Sunday, March 5, 2017

11 Weeks Old & Some Freedom

Bridget, in the red collar & Baxter, in the blue collar, will be 11 weeks old tomorrow. Bill was home for his weekend visit & the pups were given the freedom of the great room, to romp & run around in!

                                                        I wish I could bottle their energy!

                       Baxter always seems to have his mouth open & ready to grab at Bridget!

                          Auntie Ann's bunny & the fox, have been their fav's at this playtime.

                                   Their so like kids, whatever one has ... the other wants!

 Bill's slippers were a hot item, he reclined in the chair. Out of sight, out of mind, this those two! lol

 Bridget is so small in comparison to Baxter but she has shown him that she is the alpha. Notice how she's scored both toys!

                                  Then it's back into their pen for a drink or bathroom break.

 The house training has been started from the day they arrived on February 26th. I asked Dora, the owner of Young Kennels, how she was training them, on paper, or the box/pool with grit? She told me she doesn't train them & that was my job. And what a job it has been!! Each day is getting better.

 They are both growing stronger & learning more each week. They now come when you call their name or maybe their just coming to the sound of my voice. lol

 Bill loves to get down on the floor in the evenings & play with them. Bridget & Baxter just love this time too! Bridget has gotten much stronger & her balance has improved, look at that lunge!

                           They run circles around him attacking him with kisses each time.
                       Bridget is getting ready to lunge at him again, see her on the right?!

                                  She does not like Baxter having too much fun without her!

                                                        They are wearing Bill down...

                                                   He does the hood surrender, they win!

 Then it's back into the playpen, thank you Heather!, when we have to leave the room or it's a quiter - timeout time.

                                        They are fighting over a knuckle bone & I gave them each one!

                                             The mighty little Bridget... pinned ya!

 They sure do have a lot of energy! I'll be so happy to take them running on the lawn & down to the shoreline, to get sand between their toes! lol Oh my, in June they are going to have green paws from the mowing!!

                                            Baxter looking at me, thinking... Get her off of me! lol

Some Stitching~~~~~~~~~~~~~

I've so many UFO's going on right now & my fingers are splitting open. The tips look like they have been cut open, do to dry skin. I get relief if I apply Polyisporn & bandages, then slip my hand into a surgical glove, to help keep those bandaids on! Who knew the tips of the fingers were sooooo sensitive?! 
I did manage to get some handwork done.

 This is the front of a sewing bag that I've wanted to do for nearly a decade! Finally it is coming together. More buttons & applique still need to be added.

                                          I like it because it has such a folksy flavour to it!

Bedroom change~~~~~

I warmed up the bed & the look with this crewel embroidered bedspread from Pastimes in England.
The drapes came from a clearance sale at Fabricland in London Ontario.
And the Euro shams I made! The kingsize shams are being cut out & worked soon.

 I was reading a blog that the blogger used painters drop clothes for her shopping bag lining. So I purchased some to use in my sewing bag. Thinking it would make it durable for years to come.
After washing it I realized, it would make great shams for the crewel embroidered coverlet, the background fabric looked the same!
So for $28.00 at the Canadian Tire... it was a steal! The cost of canvas fabric in a fabric store would be so much more! The next time you need canvas, think of buying a drop cloth. This is the largest & most expensive & their is a cheaper, smaller size one, but this is a great fabric to have in your fabric stash, very durable & washable!

 I used the same styling pattern from my original Wayfair set & added a 2" flange around it.

 Because the fabric was plain, I added a cross hatched grid, using painters tape as my guideline. I used an old cotton drape for the backing & batting between the canvas top. I drew in the flange line & grid lines with the Fiction pen, it makes sewing so easy. You iron your finished piece & the lines are gone!

 And there you have two Euro shams done! I closed the backs with Velcro (a great Canadian invention!), something the store bought ones did not have & I like a tight fitting, not bulging, pillow.

I've started covering a cotton clothesline cord with 1" fabric. I follow Susie's Scraps blog, from Australia & she makes baskets from the covered lines. Much like a braided rug, it's sewn together, into a basket shape. I'm making it for old Tom cat, he loves sleeping in my scrap bag. I'm re-purposing those scaps into a basket, just for him! I'll need to cover 2 or 3 clothesline lenghts to achieve the size needed.

March has come 'In Like A Lion!' & I'm grateful that Bill was here to plow me out again!

                     With the balmy temps of -18*C without the windchill coming off the water!

 The icicles are staying put until the warmer temps though the week. Lucy has her Borg Dalmatian hat & coat on, as she holds onto a Styrofoam snowball!

 The trio of trees, that make me think of my three, Mitchell, Nicole, & Nicholas. Bill & I sent them to purchase these trees back a few years ago. Mitchell jumped in the tractor & dug out the spacing. I'm surprised that they take this horrid wind & cold & stay standing!
Well March has arrived with a very cold blast & spring arrives later this month. Hopefully the warmer sunny days will help to melt the snow piles away, to make room for the ground to come to life. I can't wait to see the bulbs that were planted! I've been seeing everyone else, from Ontario! lol

Remember I'm preserving myself in the cold, just so I can last longer! LOL

Stay warm & safe!

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  1. You got me laughing at how you are preserving yourself in the cold, you silly woman... My pipes were frozen in my end of the barn this morning. The strong wind coming off the river from the north was so cold this morning. It's supposed to warm up a bit though.

    My 2 daughters are flying to London and then to Glasgow today to continue settling my daughter Nicole's estate. Everything is taking so long to settle.

    Your babies are growing fast. I can see the difference. What joy they bring to you and Bill. They will keep you young much better than the cold. lol.
    Beautiful quilt for the sewing bag you are creating. I love the decorative buttons, applique and flowers.
    My fibre artist daughter makes grocery bags with those drop cloths from Canadian Tires. They make sturdy bags but I never thought they would make shams. Leave it to you to discover that.

    Just a couple of weeks till spring, I can't wait. My hands were so cold and paining this morning.
    Take care,