Thursday, August 28, 2014

The Theme Is SMILE!

The theme this year, at the Day Camp at Myers United Church was 'SMILE'.
The weather was hot & humid but that didn't slow the 15 kids that were there to participate in the fun day of 'SMILE'. There were songs to be sung, crafts to be made, games to play, & a hot dog & KD lunch, that finished with ice cream! It was fun for all!

 All are ready for the day! And a walk down the lane to the church to get this day started...
You sure can tell that Jean aka Mrs. Williston, is a retired teacher. lol She had that day planned out to the minute & it was a full day of fun! She's giving instruction to the crafts, their first craft was a elastic bracelet or necklace, with the task of finding their wooden letters to spell it. Once threaded & tied on, they were onto their next craft.

 That craft would be a dream catcher made from colouring a paper dollie, plastic plate, threaded pom poms, & a ribbon to hang it. It sure was a task to keep of with the threading of the pom poms as each catcher had 5 & 15 kids plus Heather's!

She got right into the craft with the kids & enjoyed this craft! Look at her 'smile', beautiful, helpful, happy, Heather!

After lunch, games were on the agenda! I couldn't help but notice that kids these days don't were hats in the sun?! In the foreground, those two straw hats you see are on wooden crows that say 'Two Old Crows Live Here." The helper wore her hat & put one on her daughter, you should have see the look that she got from her daughter, putting that hat on in front of everyone! LOL
Like the fun & games begin!

Sharon counted marbles as they were picked up with toes!

 I think wearing summer flip flops may help with the toe spreading!
 Nice way to cool your toes...
And there's another marble captured in the toes!

 There was the running relay. Look at the calm blue water & gentle breeze, summer fun!

 Others waiting their turn in the shade a the trees.
 The kids were happy to Nicole with a water break. In the background you can see the boat shed that Myers Church has the annual quilt show. The boat is outside the shed & will go in when the season is over.

 Now for the craft of making a lantern from paper, that will glow with a battery operated candle.
 I think Heather enjoyed this craft too! LOL
 This little one was happy to show me that hers looked like a robot!
 The day has ended & now it's time for the annual Myers Church Day Camp! Jean really knows how to get everyone organized.
 Look at these 'happy campers'!

 Now it's complete with Jean Williston in the picture! Thank you Jean for making Hardwicke the community that it is! :-)
 I'd like to see what your looking at through your lens! Your sure to see a 'smile'!!

Rexton's update...

 Boris has given his bed up to this wee feline
 She goes in there to play...

 She has so much energy...
 Then she sleeps...
 And sleeps...
This is what I think Boris waits for, his quiet time. lol
 She loves to stretch out...
And stretches up...
 This was a yawn...looks like a 'smile' or laugh, silly kitten. lol

 Sleepy eyes again. Boris & I are in for some quiet time. ;-)

This morning I was doing a photo shoot of the snowman I purchased from one of the artisans at the Napan Fair.
                                                                 How cute is he?!!
                                                           Rexton thinks he's cute too!

                                                She pushes, grabs, & jumps on everything!
                                                            This is a push......

With the snowman theme, I've been embroidering at night. This is a picture that several of my girlfriends are doing. Mine is now done!

                                                     It will fit on my metal hanger this winter. :-)

I've been working on my Chevron quilt too...

It's oh so nautical... then I got the idea to make it Acadian!
 The tall ship square took the same size squares as the chevron!

By adding the appliqued star to the sail, it now has the Acadian feel to it! Oh so summery too!

Bill arrives next week to spend time with me for my birthday. I need to take my sewing machine in for repairs & that's why you always need two machines. If I didn't have my old back up I think I would go crazy! But it's rug hooking day today. Enjoy your day & thank you for stopping by!

Thought for the day...

                                     If you haven't any wrinkles,
                                     you haven't laughed enough.



  1. How nice of you to take photos of the kids Day Camp at church. You are such a kind soul. Rexton was the right cat for you. I can see how much he's loved. He sure rules at your house, lol...

    What an adorable snowman and I love that snowman embroidery. You are such a productive sewer. Your Chevron quilt is going to be beautiful. It looks so fresh and crisp and very acadian.

    I hope that you have great weather for your birthday Cynthia. Take care and keep having fun sewing your beautiful creations.

  2. Will wish you a Happy Birthday for next week. Bill will no doubt spoil you...
    i see you are enjoying your time, I am waiting for my energy to return, have a rug in my head, need to get it on paper...soon, I hope... Enjoyed your visit, thanks for thinking of me