Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Jumping July!

Wow, this month is just jumping through, it's almost half done!
And summer is beautiful here! Yes, we too had a heatwave but nothing like Ontario or Quebec's.
Living next to the shoreline does give relief in the summer with the added breeze.
And the best sunsets too!

                                                       The backyard view at sunset.

              The back of the house has many windows & every room glows a warm red at sunset.

 I made the Boston's a quilted collar cover for the Canada Day celebration. Now trying to get them to sit still & model them for you is another task. lol

            Baxter & Bridget's new collars make them look like the photo I got from Elizabeth! lol

Potting Shed & The Victorian Lantern

 Bill was busy framing up the cement box for the Victorian lantern, with the help from the Boston's!

 Bridget wants Bill to throw her ball, she loves to play catch with balls or sticks, please, please...

                                    What's better than one helpful Boston? Why two Boston terriers!

                                                       OK see the ball, now I'll throw it...
                                                                    And you two go find it!

                                              Bridget is the determined one & always finds it!

                                                                  She is so proud too!

                                                              And their back, with the ball!

                                  I think Bridget could wash her eyes with that tongue! lol

Bill tries not to hurt their feelings but he has to get the cement installed for the lantern to sit on & there's only so many hours in one day.

What a surprise behind the potting shed, lilies & cornflowers were in bloom adding a splash of colour!

And the only piece of ivy I have left from my friend Edie's casket Nov 1994. It's the ivy that was at the entrance of the studio in London ON. I rooted a piece of ivy from the floral arrangement at the top of her casket & it just reminds me of my dear English friend. I thought the cold here killed it but look, it's back!

 The cement is poured into the wooden box that the Boston's thought was for them.

And the anniversary gift from a decade ago in Ontario is now installed lighting up the potting shed, here in New Brunswick for our 31st anniversary. Bill also sanded & painted the lantern back to a solid black. Thank you so much, Bill! XOXO

The potting shed now has a Dalmatian by the door to greet you! Something I had from back in the day of having a Dalmatian named Nichele. We had her for 13 wonderful years. It's now been Boston terriers since 2005.

Summer Blooms

                                    The peonies are so plentiful & fragrant this summer.

              This was the first of many blooms from the two plants in the Anniversary Garden.

                                                     Everything is so green, so fresh & welcoming!

                  Bill installed his garden near the fire pit at the edge of the woods. Nice flowers Bill!

 He also installed the LED lights in the Bostons yard garden, it's a shade garden that we started last year & added a bit more this year.

 Nicholas added this cement Gnome to the shade garden, he's our anniversary Gnome!

Anniversary Garden

 The blueberry muffin bush is now window height & is blooming beautifully. I'm looking forward to seeing the blueberries come after the flowering.

 I was at Open Door Antiques in Chatham & purchased this heavy brass flower holder.

                                                     It fit perfectly in the lead glass vase!

                                             And from the outside, you cannot even see it.

                                 And absolutely perfect to hold the beautiful peonies in place!

        How wonderful to see what all that winter/spring snow was keeping safe for summer!

                                             Do you not,  just love this Anniversary Garden?!!

 The transplanted rose bush from the Carroll Cottage has blooms & has more blooms coming!
The bees just buzz around this new addition to the garden.

 Bill extended the Anniversary Garden at the front. It needed to be built up & leveled out. And...

with the help from Leslie with the research of the plants for being loved by bees & hummingbirds, all these plants were purchased in Ontario & brought for us for our 31 Wedding Anniversary. Thank you, Nick & Leslie!
Everything has taken to its new surroundings & will start blooming soon.

 The front of the house has a more landscaped look to it now with all the green around it.

The limelight hydrangeas are doing very well too, I'm looking forward to seeing the lime blooms.

Pool Puppies

                                  This is how we cool the Boston's down & get the red sand off them!

                                           There is also a fresh cool drink of water too!

                                                       Baxter has his turn in the pool.

                           They find the pool so refreshing after running after their ball or stick.
                                    We find it a good way to keep them clean & dust free!

Miramichi Dragway

This Dragway is what brought me to New Brunswick, and it is now better than ever!

                                This is now the new entry to greet you to the Miramichi Dragway.

                    This area is new & they host an NHRA race every year too!

During our race days,  Bill & I have been to many dragway tracks across North America & this one is one of the best. I wish the new owner the very best in his endeavors in the racing world. What a beautiful track & very clean & organized areas throughout the park.

                                Bill getting a ride to the staging lanes for Nick's run.

                                                                  Nick doing his burnout.

                                                           Green staging light to go!
11.33 was his best time that night & the fastest car there, it was hotter than Hati's that Tuesday night.

 I know you can't see this on Nick's car unless I did a close-up but here it is without the rim & tire.

He painted them red to coordinate with his pinstriping on the car. He has quite the eye for detailing.

 Bill & Nick washed all the Mustangs up & placed them out for a drone shoot. These photos come from my Canon camera.

                                                                        Bill's 1970 Mach 1

                                                     My 1996 SVT Cobra Mustang

Nicks 2017 Mustang 

Nick's new license plate and the specialty horse he ordered & painted, all in the details with him!

Newest Rug Project

 Remember the last blog about this centerpiece of rug hooked Briggs & Little, well, it has evolved.

 I crocheted a chain around it & hand sewed it to the burlap for stablity.

 I was making it up as I went as it is an idea that has been dancing in my head for a few years now & is finally out!

 This reminds me of the old bottle caps that we use to have to remove with an opener, not a 'twist top'.

                       I just kept on crocheting until nothing was left from the sample pieces.

                             It finished at 54" round, a good size mat for sure!

Thank you for dropping in. I have more to tell you about the Eel River Apartments but that will wait till Friday. From now till the apartments are done, I will show the process of the building from the ground up! It has been quite the process too & Bill & I are so pleased with it. Stay tuned.

Have a safe & healthy summer.
Remember what Smokey the Bear says... "Only YOU can prevent forest fires."  Be thoughtful, be careful.


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