Tuesday, February 28, 2017

10 Weeks Old Now

The pups are now 10 weeks old & they're still a lot of work. I have gone out a few times & gave them their crate time. I've also taken them into town, a 45 minute car ride & they were excellent backseat car riders.
I've put a metal, powder coated crate in the back seat & I call it their 'car seat' I then add their fleece blankets & a chew toy. They get comfortable,  curl up & go to sleep.
I picked up the mail today & surprise!! My free Parks Canada pass was in the box!
I highly suggest that you request yours too! It's free this year 2017, in celebration to Canada's 150th birthday & it covers anyone that is with you in the car! Just go on line & fill out the application.

 I'm hoping that Bill & I get to see some of the local area parks. I've been training the pups for such a car ride. Next I'll work on walking them on their leashes, the collars going on/coming off are OK now, just waiting for the weather to break.

Look at all those Maritime Parks & historical sites to view!
There was also a package in the mail for Bridget & Baxter!
                                                            What pampered little pups!

                               Upon opening their package, I noticed it was gift wrapped too!!

 Carefully positioned, were two squeaky, furry friends, for the pups to play with!
But wait --- there is more...

A hand written note from their Auntie Ann in London! Telling them to stay safe & warm by the fire.

Bridget & Baxter are going to love playing with these new toys! Thank you Auntie Ann, your the best! xoxo

What a difference the day makes, when the sun pours through the house. Jocelyne & Donny helped me by putting the rug back in the great room. Mr. Boots sure is happy that the carpet is back!

Thanks for popping by & stop back soon. I've more to say & show you but I'm off to bed. The puppies get up early & so do I.

Take care,

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  1. Wow, hard to believe they are 10 weeks old already. Times flies and we're already in March.
    Your hard work will pay off big soon. Those two puppy kids keep you on your toes for sure. Love the thoughtful present from auntie Ann.

    We used to go to parks years ago when my husband's brothers were working at the farm, we could get away every other weekend but it's been years.

    Take care,
    Hugs, Julia