Saturday, June 30, 2018

June's Ending

The summer days are just whizzing through, tomorrow is Canada Day & July begins!

 Yesterday I got in gear & put together the patriotic Canada Day quilt for quilting. With the help of Rexton & Mr. Boots, the batting was measured.

 I did this when the Boston's, Bridget & Baxter were having their morning naptime.

 And quilted all day long yesterday. I put the binding & back hanger on watching two movies from Netflicks, thanks to Leslie adding me on to her account, bonus! Thank you, Leslie!

                                       And just in time for tomorrow, this wall quilt is hung!

 It was a 2017  BOM free quilt but was done with a USA theme that I converted to a Canada theme.

                           Robins are my favourite bird with the crows being a very close 2nd.

 This was the 'most pieces' done by Lisa B of Primitive Gatherings & it is my favourite block!

 Each block was designed by a different designer from different shops in the USA.

                   It was a creative time for me to convert each design for my country, Canada!

                                              It is the first diagonal quilt that I have made.

 It was more work than a straight block quilt, I really like the look of the diagonal blocks.

                        I used red, white, & blue as well for a nautical feel for where I live.

                                                  Stars are used throughout the quilt also.

 I plan on purchasing two small Canada flags to cross & stitch down in the center block.

 The wrought iron bed is now in full use in the sunporch & I added a nautical tapestry pillow.

 Last year it was the cupboard runner, I repurposed it into a pillowcase front for this pillow, voila!

 Also made last week was the large coastal print pillow to go with the one I made a few weeks ago.

I made this small pillow for the wingback chair, loved this panel collection & there are still several more to make from it.

 Donald has been looking after my plants & he got this hoya plant to flower!! I had it for years & never seen a flower on it till now! I'm hoping it will continue to flower.

My mom gave it to me many years ago.

 Tom Cat's Birthday - Number 19!

                        I thought it was Tom Cat's 20th birthday until I found his kitten pictures!

                                                    On the back, I wrote July 1999

 Tom Cat was the largest kitten born. We would keep two of the kittens & call them Tom & Jerry.

                                                    Tom & Jerry age, October 1999.

 Nichele our dalmatian with the kitten's mom, Momma. I've always had a house of pets & at that time three kids living at home too!

Summer Is Here!

                           The Anniversary Garden is just bursting with flowers & fragrance!

                                         The rose bush from the cottage has flowered too!

            This is such a beautiful fragrant rose bush, I'm so happy it survived the transplant!

The catmint plants were given to me for the three felines from Lynn with the green thumb!
I'm going to plant them by the potting shed to spread & I'll pick the leaves & bring them into the house for the five pets, yes the Bostons like them too!

BOW Finished!

I finished the 2018 BOW quilt called, Life Began in a Garden. Now to get it quilted & up on a wall!
I want to start my Nautical Bargello, however, that will have to wait as the company is arriving tonight.  Bill's flight is arriving tonight & Nick is coming home with his girlfriend Leslie. It's going to be a great week!

Baxter seems to know that Bill's coming home & has been following me around like a lost puppy!

Thanks for stopping in for a visit to the northeast coast, I'll blog more outside photos next post!
Have a wonderful safe Canada Day wherever you are!


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  1. What a great Canada Day can be displayed proudly all year long! Happy Canada Day to you and your family!