Friday, July 13, 2018

The Eel River Apartment Begins!

Remember last month when the Carroll Cottage was demolished?
Well, we could not save it any longer as the foundation of cinder blocks were crumbling & the cottage was unsafe. Knowing that our community of Baie-Sainte-Anne had a need for adult independent living in this community, that's how this idea was created.

Bill has always wanted to have an apartment to manage in his retirement, so here it is!
Every Friday I will make a post on the development of the construction of this seven-unit apartment that will also have Bill's office located at the front. We are growing & evolving within this community that we love so much.

Rendered Drawing

 Breakwater has done the engineered drawings for the apartment. Bill & I have done the design to the interior. Some more changes have gone on & I'll show those as they develop.

I have started doing the first photo by the hydro pole, which should finish with this finished view by mid-fall. Today I was viewing the entry door to order & have not seen it yet. I would like a glass-paneled 3/4 length glass door with the two matching side-lights. Although I'm liking the full side-lights in the photo. Decisions, decisions.

Foundation Base

 I stopped by early this morning & it was a hive of activity with the construction of the frame for the foundation cement.
 The depth is for the frost wall to keep the walls secured during the freezing & thawing seasons.

 The apartment is being made on a cement slab.

 You can see how deep it is with the man walking through it.

 I'm standing at the pole for this photo, you can see diagonally the apartments placement.

 More wooden framing planks being installed on the SW side. I'll bring a compass next time to see just where it is at. I'm remembering the rising & setting of the sun, making that more south than west?

 This is an exciting time for Bill & I as we put together our retirement future & make this apartment.
Where we lived in London, it was a triplex & as time & more children were born, we made it into a full house. Our eldest son Donald, & his girlfriend Stephanie, now live in the century homestead.
 This is the back NW corner of the apartment.
 The septic system will be installed in this area behind Bill's shop.

 At the end of the day, I returned with my camera, here's the hydro pole view again.

 The sun was playing with my lens but you can see that the wooden frames now have cement in them.

 This is the front area of the apartment.

 Off to the side of the apartment are trees & the crow/raven was making such a loud noise because I was there taking photos. Many maple trees are in this area & will look gorgeous this fall.

 Loads of sun at the front of the apartment, the trees shade the back. I use to enjoy mowing in this area to get a break from the hot sun.

I'm so glad that hurricane Chris stayed out in the Atlantic but Sable Island & Newfoundland were not as lucky as New Brunswick. Hurricane season stays with us into the fall. Fingers crossed. 

Thank you for stopping in to see what has been going on since the demolition. It was a sad day to see my sweet cottage taken down but as the story ends... this one begins!

Have a wonderful safe weekend!

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