as it feels good to help other people.

I just hope this gets settled. All the  Rona's in Canada have been purchased by Lowes & that will be the company the Home Depot will be going head to head with. Customer service really matters to us.

So many challenges this year & still so much to be done before this year end.

Winter has found & is visiting SW Ontario, later with very cold wind chill temps for this weekend.
Cozy Valentine Day weather.

Thanks for visiting, stay happy & healthy through this winter season. I now have to go shovel & clear the snow off the car.

Oh the weather outside is frightful! lol It is a true Canadian winter here!

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

February Begins

This is the oddest February & today we will break a record for it being the warmest at 11C!
However this will end tomorrow night as rain will be turning to snow & winter will once again be here.

 I'm enjoying not having to shovel the snow & walking without the fear of slipping on the ice. ;-)

              Boris enjoyed his day outside with me, as I swept up the leaves on the concrete stones.

              I cleaned the walkway to the studio & got 6 bushel of leaves from the backyard!

 The aviary was also swept out & the feeders were refilled. I do enjoy watching the different birds as they come for their feeding. The cardinals, chickadees, woodpeckers, sparrows, juncos are some of my favourites.

 Boris is such a loyal companion & followed my every movement outside as I emptied the tug of leaves. He slept well that night! lol

 The view behind my studio, can you believe it's Groundhog day & that rodent said another 6 weeks of winter for us here in SW Ontario!

 I do think Bill will have to take the aviary east for me as I will miss not having it in the coming years.

                       Look at the gorgeous blue peeking out through the lacy looking bare trees!
                              I swept up Nick's backyard too, see the small patch of snow...
 This was the only patch of snow & was gone by mid afternoon, green growth is emerging now!!

 Remember the song American Pie? And the lyrics 'moss grows fat on a rolling stone' well moss is growing fat on this carpet! I just love the green colour of it!

 When I was spending my day outside I noticed how bad the 50 year warranty shingles looked. The shingles were installed by Home Depot in the latter part of 2008!

      This is my studio & the house, which is a two story has the same problem of curling shingles.
 This is the two story, Bill & I are visiting the store in person this Friday to see what can be done.

A Fun Afternoon Antiquing

My girlfriend Sandy (owner of The Red Door Shoppe) & I went to The Strathroy Antique Shop looking for a find & here's what I found!


 A five piece English made teapot/coffee set. It made me think of teatime whilst watching this seasons, Game of Thrones. lol

                       The handles on the pots were beautifully designed , yet very masculine!

                                                          How regal is this design?!
 Sandy was quite taken with it too! And it came from the 50% off booth, making it only $25.00 for this made in England tea/coffee set, with a matching trivet too!

          This whirligig caught my eye & I returned to it several times before deciding to get it.

 It moves back & forth over the waves & depending on the wind, you move it left or right of the swell.
                                                It's such a nautical piece & will look great out east!

                                             How sweet is this old child's rocking chair?!
 Such detailing in the design of it, I'm going to use it for a prop for civil war fabric made goods.

 You can see the scale of the size, with Boris sitting next to it. Thank you Boris for doing your 'sit-stay command, good boy!

 With Easter arriving next month, I found these vintage tin eggs made in England & the confectionery that was once inside was made in Ireland. Then shipped to North America for selling. They are Easter scenes from my past, the colouring & design is familiar to me.

But wait...there's more

On our way back home we stopped at the Bible Mission Thrift Store...

                            I found for $1.00 a 5" x 7" Lucy Olgltree, framed print for my potting shed!

                             And two vintage lawn chairs, in pristine condition  for the beach!
The one on the left that Rexton has an eye on( really it's Mr. Boots under the chair) is reclined & the one on the right is in the upright position.

                                 Each chair has four movable positions, how cool was this find!

And they fold flat for storing & transporting. They have been newly recovered & the backing is a canvas material. Thank you Sandy for talking me into them & driving & loading all my 'stuff' around. It was a fun filled, finding antique finds & vintage goods!


With my mind on other things these days my sewing frenzy has no mojo. So I quietly knit at night, I'm working on this Valentine/Canada Day Gnome right now.

Soon it will have the weight added to the bottom for sitting & a salt/pepper beard knit to complete him. I'll show more next post.

Thank you for all the condolences that were expressed to us, we really appreciate your thoughts & prayers. It was sudden to lose Eva & I'm at peace knowing that she was loved & is now with John,  her soulmate.
Thank you  again for your thoughts & prayers.

Thank you for visiting & I hope you have a great week!

Six more weeks of winter for us & six more weeks of spring for others!