Thursday, December 1, 2011

Squirrel Fun!

So cute, I'd subscribed to Primitive Quilts & Projects last summer & just love the projects. This wee fellow is only 7 inches tall & is all hand sewn. The tail is rug hooked from my scrap burlap from the Boris Loree rug, it's just wonderful how all the crafty things I learn,  I can transfer to other projects. I hooked two tail patterns then crocheted them together with a pipe cleaner on the outer  edge, to make it bendable. The whiskers are from my cats--no I don't pull them out, they fall out & I see them when I vacuum (almost daily with all these pets)The cotter pins & glass eyes were ordered in from a shop called Out-of-Hand  in  Calgary. There's one more to make but Christmas presents have my time right now. These were made to put in the vine wreath, with 5 cotter pins, they have full movement to look playful. 
So for now this little squirrel is decorated  for Christmas, wearing a festive red gross grain ribbon with a gold heart.

One of many of the 'hairy pets' that make me vacuum, he's so beautiful & the shedding has somewhat stopped with the cooler weather.

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  1. Oh my, what a beautiful dog. She or he is very photogenic.

    The squirrels are pretty cute. JB