Saturday, July 28, 2018

What A Week!

Things have slowed down in Eel River but here the excitement continues!
I went to put a bag of garbage into the wooden bin to find out that wasps had made nests!

                      This wooden garbage box looks innocent enough... who knew?!

                                             The danger that would be hidden within?

 Bill said he didn't notice the nests but the colour is so like the wood, I never saw them either.

                                     It was built so fast, 'As busy as a bee'! I know that!!

One at each end? I thought that they were territorial, cozy place once the lid is down, now it's back to the function it was made for, our garbage bin. I really don't like getting the garbage picked up every two weeks in the summer. I'm sure the garbagemen don't like it either.
Here's how my day started last Wednesday...

I made my way down the lane with the car & my garbage bag in the back seat, I usually do that chore on my way out the lane. That morning it was to my exercise class.
When I opened the wooden bin I noticed that Bill had already placed two large bags in with one on its side I straightened it & went to the back seat of the car to retrieve the garbage bag to be put in.
I placed it in & was swarmed by wasps before I knew what was happening!! I pushed them off my arms & hands & thank heavens I leave the drivers door open & ran for my life!
Yes, I got several stings & headed back to the house for the Benadryl spray.
Later that afternoon Francis, our contractor, came & sprayed them dead! Thank you, Francis!!
Thank goodness I'm not allergic to bee stings!

Congratulations Bill!

 Bill was in his Brampton apartment when I told him I picked up his parcel at Canada Post. 'What parcel, open it.' So I did & to our surprise, it was from Air Canada. Very elegant box!

                       It was to congratulate him on traveling 1 million miles on Air Canada!

 Wow, I knew he traveled a lot & it's a joke with the kids with 'Where in the world is our dad this week?'
 Under that velvet shelf was another surprise! A steel Air Canada miniature plane with a stand for it with ...
                                                           His name engraved on it!

 This will go into his office when he returns home but first, from Toronto he'll travel to Vancouver BC, then to China, then home again in about 2 weeks.

 I don't know how he does what he does & I remember my days of travel with him doing the England trips & how it would take me three days to collect me, myself, & I from the jetlag. China is a much more time challenge.

                                                 Congratulations Bill, you deserve it!

My Kyrotime

 The eagle is now ready to have the black back foil added to it. I really enjoyed this, the eyes were the hardest cut!

                   And speaking of cuts... this is a sneak peak of the bargello that I cut out!

It's done in the nautical Moda, Ahoy Maties, the challenge was to find the dark red. I had the red Kona but not the dark red. After a trip with Marva to Nadine's in Neguac, I thought  I had found & purchased the dark red needed only to find out that it was the same shade of red I was already using. Grrr...
I found a fat 1/4 & scrap in my stash that was just enough. Thank you to my guardian angel for helping me find just what was needed. Blest for sure!

Have a wonderful cool weekend wherever you are. We are still in a heatwave & I'm thankful for the A/C that was installed with the furnace. My furry kids are too! 
Thanks for popping in for a visit!

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  1. Woohoo dad
    Awesome job.
    Beautiful shade of red, reminds me of the Montreal Canadiens. Go Habs Go