Monday, October 10, 2011

Back in Ontario

Our ride home began at 3:15am from Baie-Sainte-Anne & was a pleasant surprise to see that everything fit in the mighty Focus, including my husband, the driver! it was tight. Under those quilts was a cat cage with Tom & Jerry sleeping off their Gravol experience. I had 53 quilted items for the Hardwicke Myer's Church Quilt Show last July & had no one visit to take away any of my quilty things or canned goods(5 cases).  If there's a will, there's a way :)

Boris was such a good dog, he stays at my feet on the floor & once settled had a very long snooze under his quilt. We made only 4 pit stops & then back in the car. Our best time ever has been made this trip...15.5 hours & we were in our laneway in London, Ontario again. Great trip too, sun shone the whole way, saw 2 foxes, hit one raccoon  :( & no other events till we arrived in the heart of Toronto. I'm still in awe that people chose to live there! we lost a whole hour of travel time with the stopped traffic & then only 1st & 2nd gear. I can't sew with stop & go,  it makes me have nausea. I did manage to get some embroidery work done for a wee pillow in redwork. Loads of singing out loud to The Highway, Sirus new country radio channel. 
The basil plant that I ate from all summer, was not left behind. Once I saw that the leaves moving with the sun, I accommodated the plant by moving it around in the car to get the sun. A taste of  summer for my winter home till I return back to the summer home. 
All this fitted into the 'Mighty Focus' & a large cat cage too! I won't be blogging for awhile as I need to get organized back in my studio again. It was a fun summer, one of the oddest, with no summer weather, a whole lot of rain but most enjoyable just being there. And I learnt how to hook a rug! Until next May... off to put my things together. Thank you to all those that I left behind & the memories that you've left me with :)


  1. Welcome back to Ontario! I am looking forward to seeing all of your quilts at show and tell!

  2. I'm glad that you made it back safely to your home in London Ontario. Hookers and quilters sure know how to pack a vehicle for the road. JB