Tuesday, November 1, 2011

It's A Pets Life

This is my grandpup Diesel, he's a beautiful 2 year old Siberian Husky & will be living with me & my pets for 6 months while Mitchell, 2nd youngest son, is attending Durham College in Toronto.Mitchell is completing his elevator licence. Diesel has been coming here since puphood & has stopped nibbling on the house now. He & Boris do their ruff housing in the house till I use my mommy voice on them & they retreat, Boris to his Moses baby basket & Diesel to a full lie down on the floor. This is his 2nd week with me & has graduated to getting comfortable on the couch!

Tommy on the couch, when Diesel's not around.
Boris in his Moses basket, swaddled with fleece blankets. Diesel gets too hot with the fireplace on & throws his body against the glass patio doors to feel the cool glass. I brush his coat every morning & every morning there's a lot of hair, his armour coat is coming in now & his colour is darkening. The shedding hair is being saved to mix with catnip to stuff Tom & Jerry some catnip toys. Pets sure make the day interesting, never a dull moment. Squirrel is getting use to him too, that rodent will be 8 years old this April. Since being in captivity 2004, I think he's one of the elders around here, the foxes really brought the squirrel population down a couple of years ago. With the cooler nights his coat is losing the reddish brown & going grey/white & he's so hungry & getting the gofer silhouette for his harsh outside winters, nestled in a huge hive of quilt batting, wool & selvages for strength to hold it all together.

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  1. Your pet and guest seems to have made themselves right at home. Our pets sure can make life interesting. Since I don't have house pets I feed squirrels outside with the birds. I have barn cats to feed too and I love to look at the kitten wrestle and play until they have to go for a nap. JB