Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The Last of the Appliances Installed : )

This month has been a busy one with the replacement of appliances, the fridge & wall oven went in two weekends ago with the free delivery-one time deal. The dishwasher & ceramic cook-top were not stocked & took 2 weeks to get in. The 1st installed was large & went in easy, the 2nd installment was not as easy.

After the box & wrapping was removed--this was not the dishwasher I ordered, this one had handles & yes the handles matched the fridge & oven handles & it was a Fisher& Paykel but it was not what was ordered. The one that was ordered had a flat front, my kitchen is so small you could not swing a cat in it! not that I ever would. These handles would be hitting my hip & shins as I worked at the counter. With a phone call to Goeman's Appliance my husband was told, I don't know what happened I'll call back-yes they called back to say that the loading dock gave us the wrong one. So back it went & ours was installed & what a beauty it is - I think that the crystal/gunmetal knobs are more enhanced with the no mark stainless steel appliances. Boy did my husband go ballistic back in 1996 when he got the bill for those knobs-they look as beautiful as the day they were installed & easy to clean too : )
This is the before shot of the old Bosh dishwasher that has done us proud but will not work at our sons house as his dishwasher just died. When the wood front was removed it looked as new as the day it was installed in 1996. This old 1918 house has had many an appliance come & go, I just hope this batch holds out as well as the last--which were installed to replace the Harvest Gold ones LOL- remember the coloured appliances-now it's the stainless steel era!

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  1. A nice way to start the new year. Great looking appliances and much quieter I imagine.

    I just got a MayTag plain white dishwasher and my daughter just love it and so do I. No handle to hit with my hips. JB