Friday, August 15, 2014

Pleasant Surprises!

This has been another one of those busy weeks but it also had some pleasant surprises! Rexton is still a joy to have around & I'm glad she lets me cut her nails or this place would've been shredded with her adventures. She's really into bird watching.
 The birds are not even bothered with her, so long as she doesn't move & only watching them dine on their seed.

 She wants to 'dine' in them! lol
 She's so interested in them & I'm happy that she's being a quiet observer.

 Rexton is going to be an inside cat & so far she's content being inside.

 Julia, you were right about how fragile an old burlap rug is! As I tried to whipstitch around it, it was falling apart in my hands!
Sew...this is what I came up with...

 I whip-stitch a nylon rope to the edge & sewed a binding on it! The sewing machine just barely made it through all the thickness but it was the little engine that could!

 I zigzagged the fabric on & covered the disintegrating edges, from the underside/wrong side....
 Then pulled it around to the right side...
 Pinned it down, I covered all the grey coloured edging as it was worn in an uneven way.
 And voila! this is the right side all finished...
 This is the wrong side a wee bit brighter.
I then soaked it in the bathtub with Purex detergent & Borax for an hour & wow!!! was it ever dirty. Then rinsed it with the hand held shower head, till the water ran clear. It took 2 days to dry it, but I'm so pleased with  the outcome. It's now on my bathroom floor in front of the sink. I'm going to was it again when the weather turns hot & sunny again because as it dried the edging now has a real grunge look to it from the grungy water left in the rug as it dried. But it now has years more use, thank you again Cynthia for thinking of me!

 I was shopping on line a few weeks ago & my purchases came to me through the post office.
I went to pick up boxes & what a surprise from the Hundson's Bay Company!!

 Everything had been beautifully wrapped like it was all presents for me!!

 This was quite a surprise...I though I was back in England, where some of the stores still wrap your purchases like real treasures! It was my 'sale' items that never totaled over $50.00!!

Towels & my $17 cotton jersey, tunic dress, by Style & Co.!
Thank You Hudson's Bay Company!!
That surprise really made my day!


The siding & installation is done..
The 18 windows installed with 3 new basements to add, making the total of 21 new windows!
And the new front door is so much brighter!

 The trim is all on now & I've started painting it...
 And now have tennis elbow again! So I'm pacing myself...not an easy task.
 Love the new light, look at how airy it looks! And oh so bright in the evenings with light overhead!

 I'm going to sew drapes for the guestroom. My Alberta son Mitchell, will be here for a week, the week before Thanksgiving & I need to have that wall repaired & painted too. That room will be so nice now that the windows all open! But being a southeast setting, blackout lining is a must to keep the bright morning light out & summer sun from warming the room & fading the colours within that room.

  The new window at the top of the stairs brings in the light & air, when opened.
                                              It's view is a look into the woods. :-)

It's been a busy productive time here & I'm really enjoying my time but I'm looking forward to a little down time to enjoy what's left of summer before mother nature starts to paint her beautiful fall favourite season!

Thank you for stopping by & I hope you too are enjoying your summertime!
Health & Happiness!


  1. I'm surprised that the rug didn't fell apart in your hands while you were repairing it but you did a great job of salvaging it.

    Your cottage is beginning to look awesome and I'm always impressed with your decorating talents.

    Rexton is probably salivating at the mouth looking at those tasty birds, lol. She must be very calm to let you clip her nails. My love seat still bear the claw marks on the corner in the back.

    I hope that you take a rest and let your elbows heal. You've been as busy as a bee. I'm looking forward to the fall too but I'm enjoying the cooler temperatures right now.

    Have a great weekend.

  2. You did a fabulous job repairing the rug - I knew you could do it - just the right lady for the job! I'll bet you're pleased. I'm so glad it found a home where it is treasured :) Took a pic of the goodies I served Thursday at the Sew What's gathering so you can see what you missed - see my blog ;). Back to work tomorrow for me, now that the weather has turned nice again.... TTFN