Friday, February 24, 2017

Puppies In A Tug - Thomas's Quilt

Gorgeous morning sky!
 I took the puppies outside, & couldn't beliee how beautiful the morning sky was!

Just running back into the house, to get my camera, I lost the intensity of the colours.
Red sky in the morning...
I sure is nice going outside again, without the wind & snow!

 This green tug, that I use to hold the pups toys, seems to be the new play thing for them! lol

                                         They take turns going inside it to get their toys.

The cat nip rat seems to be one of their favourites. What is in that cat nip Ann?! lol

The daily routine is falling into place but still so much training to be done. I'm thankful that they sleep a lot, I need to recharge my batteries for them!

They are so sweet to watch & they're getting quite vocal, when playing & rough housing at playtime.

Sewing Projects~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

I made a pair of crib sheets for Thomas, my exercise instructor, Donna's grandson. Then I thought he needed a quilt to coordinate with his sheets. There's no sewers in that family & every baby needs a quilt & I would personalize it, just for him! Donna gave me his name & I was off to thinking. How to  create his quilt!

 This is the quilt side of baby Thomas's blanket, this side is the same as his crib sheets. He was born in the Chinese year of the monkey.
This was the inspiration fabric, monkey's playing Marco Polo, in the blue water. So cute!

This is the other side of his quilt, a 'big boy' version, with the Acadian star on blue & the maple leaf.
I did a quilt as you go with this blanket. It is joined together with one inch strips to the front & a folded 1 3/4" strip to the back & then hand sewn down. The flannel was quite heavy so I did not add any batting to it. The blanket will get softer with each washing.

When Thomas was born, I gifted him with a sock monkey, the Chinese year of 2016,  the monkey.
I could not resist making his monkey, a pair of  PJ's too! lol

                             Here is Catherine, Thomas mom & wee 3 month old Thomas. He usually has the biggest smile but was getting a little tired & it was getting near feeding time. He is such a beautiful happy baby. You just have to look at his mom to know where he got that from!

Thank you for stopping in to see what is going on with the puppies. Puppies & babies, such a great sweet way to start life. So precious!

Like I've always said 'This too will pass', so I'm savouring my time.
The weather is calling for some freezing rain. Slippery when wet! I never worried till I took that bad fall a couple of years ago. I just don't fall & heal like I use to. Joys of aging!!

Have a wonderful weekend... wherever you are!

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  1. Those puppies are taking a good chunk of your time but it's only temporary. They will repay you 100 times over with their love and loyalty.

    You are so creative with everything you do. A sweet little quilt for Thomas.

    Nice sunrise photo but the saying goes like this. "Red sky at night, sailor's delight, red sky in the morning, sailor's warning".

    What a beautiful warm spring like day we had.

    Take care and hang in there.