Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Merry Christmas Everyone

It's been a year since the children did their production of the Blessed Night. The costumes will come out again soon as they reenact O Holy Night, what a labour of love those costumes were & the grandchildren did a wonderful job with their acting too : )
I finished this 12" block last night, I wanted another embroidery project for the car ride to South Carolina. So I pulled out the Vintage Stitches by Thimbleberries 2006 block of the month club that I had bought back then & began it. Hopefully the UFO's numbers will be coming down this new year 2012, I just love the sound of it 2012, I have such good feelings of positive vibes towards it, this my be one of my best years. Don't know why...just feel it.
The corner blocks are 3" blocks, each block is different, monthly themed with the borders changing too. First the centers-there's 24- are outline stitched with 8 perle cotton, there's two blocks for each month. One for the front & one for the back--I'm making two fronts & putting flannel backs to both, that's a lot of work to just have it underneath, with flannel the quilt won't slip off the bed & sleeper underneath the quilt stays cozy.
Yes I do have that Hugs & Kisses to finish, those are such spring/summer colours & this is much more of a warmer colour to work with. Sew much-- Merry Christmas Everyone : )


  1. Cynthia, I've been away from the computer a lot lately because of the holidays and visits and having 9 new calves since Christmas Eve.

    This is so beautiful. I love, love it. Great colors. Your points are just so precise. I haven't mastered this yet . Just never enough time to practice. JB

  2. The costumes on the little Kings are just adorable. JB