Friday, July 20, 2018

Foundation Complete!

On Monday the foundation forms were put up & installed over the foundation footings.
I had taken photos of that installation, only to find that I had no camera card in my camera! Grrrr
On Tuesday the cement was placed inside the forms & that night we had a wicked storm go through.
I worried about the cement & went to the construction site Wednesday morning to see them taking the forms off & was reassured that the rain was good as the humidex was in the med 30's & the rain would've cooled the cement whilst it hardened. I'm learning daily to what is & isn't needed to form a good cement foundation.

 This cement footing is approx 6 feet on top of the cement footing's that were made last week.

                                                               The bottom footing, then the cement wall.

The backfilling was done on Thursday.

 The foundation is really showing the outline of the apartment's size footage of 5670 sq feet.

How beautiful, the surrounding is going to be with these lovely trees!
The autumn is going to be stunning with the maple tree colours!

And today, it is all filled in & the next stage is the plumbing that will be installed in the cement floor.

I enjoy looking at the woods & hearing the birds sing. I'm hoping the tenants feel the same way.

                          After the plumbing is installed, the floor will be installed.
The foundation is 46 feet wide & 123 feet long, it is really becoming a reality & soon Eel River Apartments will rise from the ground,  with seven apartments & Bill's office!

See you next week!

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