Monday, November 21, 2011

Workshop Santa with Quilt

I've been busy in different directions lately. I enjoy doll making & have always wanted to make this workshop Santa. His vintage black cut glass eyes, twinkle when the light hits them & his wee nose is a wooden plug. The hair was from  Katie's rug pullout, she was going to trash it as it was just bits--how fitting for the beard. I'm using the rest for needle felting little sheep, polar bears & white highlights, as intended, somethings just happen with a pleasant outcome. I gave Santa some helpers, a pair of gnomes I knit a few winters ago, he also has a burlap bag with treats that's not in view, behind his chair. Out of sight--out of mind for Diesel, the Siberian Husky, he loves opening things! Santa's leather boots are from an old wool tweed coat's under collar & the green tweed leggings are from the underlined part of the coat that cannot be cut up for rug hooking, these fused interfaced pieces I use for wool appliqued quilts that are machine buttonholed. As one girlfriend keeps telling me--you waste nothing! Showing you can make something from nothing! One of my favourite children storybooks--Something From Nothing, a quilter's delightful read of a grandfather's love for his grandson.

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  1. What a great way to make a Santa's beard. You should write a book if you haven't written one yet. Cute Santa's workshop. Now if he would get off his chair and start working, lol...