Monday, February 13, 2017

Baxter & Bridget Have Arrived Home In Hardwicke!

The pair of Boston terrier puppies have arrived safe & sound. It was a 4 hour truck ride home, in a blizzard from Hardwicke to Fredericton & back home to Hardwicke.
The roads were closed after we went through! I saw the snow up to my door handle as we went through the drifts. Thank heavens for Bill's F-250 4X4 truck, my Escape would have not made it through many of the roads, the main #8 highway was not plowed however,  most of the side roads were, coming back. Very eventful, at times frightful, trip picking up our puppies.
They were excellent puppies, their cuteness just made us love them more!
Let me present to you....
Our puppies!!!

 I made these puppies & Bill purchased the eyes & noses in Colorado this week. He also put them on for me too! Nice job sweetheart!
                                       I still need to stuff their heads & glue them to the body.

 He's Bill with wee Bridget, he's taking her outside for a peep. Does her sweater look familiar Madison?

 Yes Maddy, Gramdma found your sock in the bedding, at the cottage at Christmas! I bet you have one just like it?!  Well maybe not now as it has turned into a sweater, & needed to cut two holes for her arms.
 This is Baxter, he does not have the white collar like Bridget but two spots that look like they've been dripped on him! lol

                                His pink nose is now black & he has black freckles underneath it.

 Baxter is so familiar, remember how Boris had to hide his head to sleep? That's the top of Baxter's head.

 This little girl is so inquisitive & is also looking about. She had her nails done yesterday but not those whiskers, I'm going to fix that tomorrow! Whiskers & toes... Boris would disappear or try to make himself shrink. lol

              Awwwe, I had to take this photo of Baxter sleeping & you can actually see him!

 Baxter's turn to go outside to pee, I made him this sweater from one of my socks! I also crocheted the sleeves & edging in blue for him. ;-)

 How sweet is this sock sweater?!! Darn...he is not comfortable enough to pee in it!
It's so cold for these new babies outside, I had Bridget out & a gust of wind took her away on a sheet of ice. She ran back to me so quick when she could & placed herself between my feet.

 Bill & I stopped in at the Tim Horton's in Doaktown, to get a Boston creme donut to celebrate bringing our puppies home.

 To our surprise the last of the Boston creme donuts were hearts to celebrate Valentines Day!!

 I added a Boston terrier that Elizabeth found & gifted to me. When she sees Boston's she thinks of me... when I see Scottie's, I think of her! lol

 Happy Valentine's Day to you!! Maybe you Tim Horton's have these donuts too!

                                                Bill & Baxter, getting to know each other.

                 They both have good appetites & have been enjoying chicken & oatmeal food.

                          Baxter is noticeably larger than Bridget but her appetite matches his! lol
                         You can tell her apart from him by her full white collar around her neck.

 Notice how she moves his head over, she is little but not intimidated by him in the least.

 I have an old doorstop that I use in my sewing room & I put it down to see the scale new to the new puppies. Baxter is much larger...

 Putting the food dish close by helps bring Bridget over, she is so tiny & closer to the size od the doorstop! lol

                                                  Food? Did someone have some food?

                                      Are you not going to eat that food doggie doorstop?

                                          What's that? You want that ribbon off? lol

                                                                           Toy Time!

                                        Baxter loved the crinkling in this teething toy!

                                           Bridget loved chewing on the stuffed fox!

 Can you see Bridget under Baxter? She plows right through, under, or beside him!

 Old Tom cat was the only cat that would stay near the puppies, and enjoy a nibble of their

                                Baxter was curious about this one & went over to investigate.

 Bill gives them a drink of water. The old Bunnykins porridge bowl has a handy rim around it.

 Playing drinking, & eating...with washroom breaks in between, it's going to be a busy life!

                             Hey look Bridget, I can see myself in the shiny dishwasher metal!

 And back to chewing & playing with the toys. I'm going to savor these days as I know how fast time fly's & it's even fast in dog years!!

Thank you for stopping in for a visit & those of you that live near by, do stop in & visit the new baby Boston's of Hardwicke! It takes a village to raise a happy, healthy, social dog!

Have a wonderful week...I'l let you know how the first week(& night) went! lol
Bill & I are over the moon with these two!

Stay safe & warm.


  1. Oh my gosh, Cynthia, those puppies are adorable but I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU GUYS HAVE BRAVED THE STORM TO COME ALL THE WAY TO FREDERICTON TO PICK THEM UP IN THIS AWFUL STORM. THE SNOWDRIFTS ARE SO HIGH around our place. The wind comes of the river.

    Sorry about the capital lock in my script. I'm off to bed. Good luck with those new family members.
    Hugs, stay safe and warm too.

  2. Bunnykins for the new Boston babies - tres appropriate :) They're so sweet. Enjoy :)