Friday, July 20, 2018

Summer with Bridget & Baxter

Summer has finally found us here in northern New Brunswick & that means hot & humid days.
Boston Terriers do not do this weather well as their short snouts don't allow proper breathing for them to cool themselves. So it is into their pool or for a swim in Miramichi Bay.

 Bridget in the pool, trying out her life jacket from last year. She didn't do a lot of grow, it fit!

 Baxter has his new life jacket on, he did do a lot of growing & is 27 pounds now!

                                              Bridget loves to play catch with a stick or a ball.

 Baxter loves the water this year, Bridget is much timider when it comes to getting wet.

                   Baxter will swim to get the stick, Bridget waits for him to bring it to her.

                          She will not go out any further if she feels her feet won't touch.

I cannot get this video to work on my blog. Grrr

Again, I forgot that there was no camera card in my camera so all these photos & videos are from Bill's camera. Thank you, Bill, for capturing the Boston's first beach swim this year.

                                                        Baxter chasing after the stick.

                                            They sure enjoyed their time on the beach! And so did we till the flies started biting us & it was back home for all of us! We'll do it again tomorrow!

Thank you for visiting & do come back again!
Have a wonderful safe summer weekend & have patience on the road with all those vacationing with their RV's or are in a strange surrounding away from home. The summer season is such a short one!

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